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  • Foodstreet in Seoul
    Foodstreet in Seoul
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  • Eating & Drinking
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  • Eating & Drinking
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Most Viewed Local Customs in Seoul

  • Customs & Oddities, Seoul

    1. Customs & Oddities

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has a program that names the city's most outstanding toilets of the year. As you sight see in the city, look for these bronze plaques reading "Seoul Best Toilet."...

  • Eating & Drinking, Seoul

    2. Eating & Drinking

    Nori Seaweed Paste made from kelp are popular in Japan and South Korea and are wrapped around assorted sushis and maki in Japan and in Kimbap in South Korea and both contries also have Nori Snacks...

  • Gift-giving, Seoul

    3. Gift-giving

    bought them as gifts to female friends. it cost about 5,000 won each if your buying 5 or more and 7,000 won if youre buying one. (no haggling means 7,000 won for 5 or more and 10,000 won for a single...

  • Religion, Seoul

    4. Religion

    The primary religions in Korea are Christianity and Buddhism. Despite it's late arrival in Korea, Christianity is the primary religion of about 21 percent of the total population. Christian churches...

  • Other Stuff, Seoul

    5. Other Stuff

    There are many countries and even cities where there is no tipping. South Korea is one of those places. So, you do not have to tip at restaurants, bars, taxis or hotels. They are not allowed to accept...

  • Ceremonies & Holidays, Seoul

    6. Ceremonies & Holidays

    This colorful ceremony happens once in every hour during open hours at Gyeongbok Palace. It's very elaborate and colorful and is one of the highlights not to be missed on a visit to the palace...

  • Business/Money in Korea, Seoul

    7. Business/Money in Korea

    Korean bills come in only 1000, 5000, and 10,000 Won notes. Coins come in 50, 100, and 500 won. Since the exchange rate is around 1150 Won to a dollar, you'll see that it takes a lot of paper to pay...

  • Relationships & Connections, Seoul

    8. Relationships & Connections

    On Korean fashion: One must at all times wear socks, major rule: never enter a home without socks to maintain the sanitation as you'll always need to remove your shoes in a tiny cramped entryway....

  • Health & Well-Being, Seoul

    9. Health & Well-Being

    Unlike most westerners, it seems that most Koreans do not seek a sun tan. Good for them! I'm sure they have low rates of skin cancer. The primary manifestation of this trait is that, on sunny days,...

  • Historical Anecdotes, Seoul

    10. Historical Anecdotes

    Here is a little story to tell when you are having lunch at the top of Namsan Tower (it revolves and little signs tell you what you are looking at in the distance). In Guui-Dong near the Children's...

  • Seoul Fridge Magnets, Seoul

    11. Seoul Fridge Magnets

    well everyone knows that I am an avid collector of shot glasses and fridge magnets and although it is hard to find fridge magnets around seoul as the shot...

  • Kimchi, Seoul

    12. Kimchi

    Kimchi is the national dish of Korea. It is made of vegetables and hot spices, traditionally fermented underground in large brown clay pots with flat lids....

  • Street Performers in Hongdae, Seoul

    13. Street Performers in Hongdae

    Hongdae draws all types of people, from those purse capitalists wanting make a few hundred Won to complete artistic types who sing and dance to express...

  • Sundaeguk Pork Scrap Soup, Seoul

    14. Sundaeguk Pork Scrap Soup

    During my 2013 visit to Korea, I discovered sundae (pronounced soon-day), a tasty Korean blood sausage served at many street vendor stands. We really liked this...

  • Hongik University (Hongdae), Seoul

    15. Hongik University (Hongdae)

    Hongik University is known in Korea as Hongdae, an abbreviated form of the full name of the institution Hongik Daehakgyo. The school is most famous for its...

  • Queens Head Pilsner Beer, Seoul

    16. Queens Head Pilsner Beer

    Queens Head Pilsner pours a golden straw color, and has a very light scent. The taste is grainy and mild. Not a fantastic beer, but light and refreshing. Queens...

  • Craftworks Brewery's Seorak Oatmeal Stout, Seoul

    17. Craftworks Brewery's Seorak Oatmeal Stout

    Craftworks Brewery's Seorak Oatmeal Stout is a descent beer from this Itaewon brewery. It pours a deep black, and it has a strong burnt flavor, with a...

  • Craftworks Brewery's Jirisan Moon Bear IPA, Seoul

    18. Craftworks Brewery's Jirisan Moon Bear IPA

    Craftworks Brewery's Jirisan Moon Bear IPA is one of this brewery's best beers. It pours a coppery red color, and it has a sweet but bitter, hoppy finish. The...

  • Craft Hans Brewery's IPA, Seoul

    19. Craft Hans Brewery's IPA

    Craft Hans Brewery's IPA was the best of the two beers I tried from this brewery. I tried a pint, and it was served in a uniquely crafted off-centered glass....

  • Craft Hans Brewery's Dark Ale, Seoul

    20. Craft Hans Brewery's Dark Ale

    Craft Hans Brewery's Dark Ale is the best beer from this brewery, according to the manager, Daniel. I tried a pint, and it was smooth, but lighter in flavor...

  • Craftworks Brewery's Geumgang Dark Ale, Seoul

    21. Craftworks Brewery's Geumgang Dark Ale

    I first found Craftworks beer at a pub in Itaewon called the Bull and Barrel. The second one I tried was called Geumgang, and it was a good heavy dark ale. Like...

  • Craftworks Baekdusan Hefeweizen Beer, Seoul

    22. Craftworks Baekdusan Hefeweizen Beer

    I first found Craftworks beer at a pub in Itaewon called the Bull and Barrel. The first one I tried was called Baekdusan, and it was a great German-style...

  • Korean Beer: Skim45° Hefeweizen, Seoul

    23. Korean Beer: Skim45° Hefeweizen

    Skim45° Microbrewery is one of the newest nightlife spots in Itaewon, an area suddenly full of new nightlife spots. Skim45° sells Korean craft beers from a...

  • Korean Beer: Skim45° Porter, Seoul

    24. Korean Beer: Skim45° Porter

    Skim45° Microbrewery is one of the newest nightlife spots in Itaewon, an area suddenly full of new nightlife spots. Skim45° sells Korean craft beers from a...

  • Traveling in Korea, Seoul

    25. Traveling in Korea

    Traveling here is very easy for Westerners, as we have been here quite a while... Everywhere in the country street signs are in English and Korean (called...

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