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  • Eid prayer in Badshahi Masjid Lahore
    Eid prayer in Badshahi Masjid Lahore
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  • Lahore
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Lahore Things to Do

  • Shahi Qila - Lahore Fort, Lahore

    Shahi Qila - Lahore Fort

    Shahi Qila is situated in front of Badshahi Mosque. It is a huge forte bounding a lot of beauty. A great ancient work of architecture. Without Visiting Lahrore Forte your visit to Lahore is incomplete. History of Lahoe Forte is very old. Originally It was built some 1000 years ago. But current Lohore Forte was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1566...

  • Badshahi Masjid (Mosque), Lahore

    Badshahi Masjid (Mosque)

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The Badshahi Mosque was built between 1671 and 1673, for the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It's the second largest mosque in South Asia and the fifth largest in the world - the courtyard can hold 100,000 people. We were told by an elderly sweeper /tour guide that due to the shape of the building, whispering in one corner can be heard in a distant...

  • Minar E. Pakistan, Lahore

    Minar E. Pakistan

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    Lahore Minar E Pakistan is a tall minaret in Iqbal Park Lahore, built in commemoration of the Lahore Resolution. The minaret reflects a blend of Mughal and modern architecture, and is constructed on the site where on March 23, 1940, seven years before the formation of Pakistan, the Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution (Qarardad-e-Lahore),...


Lahore Hotels

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Lahore Restaurants

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  • Coco's Cafe, Lahore

    Coco's Cafe

    5 out of 5 stars

    YUMMMMY - MOST EXOTIC RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO Andaaz is located right across the road from the grand Badshahi Masjid Is owned by a USA trained chef - AMAZING AMAZING food Surprisingly refreshing - low on the ahhh so spicy chili- FLAVORFUL And the view and ambiance is to die for - guy has a collection of artifacts/ crafts aging back to the...

  • Salt 'n Pepper Village, Lahore

    Salt 'n Pepper Village

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    This restaurant is commonly known as Village or the village it offers a fantastic buffet and a rich experience of village life of Pakistan. the price of hi-tea is aprox 400 Rs and that of buffet is roughly between 700 to 900. The parking z at ur own risk but still it z safe.The food that u can enjoy their is local food. Food is good.their is a...

  • Food Street, Lahore

    Food Street

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    If you are in Lahore as a guest or a tourist, you will definitely hear or read some where about "Food Street" in Gawalmandi Lahore. You will still see crowds inside Food Street at night. Don't be fooled; now only two types of people come here (a) tourists from smaller cities around Lahore who are not familiar with nice dining areas in Lahore or (b)...


Lahore Nightlife

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  • Red Light Area (Heera Mandi), Lahore

    Red Light Area (Heera Mandi)

    Heera Mandi (Diamond Market) is the ancient red light area of Lahore. This place is behind the famous restaurant “Coco’s Den” in the ancient walled city of Lahore. I have not visited this place during the peak “tukdinadin” hours but can share information exchange from gossips. People go there to see girls dancing (mujra) and singing for the...

  • Cinema, Lahore


    But there was still fun as usual, guys shouting like crazy passing comments on the sexy dances by the heroine. But the thing that I like most in these films is the dialogues by the villains that I take as comedy though dialogues are extremely harsh. “Hey Rogue, your dad has been murdered in a bloody encounter” Rogue who is behind the bars started...

  • Parks, Lahore


    One can visit the following parks at night as well; just strolling or relaxing or people watching. Remember each place covers a vast land area; covering more than one place may be tiring. 1. Lawrence Garden, most beautiful garden in Lahore. On the Mall Road next to Lahore Zoo and in front of Governor House. (Van # 43 followed by a short walk) 2....


Lahore Transportation

  • By Train, Lahore

    By Train

    If you want to travel from Lahore to Karachi or vice versa by train then Karakoram Express & KARACHI EXPRESS are relatively fast & comfortable than others. They only stops on 6 stations in between Lahore-Karachi. All rail cars are new, imported from China. Seats are comfortable. It is recommended to carry Food/Water with you because food at...

  • Daewoo Bus, Lahore

    Daewoo Bus

    SAMMI DAEWOO is operating world class air conditioned bus service between the major cities of Pakistan. They have Bus terminals over 15 major cities and several stopovers in other cities. Each Bus Terminal has air conditioned waiting area, multiple ticketing counters& several other world class facilities for passengers. They have every HALF HOUR...

  • By Air, Lahore

    By Air

    I have a pleasant experience of flying with Air Blue. Plains are new & clean. Flights departed and arrived on time. The food was superb. All crew was cooperative. After making a very good reputition in domestic, now they are conqureing the international routes. For easier online booking facility Click


Lahore Shopping

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  • Anarkali Bazar, Lahore

    Anarkali Bazar

    Anarkali is the oldest bazaar of South Asia and is named after legendary girl “Anarkali” who was buried alive in 1599 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar for falling in love with the Prince Jahangir. See my travelogue on Lahore page. The bazaar is in front of Lahore Museum and on the side of Punjab University Old Campus. Spanning from Mall Road on one...

  • Fortress Stadium market, Lahore

    Fortress Stadium market

    This place is ideal for women and kids wear. There are also nice video centers where you can buy DVDs at a reasonable price. One can visit this place for shopping as well as for nice dining experience as a lot of fine dining restaurants are located here. If you are with kids, then Joyland is there for entertainment. Prices are reasonable.

  • Hafeez Center (Computer Market), Lahore

    Hafeez Center (Computer Market)

    This shopping mall is exclusively for computers, cell phones and related accessories. There is no place in Lahore comparable to this mall that can offer a large variety under one roof. Once you have selected a product, look around in other shops for comparing prices, other wise you may be ripped off. Bargaining is must.


Lahore Local Customs

  • Culture, Lahore


    Well, it pretty much a well-known fact that women in Pakistan many times are expected to cover their heads...especially in mosques! I was walking around the Badshai Mosque in Lahore and I saw several Pakistani women not covering their heads! I felt very confused...otherwise I would say it is a must in mosques...

  • Language Barrier, Lahore

    Language Barrier

    You may encounter a bit of problem communicating with street food vendors and with drivers of vans and rickshaws. In this situation, just request for help of anybody around you, he will be more than happy to interpret for you. English is second language in Pakistan and is widely spoken in the cities only.

  • Shaking Hands with women, Lahore

    Shaking Hands with women

    Pakistan is an Islamic state and men shaking hands with women is not apriciated however if the lady her self show her hand to greet than you may also shake hand but it is quite rare.It is better to say 'Salam' incase you cant say the complete greeting i.e, 'Aslam-u-aleakum' this act is considered as act of respect and honour towards women.


Lahore Warnings and Dangers

  • Stomach Upset, Lahore

    Stomach Upset

    Lahore offers street food that is not only delicious but also extremely cheap. But in order to enjoy the food you must (I am saying MUST) have you own disposable plates and spoon in your daypack, and always drink bottled water. Do not ruin your vacations by having bad stomach.

  • Traffic, Lahore


    Driving is risky and confusing here if you are not local. Most road users do not abide by any traffic regulations and it can best be described as a free for all. The roads and particularly side streets are poorly maintained and have numerous pot holes. There has been some significant infrastructure investment in the road network but the increase in...

  • travelling in a wrong direction, Lahore

    travelling in a wrong direction

    Lahori people often guide u in wrong direction. may be because of the complexity of the city . it is better 4 you to be confident and sure about the way you r moving because Lahore is a big city and if u r traveling in a wrong direction u may not get out of the city and will find yourself far from ur destination.Even i being a Pakistani sometimes...


Lahore Tourist Traps

  • Avoid Religious /Political gatherings, Lahore

    Avoid Religious /Political gatherings

    I must highly insist not to go to any Political gatherings becuse it wont take long before a fight burst out and then you can imagine what can happen when about 50-60 thousand people are running everywhere. Donot enter any religious place until you know how to co-ordinate & respect the place.....

  • Skip the Tour Guides at the Lahore..., Lahore

    Skip the Tour Guides at the Lahore...

    I have to first say that I totally understand why these guys are trying to be tour guides, but in this case it was depressing! A guy who was actually pretty sweet approached my friend and I to see if we wanted a guide. He made the hardest sell, first saying he spoke 20 languages, including English IN 4 DIFFERENT ACCENTS! Then, he said he could...

  • Drug Addicts & Beggers, Lahore

    Drug Addicts & Beggers

    If you see any beggers in Lahore plz lower your generousity level a little because if you give some rupees to one of them then you will find youself in great trouble & spend all your day getting rid of them.....


Lahore What to Pack

  • Buy from Lahore, Lahore

    Buy from Lahore

    As there are many cheap buyings in Lahore Plz dont load yourself with heavy load of extra luggage ans bags. When you arrive at lahore just relax for a while and make a shopping trip to a nice shopping mall and buy anything you like...every thing is so cheap.... Lahore's climate is very hot in Summer & the temprature goes bit high as well so it is...

  • Must have, Lahore

    Must have

    Daypack for city tours. Going around with backpack may be uncomfortable from April to September when it is hot. Warm clothes during extreme winter (December to February).Light clothes from April to September when temperature can rise to 45 centigrade. Always cover your head with a cap or cloth. Always carry wet tissues as the city is dusty, you...

  • Bring Feminine Products of Buy from..., Lahore

    Bring Feminine Products of Buy from...

    Tampons and panty-liners can only be found at large department stores in major cities. In Lahore, they can be bought at HKB (Liberty, Defence Y Block, Mall Road), Al Fatah (Liberty), Pace Super Markets (M.M.Alam Road, Model Town, Defence Y Block), Europa (Defence H Block), Tes-Mart (Defence Main Blvd), and Pot-Pourri (Defence Y Block)....


Lahore Off The Beaten Path

  • Wagha Border, Lahore

    Wagha Border

    Wagha border is at about one hour drive from Lahore towards East on Canal Road. Border Security Forces of India & Pakistan have been jointly following this practice of "Lowering Flags" every evening. The ceremony takes place around sunset. There is a nominal fee that you pay at the entrance. There are Separate sections for male & female sitting...

  • Shrines in Lahore, Lahore

    Shrines in Lahore

    I was completely surprise by my experience at a Dohl event in Lahore. This is an event every Friday night, where about 1000 dudes cram into a courtyard outside a tomb, smoke, and watch a drumming and dancing spectacle from about 11pm to 4am. First, a space is cleared for the dancing (guys with sticks go around and threaten to hit peoples legs if...

  • Basant Festival, Lahore

    Basant Festival

    Okay, so Basant is a blast! but you really do have to be careful not to fall off the roof. It happens in tens on basant weekend, very sad really. Many people host BBQ's on their roof, play music and people just come and fly kites through the nite. It's nothing to go to several basant parties in one nite. make sure you buy PLENTY of kites. they are...


Lahore Sports & Outdoors

  • Cricket, Lahore


    Pakistan has been world champion of Cricket and has also hosted world championship once. Cricket is not only famous in Lahore but it is famous every where in Pakistan. I have even seen kids playing cricket in the remote mountains of Pakistan. You will see people of all ages from kids to adults playing this game in streets. On Sundays when traffic...

  • Hockey, Lahore


    Field Hockey is one of Pakistan's popular sports. Of course all sports in the subcontinent, exist in the shadow of Cricket, but even so, hockey has many takers. Pakistan is the 4th ranked team in the world today, with India coming in at 5th. Needless to say, that the rivalry on the field, between the two teams is big...

  • Kite Flying, Lahore

    Kite Flying

    Kite flying was a favorite sport in Lahore. Every weekend either it was summer or winter; people used to go up on the roofs of their houses and loved kite flying. Kite flying is banned for the last few years after annual kite flying festival “Basant” went out of control as local authorities had started sponsoring it as a tourism activity. Every...


Lahore Favorites

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  • Visiting Lahore, Lahore

    Visiting Lahore

    3 in one city. There is a rich history in Central Lahore, There is a 'British built Lahore' around Mall road with splendid architecture of the 19th century and a modern day Lahore with all the advanced infrastructure and facilities of life. Plus a beautiful canal passing through the city and River Ravi flowing along the eastern part of Lahore. The...

  • People & Traditions, Lahore

    People & Traditions

    I think it depends from Person to Person. Like, if u like old buildings and Forts. then you MUST visit the Lahore Fort (Castle) which was built by Mughal Emperors nearly 500 yrs old. If are interested in some Cultural activities then you must see 'National Industrial Exhibision' in Fortress Stadium. In this Exibision crafts men bring their goods...

  • Money Exchanger, Lahore

    Money Exchanger

    Bonjour from Peshawar, I agree with besal, change a small amount at the airport and for rest better to go to open market, the rates are always better there. Bon voyage, Imran Schah Photos of Mountains,valleys,cities of Pakistan In Anarkali bazar..


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