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  • Other Stuff, Seoul

    1. Other Stuff

    Speak a little Korean. So here's the Korean ABC for you to practice. Well, it's always good to learn Good morning, Good afternoon and Good evening; and Hallo how are you and Thank you! Counting is a...

  • Shopping & Money, Seoul

    2. Shopping & Money

    South Korea's monetary unit is the won (KRW) and due to the financial crisis, It had depreciated 35% to the US Dollar. The Exchange rate today is 1 USD: 1,380 KRW! The Won is available into ₩1,...

  • Pleasent/Amusing Surprises, Seoul

    3. Pleasent/Amusing Surprises

    If you happen to be a non-Asian in Seoul (a Caucasian, as shown in photo), do not feel alarmed if some students approach you with a notebook, a camera, and/or a tape recorder. A lot of the kids there...

  • Other Place to Go, Seoul

    4. Other Place to Go

    I would definitely take them to the Jong-ro district. The center of the city has many exciting places, restaurants, cafes, fashion stores. They can buy a lots of stylish clothes and accessories at...

  • Gyeongbokgung (Palace), Seoul

    5. Gyeongbokgung (Palace)

    Gyeongbokgung was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). One of five palaces in Seoul, it has a 500 year history. It was built by the founding King of Joseon dynasty, Lee Seong-Gye, in...

  • Lotte World, Seoul

    6. Lotte World

    Give your baby a relaxing time at Lotte world with their luxury Inglesina Zippy strollers. Inglesina is the world famous Italian brand since 1963. Rental Place: 1st floor of Lotte world Tel:...

  • Changdokgung (Palace), Seoul

    7. Changdokgung (Palace)

    Seoul is a city of royal palaces. There are five of them in all. One of my favourite things is looking inside the palace rooms. They have a simple, uncluttered style, quite different to that of...

  • Hiking, Seoul

    8. Hiking

    If you ever get the chance, hike up Mt Soraksan, about 3 hours north of Seoul by bus, on early autumn and just take in the colourful view of the countryside and mountainside. An easier way would be to...

  • Jongmyo (Royal Shrine), Seoul

    9. Jongmyo (Royal Shrine)

    Now follow me over a footbridge ... and we are arrived at Jongmyo Royal Shrine, another "Must See" of Seoul and another area, which is registered on the UNESCO┬┤s World Cultural List. They put it on...

  • Toksugung (Palace), Seoul

    10. Toksugung (Palace)

    Tracking down the Past along the Palace Walls Doksu Palace Lane winding along the stone wall of the palace is often compared with the streets on the Mont Martre hills of Paris. But the bustling...

  • Events, Seoul

    11. Events

    The annual Seoul Drum Festival last weekend (8 -10 October 2004) was a free display of many different styles and cultural drum performances. Each set lasted about 20 minutes and each session lasted...

  • Tapgol Park, Seoul

    12. Tapgol Park

    This park celebrates the Declaration of Independence from Japanese occupation. The last time I was here there were photo exhibits of the horrors perpetrated by the Japanese. This time the mood was...

  • Changgyeonggung (Palace), Seoul

    13. Changgyeonggung (Palace)

    No More Cherry-blossom Viewing Here Tragically, the Japanese colonists at one time transformed the Changgyong (Palace), one of the five main palaces of the Choson Dynasty, into a leisure facility,...

  • Korean War Memorial, Seoul

    14. Korean War Memorial

    War Memorial. A great museum (though you might want to skip the first floor if pressed for time). I learned a lot about the Korean War. I came close to crying quite a few times. Make sure you read the...

  • Korea House & Namsan Hanok Folk Village, Seoul

    15. Korea House & Namsan Hanok Folk Village

    Namsum Village of Traditional Houses. If you can?ft get out to Folk Village, you can still visit traditional homes near the city center. The homes were moved from around the country and really give...

  • National Folk Museum, Seoul

    16. National Folk Museum

    The museum is located at the back of Kyongbok'kung Palace. It also had free entry on National Day. The museum was very, very good. It wasn't possible to take pictures inside but there were some...

  • Kyonghuigung (Palace), Seoul

    17. Kyonghuigung (Palace)

    Resting Place for Citizens The kyonghuigung had been used as the main royal palace for the period of the reigning of ten kings since being built in 1617 by Prince Regent Gwanghae. Counted one of the...

  • Myeongdong, Seoul

    18. Myeongdong

    This quarter has two faces, each of which seems totally different from each other. First, it is a most important financial district of Korea, having headquarter buildings of the nation's...

  • Yeouido (Island), Seoul

    19. Yeouido (Island)

    I love going to yeouido and spending a few hours at the park. It's a great place. You can go rent a bike from Yeouido park in neer the national assembley. It cost around 3000W for an hour. You can...

  • Disposable Raincoats and Ponchos, Seoul

    20. Disposable Raincoats and Ponchos

    if you are visiting Seoul in the Summer and Spring Areas, be prepared for the occasional light rains and sometimes heavy rains too and if you don't want to...

  • Deposit Refund Machine, Seoul

    21. Deposit Refund Machine

    When you purchase for a single journey ticket or AREX train, at the end of your journey, at the exit of train station there is always a "deposit refund machine"...

  • Korean Beer: Skim45° IPA, Seoul

    22. Korean Beer: Skim45° IPA

    Skim45° Microbrewery is one of the newest nightlife spots in Itaewon, an area suddenly full of new nightlife spots. Skim45° sells Korean craft beers from a...

  • National Assembly Building, Seoul

    23. National Assembly Building

    The National Assembly Building of Korea stands at the western end of Yeouido Island, surrounded by the Han River. The building, complete with a massive blue...

  • 63 Bulding, Seoul

    24. 63 Bulding

    From its opening in 1985 until 2003, the 63 Building was Seoul's tallest structure and the tallest building outside of North America. The 63 building stands 60...

  • Korean Beer: Hite Dry Finish D, Seoul

    25. Korean Beer: Hite Dry Finish D

    Hite Dry Finish D is a newish, but still crappy beer from South Korea's Hite beer label. The beer is a pale yellow with a foamy head. The head quickly...

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