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  • Price Hacking
    by Onedragon
  • Price Hacking
    by Onedragon
  • Price Hacking
    by Onedragon
  • Camera.comp Specialist Pte Ltd Complete Scam

    by guntaas Written Jul 21, 2013 1 reviews

    We have been scammed by Camera. Comp Specialist Pte Ltd at 220 Orchard Road Singapore.
    We purchased a panasonic Lumix DMC FZ60 from camera.comp specialist Pte Ltd . It's actual price was about $500 and he sold us for $800. He also tried to sell us accessories for $260 and sold us for $80 forcibly. Surely some action has to be taken. Tourists are made easy prey by such shopkeepers. We customers are really annoyed. We came to singapore for purchasing but it will not happen in future after our this experience.

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  • The Singapore trap

    by singsavy Written Sep 6, 2009 1 reviews

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The whole place is a trap, from when you leave the plane be on guard. The taxi driver will take you the longest way possible and charge max. extras. In your hotel it starts cheap then theres extras from clean sheets to using the Iron. The guy who you think is your friend is going to tell the restaurants to scam you even though you are paying for his lunch.

    Unique Suggestions: Avoid shops that seems to have too many salesperson doing nothing like Sim Lim sqaure lower floors. Avoid shops that the locals avoid. There is a reason why Mustafas is always full. Do your homework well and don't believe anything they tell you. Do your bargain and then go and change your money. This will give you some time to reflect to make a good decision.

    The price usually starts low. Remember this price because this is usually the price that you should be paying.

    Fun Alternatives: If you are in a hurry buy from shops with fixed prices. If you have the time you can play with them and then leave without buying. Before you give your money clear all the doubts you have.

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  • aukahkay's Profile Photo

    Avoid Newton Hawker Center at all cost

    by aukahkay Written Mar 17, 2009 883 reviews

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    American tourists showing the exhorbitant bill

    I am posting this news article from the local newspaper about a group of American tourists who were fleeced at a seafood staff at Newton Hawker Center. Avoid Newton Hawker Center at all costs!

    March 17, 2009
    SIX Americans who sat down to a seafood dinner at Newton hawker centre on Saturday just about fell off their chairs when they were presented a bill for $491, including $239 for eight tiger prawns.
    Mr Michael Rigby, 30, an exhibition specialist from Oregon who comes here regularly for work, said: 'It was more than what it would have cost us at a restaurant in the hotel.'

    He said that when he asked the stallholder whether the bill had a mistake, he only got a shrug in reply. Seconds later, the man returned with four others, who he said looked to be in their 40s and well-built.

    He said: 'I guess they didn't want us to leave without paying.'

    Ironically, he and his wife, Dewi, 36, had set out to show their friends - Mr Sal Rubio, 53, his wife, daughter and son-in-law, all here for the first time - how safe, clean and honest this island city was.

    The food centre was crowded then, so when the helpers from stall 43, Tanglin Best BBQ Seafood, showed them to a table, they felt obliged to order from them.

    Besides tiger prawns, they had four crabs, baby squids, half a steamed chicken, four bottles of beer and fruit juices.

    Mrs Rigby, referring to the price of the prawns, said: 'They were prawns. It was not like we dined on lobsters!'

    She added that halfway through the meal, the stallholder even plonked two grilled sting rays on their table.

    'We told them that we did not order them and they were quickly taken away. Afraid we would be charged for them, we asked for an itemised bill. When it came, we were shocked,' she said.

    Mr Rubio, who is from Arizona, told The Straits Times that the prices seemed comparable to those of an American restaurant and thought nothing of it - until Mr Rigby queried the bill.

    Unique Suggestions: Avoid Newton Hawker Center at all costs!

    Fun Alternatives: Hawker food is characteristic of Singaporean culture. There are so many hawker center all over in Singapore. Tourist brochures often cite Newton Hawker Center as it is in close proximity to Orchard Road. Never go there - the stall holders are thuggish and employ strong arm tactics when you dispute the bill.

    Try Makansutra - the hawker center next to the Esplanade. The best hawker stalls are hand picked to set up their stalls there.

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  • Unlucky in Lucky Plaza

    by luvthesun1981 Written Jan 30, 2009 1 reviews


    Don’t ever buy electronic goods from Lucky Plaza mall in Orchard.
    They overprice the items they’re selling. They will lure and cheat you in buying.

    Don’t ever buy from this store.

    304 Orchard Road #B1-18 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
    Tel No: 6235 0322

    It’s just in front of Lucky Plaza basement, you will see it right ahead when you’re coming from Wisma Astria via the Taka underpass.

    They have the most dishonest and rudest staff. I went to Lucky Plaza with my 2 friends and bought a PSP. The staff said it’s for $250 plus 7% tax. And so I thought we’ve agreed on the price. Knowing that is a PSP and should be portable, it should come with a battery. But then, he told us that battery wasn’t included! So I ended up paying $300 for the PSP unit. I even called a guy friend to ask if that’s a good price and $300 is not bad for a PSP unit. Tired from a whole afternoon of PSP scouting, and the shops were about to close, we paid $320 (w/ tax) for the PSP unit.

    We only found out when we got home that the PSP I bought was a ripped off !!! It was a PSP FAT (1000 version!) and not the PSP Slim (2000 ver.). I felt cheated. Plus, he billed us $25 for the tax. If it’s 7% , it should be $17.50 only. I was so disappointed.

    After the Chinese New Year, I went back with 3 of my friends to have it exchanged but he said its non-returnable and non-exchangeable. He’s firm about it and he didn’t even apologize !!! I asked him. “why would I buy a PSP Fat for a price of PSP Slim?” He said why didn’t you buy from other stores?” I asked for refund and he even admitted that he cheated on me. He said, “You gave me $320, you’re stupid from buying from me.”

    How dare him to call me, as a customer, stupid! I was stupid from trusting him. My blood rose and I continued to argue. He even has the guts to look me in the eye. He must be used to have this kind of fight everyday. Out of frustration, I shouted to all people in there not to buy from this store. Don’t ever buy from this store ! Cheaters! Cheaters ! Cheaters !

    Note: Don’t buy from this store!

    304 Orchard Road #B1-18 Lucky Plaza Singapore 238863
    Tel No: 6235 0322

    Five of my friends witnessed how he treated customers badly. I asked for his name and he said its Danny Goh or Gon but I’m sure that’s not his real name.

    He’s so rude. Grrrr …. I wanted to punch him in the face but that will cost me 9 years in prison. He’s not even worth being my reason to visit Changi.

    I told them that they will lose their business soon and they told us to leave them alone. Afraid of bar karma, eh ???

    They will surely lose their business soooooooon if they continue cheating on customers. I feel bad for the tourists and foreigners like me that they have “robbed”. Hey, we’re working hard to earn money.

    I hope the shop owners in Lucky Plaza will stop cheating on tourists and foreigners. I hope the government and media will be aware of the ongoing unfair business practices in Lucky Plaza.

    My friend advised me to file a case against them thru the Small Claims Tribunal of Singapore, to teach those cheaters a lesson.

    I have also checked CASE, Consumers Association of Singapore,, to file a complaint.

    If you know someone that has been cheated in Lucky Plaza, or had a bad customer experience in Lucky Plaza electronic stores, pls. tell your friends to beware of the cheaters in Lucky Plaza, spread the word, post it on blogs and we can even make a petition to file a case against them.

    They can’t get away from their crappy business attitude.

    Oh well, this serves as a learning experience for me and a costly eye-opener as well. Spend wisely, so they say. =)


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  • Onedragon's Profile Photo


    by Onedragon Updated Sep 8, 2008 566 reviews

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images



    Fun Alternatives: CHECK OUT THE SHUTTLE BUSES THAT CAN BE SG$7......

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  • jilaph's Profile Photo

    Lucky Plaza is NOT that Luckyful

    by jilaph Written Mar 18, 2008 1 reviews

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On March 14,2008 me and my mom was visiting singapore and went to Lucky Plaza at Orchard road.
    we were looking for new number for my cellphone coz we need to call someone. We stopped on EZ Advance Trading Enterprise in the basement and asked where we can get it,and the person there, Melvin Lee (he gave me his name card), asked my passport and took my passport away without asking. He came back after few moment with the new sim card and he charged us 380 Dollar!!!!!
    we fight and after a long struggling, finally he asked us to pay $170, and we decided to pay cos we felt pitty to him and believe that we have $150 credit in it.
    After I left and using my phone for only 5 minutes, I realized that the credit was only $11!!!
    Angryly, I returned to the shop and I demand him to give my money back. I told him that I knew he was cheating on me, amazingly he said that I was the one who cheated on him!!!
    we fought,arguing one another until finally he screamed and I think he swearing in his language, Chinese language, and threatened my mom that he will hit us.we said 'please do and I'll call the police and the embassy'.
    he left and his boss came and tried to compromised but we still demand our money back.
    After long argue, finally he gave our money back for $150.
    I think not just me who was cheated by them but lot of tourists were cheated by them.
    What a shame for Singapore.

    Unique Suggestions: If you have to go to that place it will be better if you search the normal price of the items you want to buy.
    don't pay if they ask us a not reasonable price.
    Just fight for the right and if you need to, call police on 999.they will come as fast as possible.
    don't be afraid to arguing with them, they deserve it.

    Fun Alternatives: the alternative is don't buy there!!!
    or if you really need to buy something there, don't be afraid to bargain.

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  • Ariel2804's Profile Photo

    Taxi Drivers and Jewellery Factory Outlets

    by Ariel2804 Updated Jan 8, 2007 19 reviews

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hello and thank you for making my country your destination.

    I would like to touch on 2 subjects.
    (1) Taxi fare
    (2) Taxi drivers who offer to drive you to "jewellery factory outlets".

    (1) NEVER allow the cabby to turn off the fare meter and bargain - NO matter how late it is. This is Singapore, not after-dark Bangkok. (2) NEVER let cabbies to drive you to any "factory outlets" . Such drivers charge the con-men for sending them "preys". My German friend got conned S$1,500 for a diamond pendant which is worth less than S$200. Ouch!

    Unique Suggestions: Always ask for a PRINTED (not hand-written) receipt. Tell them you want a receipt the moment you get into the taxi. If they refuse, take another taxi. You only pay the final amount displayed on the receipt, which will include all the legal surcharge you must pay.

    The tell-tale sign of such factory-outlet rip-off joint:-
    (1) The factory outlet is not located in shopping areas but in factory/industrial areas instead.
    (2) You need to be driven there (There's no such thing as a secret-bargain-spot in tiny Singapore).
    (3) You don't see Singaporean customers walking in.
    (4) You can't see the interior of the shop from outside (There's one jewellery outlets like that in Central Mall, around Havelock Rd. The full-height glass panels are frosted). Shouldn't that trigger a "DODGY" warning in your head already?

    Fun Alternatives: It is a serious offence for cabbies to switch off the fare-meter and rip people off. Report the driver by handing his licence plate number to the respective taxi company. Simply describe the colour of the taxi to your hotel concierge and get the telephone number from them. Nobody gets away from the law in Singapore. We do have honest drivers. Most of them are in fact. Just that some bad eggs exist... Enjoy your stay here. :)

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    by blinkbabie87 Written Jun 17, 2006 3 reviews

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definately when you first arrive in Singapore you are open to the taxi drivers! There are 2 different types of cabs, the mercades and the other older ones, basically the mercades cost you $20 to just get into the cab and then the fare which is a lot more on top of that. Where as the other cabs don't charge anywhere near this! They always try and get you straight from the airport, but they are always looking for tourists to give a ride to. Basicallly they are way over priced.

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  • sgcheongster's Profile Photo

    Newton Circus food center

    by sgcheongster Written May 9, 2004 20 reviews

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Many tourists come all the way to this food center to get themselves ripped off, because many guide books are "advertising" on this food center. Do not be fooled as the price of the food in this food center may cost double as many as other food center. Why the food is priced so expensive is because it will never lack tourists coming there to be ripped.

    Unique Suggestions: Eat at other hawker center. The one at chinatown is good and Tiong Bahru hawker center is very famous for its cheap and tasty food.

    Fun Alternatives: If you really cannot find a hawker center, go to shopping center food court to savour the tasty food that Singapore have to offer. If not, the buffet in your hotel is not bad and you get to taste many different food at the buffet(usually about S$20). Go to on where to eat.

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  • KenRyu's Profile Photo

    Beware of price hacking from some foodstalls...

    by KenRyu Written Dec 7, 2002 18 reviews

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Seafood is a delicacy in our country's food culture... and is pretty abundant... Travellers should be aware that is does not cost you a few hundreds of dollars to enjoy a sumptous meal of seafood in a open air hawker centre.... (e.g. newton circus)...
    So question the price of each dish you intend to order before ordering...

    Fun Alternatives: Hmm... There are a tons of places to enjoy food from all sorts of culture in Singapore... one useful tip is to ask you friendly taxi driver... They usually know the best places for the type of foods you fancy....

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