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Most Viewed Shopping in Seoul

  • Dongdaemun (Great East Gate), Seoul

    1. Dongdaemun (Great East Gate)

    Dongdaemun is a famous shopping area near the Dongdaemun -- or Great East Gate. It has sporting goods, clothing, used books, carpets, and many other things at great prices. We spent about three...

  • Myeongdong, Seoul

    2. Myeongdong

    We have no intend of do some shopping in Seoul, but we are looking for souvenir and restaurant. So in our mind we could find it in shopping street of Myeongdong. Our hotel is nearby so walking is not...

  • Namdaemun (Great South Gate), Seoul

    3. Namdaemun (Great South Gate)

    Seoul's Namdaemun Area has hundreds of small shops selling everything from clothes and housewares to souvenirs at discount prices. There are also several decent restaurants on "food vendor...

  • Electronics, Seoul

    4. Electronics

    Well after spending 10 days in Seoul last week on business I was excited to visit the worlds largest electronic market which has been advertised as having the largest selection and best prices. I have...

  • Other Shopping Info, Seoul

    5. Other Shopping Info

    I haven't done a lot shopping while traveling in Seoul, and I'm sure the city has plenty to offer for public shoppers. The city of Seoul has different shopping street, for shopaholic is never a...

  • Itaewon, Seoul

    6. Itaewon

    IItaewon is Special Tourism Shoping Zone of Seoul. this street or area real history was public B&B or guesthouses area of Joseon Dynasty. at present, Itaewon discrict is most attraction shoping place...

  • Insadong, Seoul

    7. Insadong

    Insadong is a neighborhood in the center of Seoul. It has wooden tea houses, boutique galleries and street vendors selling traditional snacks. There are many souvenir shops here. Parts are...

  • COEX Mall, Seoul

    8. COEX Mall

    COEX is the typical mall where you will find everything. There are different specialty stores offering clothes for both female and males, children and adults. There's a huge bookstore, Bundi and Lund,...

  • Ewha Women's University (E-dae) Area, Seoul

    9. Ewha Women's University (E-dae) Area

    I really enjoyed shopping in this area. There were lots of things to choose from, from clothes to beauty products to gift items. There were even cheap contact lens solution and beauty needs. There are...

  • Incheon Pottery Village, Seoul

    10. Incheon Pottery Village

    If you like pottery then Korea will be a mini paradise for you. Besides celadon there is also white and blue/green porcelain. Korean techniques have had great influence on Japanese pottery. Incheon...

  • Antiques, Seoul

    11. Antiques

    Korean antique furniture, tools, and books are in abundance at the Dapsimni antique stores one street north of Dapsimni Station on Line 5. I went looking for new furniture made in the traditional...

  • Jongno Tower/Millenium Plaza, Seoul

    12. Jongno Tower/Millenium Plaza

    Ok, besides being the coolest building ever, Jongno Tower is also a great place to eat and shop. The tower is home to many restaurants, and shops and has an underground shopping area called Milenium...

  • Hwanghak-dong Flea Market (Goblin Market), Seoul

    13. Hwanghak-dong Flea Market (Goblin Market)

    Located behind the Samil Apartment Complex in Cheonggye 8-ga Street, Seoul, Hwanghak-dong Flea Market comprises over 500 small stores. The first flea market in Korea, it opened during the early 1950s....

  • Sogong-dong Underground Market, Seoul

    14. Sogong-dong Underground Market

    The Sogong Undeground Shopping Center is very convenient for tourists staying in one of the nearby "top notch"hotels, such as the Plaza, The Westin Chosun, the Lotte and the President Hotel. Items...

  • travel depot: Money, Seoul

    15. travel depot: Money

    It is not easy to recognise a money changer and at least in the Hongdae area there are very few. In Yanghwa-ro (street) 183 between Metro #2 / Airport Train...

  • Mall at World Cup Stadium, Seoul

    16. Mall at World Cup Stadium

    When World Cup Stadium was built in Seoul, the intent was for it to serve the community for decades. A sporting venue alone can not do this well, but add parks,...

  • Yeongcheon Market, near Seodaemun, Seoul

    17. Yeongcheon Market, near Seodaemun

    Yeongcheon Market is a small, but traditional Korean market in Seoul just a short stroll from the landmark Seodaemun gate and prison. Here you can buy cheap...

  • 7 Eleven: Even in South Korea!, Seoul

    18. 7 Eleven: Even in South Korea!

    I'm always surprised to see American businesses flourishing in other countries. 7 Eleven is a convenience store where you can buy quick food, drink, magazines...

  • Hard Rock Cafe: Gotta Get My Pins!, Seoul

    19. Hard Rock Cafe: Gotta Get My Pins!

    Most HRC I have been to are restaurants with a gift shop attached or within the restaurant. This is actually a night club with dancing. After viewing the map, I...

  • Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul

    20. Noryangjin Fish Market

    Korean fish markets are one of the truly great cultural experiences in Korea. Noryangjin Market is a huge warehouse with hundreds of seafood vendors. Each of...

  • Gwangjang Market, Jongno, Seoul

    21. Gwangjang Market, Jongno

    Gwangjang Market (광장시장) is located in Jongno adjacent to Dongdaemun Market. Gwangjang is best known as one of Seoul's best food...

  • Shopping for Groceries or Household Items, Seoul

    22. Shopping for Groceries or Household Items

    If you intend to purchase snacks, drinks, or any consumable items, there are a lot of convenience stores open twenty fours a days around the city. However, if...

  • Internet Shopping, Seoul

    23. Internet Shopping

    South Korea has the largest online population in the world, with 83 per cent of the country's residents connected to the internet. As such, Koreans love to shop...

  • What The Book: Need books and literature to keep you occupied?, Seoul

    24. What The Book: Need books and literature to keep you occupied?

    My best recommendation for a book store in Seoul is "What the book" are located in Itaewon, not far from the subway station. The...

  • Incheon International Airport: Duty free shopping, Seoul

    25. Incheon International Airport: Duty free shopping

    Many many stores, although products are similar to each other, the feeling was good!The real good thing is price, cheapest in all Asian airports!! You should...

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