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    on my way during my visit
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Skardu Things to Do

  • Buddha Carvings of 7th-8th Century, Skardu

    Buddha Carvings of 7th-8th Century

    Carved on rocky stone, the huge Buddha carving along with surrounding Bodhisattvas is reminiscent of Tibetan Buddhist roots of the region dating back to 7th and 8th century AD. The rock can be found just 3 km from Skardu off the Skardu-Sadpara-Deosai road. This historcial momument is literally unguarded and situated on a walkway; it is sheer luck...

  • Boat Ride in Shangrila (Lower Kachura)..., Skardu

    Boat Ride in Shangrila (Lower Kachura)...

    Lower Kachura Lake, also known as Shangrila Lake, is famous for its out-of-the-world, or heaven-on-earth in the words of James Hilton, beauty. Serenity in the atmosphere, freshness in the air, and tranquility in the water are suggestive of an ideal romantic ambiance light-years away from worldly distractions. Should you like to absorb the harmony...

  • Fruit Picking: Apricots, Peaches, Red..., Skardu

    Fruit Picking: Apricots, Peaches, Red...

    When around Skardu, or anywhere in the Northern Areas of Pakistan for that matter, you have the liberty to pick from abundantly availble seasonal fruits not only from stray trees but also from private farms, however, on request.We always loved picking handfull of juicy apricots while trekking around from open-source treckside trees. Not only this,...

  • The Lower Kachura Lake (Shangri-La/..., Skardu

    The Lower Kachura Lake (Shangri-La/...

    The Lower Kachura Lake is one of the most beautiful natural lakes in the world and is truly called Heaven on Earth i.e. Shangrila. This Lake belongs to the divine couplet of lakes situated in the small Northern town of Pakistan, Kachura, which itself is situated near Skardu. The lake is surrounded with fruit laden trees, forests, and 'high-rise'...

  • Trek to K2 Base Camp, Skardu

    Trek to K2 Base Camp

    From Skardu drive to Kuburse to begin the trek to K2 base camp. It is an amazing journey and something you will always remember.

  • Trek to K2 , Gondghoro la, Skardu

    Trek to K2 , Gondghoro la

    Hi,K2 and Gondghoro la, very beautiful itineraries in the heart of Karakoram.But you should be enough fit for the moraines of Baltoro glacier, because this trek's demanding.From Askole to K2 base camp and back includes, 13,14 trekking days, there're 2 rest days because one's to approach 5200 m, the base camp and if you're going to Gondghoro la 5600...

  • In Baltistan, Skardu

    In Baltistan

    Skardu Baltistan lies in the heart of world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram. It presents a unique contrast of high peaks, deep gorges, straddling glaciers, vast deserts, sandy plains, blue lakes, colorful panorama, lush green oases and villages. It consist of following valleys like skardu, Rondu, Shiger, Khaplu,...

  • Help out porters, Skardu

    Help out porters

    If you make it to Skardu, check out the Khurpa Care office (Khurpa is the Balti word for porter). The manager is a guy called Raza. He used to be a trekking guide but now he's working to improve the conditions of moountaineering and trekking porters. The office is also a small research library if you're interested in learning about...

  • Satpara Lake, Skardu

    Satpara Lake

    Its a very beautiful lake situated at quite some height. The water is just so clean here that you can clearly see wats beneath it. It is also famous for its rare trout fish.


Skardu Hotels

  • Hotel Mashabrum

    Hotel Mashabrum

    The only best hotel in the town Skardu in such a challenging area.The service, staff is good. the...


Skardu Nightlife

  • Watching the stars in the valley: The Natural Nightlife

    by lachydragon Written Dec 2, 2002

    I found it great of an evening just to sit out under the stars and watch the sky with the slight shillouette of the valley wall thousands of feet above you.

    Where we were staying up near Kachura village we felt these amazing changing winds coming up the valley blowing warm air at one moment and cool night air the next. I thought Skardu was just the most magical place and would return there tomorrow if travel in Pakistan was a bit more settled!

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Skardu Transportation

  • By Air, Skardu

    By Air

    Once booked, PIA flights to and from Skardu need reconfirmation – 24 hours in advance from the departure time – from the local PIA office. For Islamabad – Skardu, ticket reconfirmation is done at the Northern Areas Desk of the PIA office located at Mall Road, Rawalpindi. You don’t need to go there in person but your original ticket needs to be...

  • By Jeep, Skardu

    By Jeep

    Not the most comfortable but the most practical way to see the sights around Skardu. Photo shows my driver replacing a punctured tire. Being the opportunistic me, i got out and went trigger-happy... (2nd and 3rd photos).

  • By Tractor, Skardu

    By Tractor

    After we went for a walk through Kachura Village we had just passed this bridge when a group of people came past in the back of a trailer being towed by an ancient looking tractor. The offered us a lift back to the camping resort and we bumped along with all the smiling faces. This kind of encounter was so common in Pakistan and was what made my...


Skardu Shopping

  • Mozumbus's Profile Photo

    The Kachura Bazaar: Grocery in Kachura (Shangrila)

    by Mozumbus Updated Apr 5, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are living around Lower Kachura Lake (Shangrila) and want to do some grocery then you might end up doing it from the shop just outside the resort. Although the shop is not that unreasonable in terms of prices but you can still have better deals from the Kachura Bazaar which is located up the hill and consists of around 30 small shops selling day to day grocery at market rates.

    What to buy: You may consider the Bazaar a local departmental store and can buy usual domestic day to day stuff. Soft drinks - pepsi, coca cola, etc - juices, cookies, snacks, milk, and mineral water are easily available from the Bazaar. We tried to buy some fresh milk and yogurt but could not find the same despite of our effort.

    What to pay: Prices are usually fixed and at par with, or negligibly higher than, Skardu bazaar.

    Fresh (domestic) Chicken (and not the Lamb)
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Skardu Warnings and Dangers

  • PIA Blues - Flight Delays, Skardu

    PIA Blues - Flight Delays

    Due to uncertain weather, PIA flights to and from Skardu usually get delayed and sometimes even cancelled out. So, it is better to have a backup plan and a delay strategy in mind rather than ruining your vacations and then cursing me and the PIA. Flight Delays: Usually, airport staff does not open check-in counters, especially at Islamabad Airport,...

  • At the end of a trek things can get a..., Skardu

    At the end of a trek things can get a...

    I guess the warning or danger is yourself (or just me?), after being completely removed from civilisation for such a period jokes between your trekking party can run for days - and get a bit out of hand.Here I introduce our 'new firends' - the coffee tin girls, wait for it.......Ness, and Caffie (a la Nescafe)ahem.....................I think I'll...

  • Skardu Hotels

    1 Hotels in Skardu

    4 Reviews

Skardu Tourist Traps

  • Not the Food You Require, Skardu

    Not the Food You Require

    Before we head to the day trip to Deosai Mountains, our driver, Basharat, insisted us to buy some food from Indus Pizza and Fast Food, located in Skardu, which we fortunately did not listen to and avoided the trap only to fall into it later. After returning from Deosai we decided to give the eatery a chance only to disappoint ourselves. Quality of...

  • Shiger Valley, Skardu

    Shiger Valley

    Shiger, a beautiful valley of the Baltistan. Situated in the heart of the Karakoram, 32 kms (20 miles) from Skardu and 1/2 Hour by jeep. It forms the gateway to the great mountain peaks of the Karakoram, including Mount K-2. The valley filled with perpetual snows for millions of years. Due to its high ranges mountains, snow clad peaks, glaciers and...

  • Don't get caught out with the tipping on..., Skardu

    Don't get caught out with the tipping on...

    What I didn't realise was that it is customary to tip Porters, Guides and Cooks who have accompanied you on trekking trips (on top of the payment for the trip itself) I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THIS......CONSIDERING THE WORK YOUR TREKKING STAFF DO! However, I was caught out by embarrassingly not having enogugh money to pay all our guides, porters and...


Skardu What to Pack

  • Polarising Filter for Camera Gear

    by lachydragon Written Jul 6, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Photo Equipment: You should seriously consider bringing a polarising filter for your mountain photos up here. There are some stunning photos to be had but the light conditions can be pretty difficult. A filter will help to bring out the contrast in your photos where this detail is usually blurred by the sheer light reflected from snow.

    Even if you have an auto camera you can do what I did and buy a small camcorder polariser and hold it over the lens while you take the photo - granted there will be some guesswork as you acn't see the polarising effect thru the viewfinder but it helped bring up some photos like this beauty! Sorry for runing it with the yellow, but I have heard far too many stories of original work being ripped-off so I am just covering myself - you can get the impression well enough!

    Masherbrum in the late afternoon light

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Skardu Off The Beaten Path

  • Deosai Adventure - Unwinding the..., Skardu

    Deosai Adventure - Unwinding the...

    Deosai Plains – Average Height: 4,114m (13,500ft); Area: 3,000 sq. km; Population: Zero; Accessibility: April – October depending upon weather – are an abode to a variety of rare wildlife species especially to the Himalayan Bear and belong to the Tibetan Plateau. These plains provide with an excellent adventure opportunity due to their wilderness...

  • Upper Kachura Lake - A Jewel on the..., Skardu

    Upper Kachura Lake - A Jewel on the...

    Although Skardu has mostly been perceived as a base camp for adventure expeditions, Karakoram summits and Deosai Plains being the most popular ones, but the surroundings of Skardu are also abundantly gifted with some exquisite natural gifts. Out of those pearls, Kachura Lakes - the Lower Kachura Lake and the Upper Kachura Lake - are a treat to...

  • Kachura Village, Skardu

    Kachura Village

    Kachura Village was stunning at the time of year we were there (June) as the fruit trees were all laden with fruit and the people in the village went about harvesting the fruit by stringing out sheets underneath the mulberry trees and shaking the trees to collect the berries. The children all wanted to greet you and shake you hand (with the...


Skardu Sports & Outdoors

  • xishan's Profile Photo

    POLO (The Game Of King)

    by xishan Updated Jun 8, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Polo the Game of Kings, and the king of all games had its beginning in Baltistan. Unlike its international version, invented by the British, which is broken into seven-minute segments, at the end of which horses can be substituted, People over here play free style polo, with no referee, no rules and no change of horses during the play.

    “It is one of the toughest sports I’ve ever seen” Michael Palin mentioned in his article appeared in the Sunday Times on 1st January 2006. Not only Michael but every tourist who visit this land has the same view for this game.

    A regular Polo tournament is held every year between Skardu, Khaplu, Rondu, Shiger, Chorbat, Gilgit and Chitral. Every match between these teams is a nail biting battle which attract thousands of tourist from all over the world.
    For more info... just put me a mail [email protected]

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Skardu Favorites

  • Making Kachura as the Base rather than..., Skardu

    Making Kachura as the Base rather than...

    Skardu City is just another commercial locality, good for shopping and bargaining, but definitley not a recreational place. Usually, people prefer staying at Skardu and making it the base for day trips and surrounding tours, but the ambiance of this town does not synergize with the mood and preferences of a recreational tourist.I prefer and...

  • Balti Language, Skardu

    Balti Language

    The Balti language a member of the Sino-Tibetan branch of languages and is a derivative and related to Tibetan, except it's written in Arabic script when the Moguls invaded the territory of what is now Baltistan. The following are some phrases i've picked up from the locals, which may be useful breaking the language barrier:Hello: chia-lyuhtWhat...

  • Sorting out Trekking Gear, Skardu

    Sorting out Trekking Gear

    Skardu is the last place you can re-sort your bags and leave behind anything which is unnecessary for your trek. Basically when trekking in Pakistan you are allowed to give a duffel bag weighing no more than 12.5 kgs to your porter. This is set by the Governement and is well-communicated to porters who carry hand scales and meticulously weigh...


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