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  • The coupon i got cheated
    The coupon i got cheated
    by rahulkhan
  • Bird Park
    Bird Park
    by aryaayer
  • Taxi stand near Puduraya bus station
    Taxi stand near Puduraya bus station
    by robertgaz
  • Taxi Counter Rip Off at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

    by Emi_Mei Written Aug 17, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pavilion mall Kuala Lumpur has all you can think of buying. It is located in the main shopping hub of Kuala Lumpur. However woe betide you if you want to take a taxi from the taxi counter located at jalan bukit bintang (next to Prada).

    There is a big red sign on the counter saying 'this is a metered taxi stand'. Lies, I tell you lies. The person manning the counter boldly tells you that no there are no meters. Giving all sorts of excuses I.e. bad jam, Sunday, weekend, public holiday, no return customer etc etc.

    Besides that if you call them out on their very much illegal operation, they become very hostile and start threatening you. Normal red and white taxi from pavilion to midvalley at 3pm wanting to charge RM50/- at the 'official taxi stand'. What is the difference between you and all the crooks lined up along the road waiting for unsuspecting customers? Can't believe the management at Pavilion let them get away with such hanky panky.

    Unique Suggestions: Actually there is another out of the way taxi stand at the other end of the mall. Head to level 2 fashion avenue and take the escalator located at the very end to taxi @ Chulan entrance. Pay RM2/- for a ticket and get on the metered taxi to whichever destination you are heading. However, decent taxi drivers being as few as they are, be prepared for a wait at the stand between 15-30 minutes.

    Fun Alternatives: If shopping is your thing, head to the gardens mall or midvalley megamall. Or get on the monorail from pavilion to kl sentral and take a coupon cab from there.

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  • Avoid Taxis in Kuala Lumpur

    by marc_2000 Written May 29, 2014

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    KL is one of my favorite vacation destinations in Asia. Already visited 3 times. This was the first time I took a taxi at night trying to reach my nearby hotel quickly from klcc. The hotel was about 10 minutes walk actually. The Indian taxi driver straightway took a u turn and started driving opposite direction away from klcc. When we asked why he u turned and going opposite, he answered in a rude and aggressive manner. Anticipating danger, I informed the taxi driver that a senior government officer is waiting for me in the hotel. Only then he took a turn but instead of going to hotel he took us to klcc basement parking area and started circling there. At one stage, he stopped for a while when my wife, daughter and I stepped out of the car immediately. I took a photo of the taxi with number plate from behind and paid him money as per meter and ran from the basement area quickly.

    We are sure that the Indian taxi driver had an ill intention in his mind much worse than excessive charging. This was a real scary incident for my family and we promised never again to hire a taxi in KL especially we will never take a taxi with South Indian drivers. They are dangerous at worst and cheat at best.

    Unique Suggestions: Avoid taxi at all cost while in KL. In fact you hardly need a taxi in KL. Take KLIA to KL Sentral Bus while going to KL. It is very safe and costs only 10 RM. takes all your baggage free of cost. Take same bus while going to KLIA from Sentral. Use LRT or Monorail to and from Sentral. Although it might be difficult to move with large baggage in Monorail. If your hotel is near to LRT or Monorail and you don't have heavy baggage, always use LRT or Monorail. Staff in Sentral counters may help you in choosing best option. Within KL area LRT and Monorail can take you almost to all places. There are free GoKL buses on the road.

    From Sentral, if you had to hire a taxi, take it from Sentral Taxi Counter. You need to pay a fixed amount in the taxi counter ( e.g. Sentral to KLCC area will cost you about 13 to 14 RM fixed). Keep the receipt as record so that you can track back the taxi in future. From hotel to Sentral, if you had to hire a taxi, take it from Hotel. It will be expensive but safe.

    Fun Alternatives: If you had to hire a taxi, look for Malay driver. Never ever try to get in to a taxi driven by Indian driver. I have been warned on this by my Malaysian friends and I was almost caught by ignoring their suggestion.

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  • Easy, just avoid taxis in KL

    by FurryFriend1 Written Apr 12, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Look, we can't stop KL taxi drivers from acting unethically and illegally. The city doesn't seem to care about taxi extortion.

    But there's an easy suggestion. Just avoid them.

    KL's rail coverage is sufficient enough so that you can avoid taxis all-together. In addition, there's a convenient free city bus.

    During my 3 days in KL visiting countless sites, I only took the taxi once.

    So don't be so lazy. Go out and do some research on riding these forms of transportation. Not only do you get to avoid taxis, you will also experience some local culture.

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  • Is SPAD can improve taxi services? Hw u rank ths?

    by aryaayer Written Oct 15, 2012

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    SPAD ( Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD) plans, regulates and enforces
    all matters relating to land public transport in Peninsular Malaysia.
    The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) was officially established on 3 June 2010 following the passing of the Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat Act 2010 by Parliament in May 2010. SPAD gained its full powers on 31 January 2011 with the gazetting of the Land Public Transport Act 2010.brings the functions of drawing up policies, planning and regulating all aspects on taxi services.

    Its been One year and 10 services are getting bad image in world ranking. Who will carry the responsibility to bring back the taxi image in future ? How you rank SPAD capability in handling taxi related problems? How you rank the SPAD management who have done nothing to improve the taxi services in Kuala Lumpur? Why the taxi problems and issues are not highlighted to Prime Minister knowledge before ? The people as taxi users are suffering whenever they hire metered taxi in downtown which are negotiating the price and not charge according to the meter reading. In other side taxi drivers are claiming that issues has been brought to the SPAD knowledge and no action after that. Who will going to listen to the taxi drivers sufferings and crying? They have dependents such as old age parents, schooling children, big family members, handicapped members, whom need help such as money for medical and medicine, children expenses such as school uniform, tuition fees, school bus fees. House rental, phone bills, outstanding electric bills and etc.

    The taxi drivers go out as early as 0600am and coming home at 1200 midnight. They hardly bring family members to holiday. They still driving in heavy downpour rain and still maintaining good condition of the vehicle ...example the air condition during hot sun for the passengers. All are the maintenance cost. They pay the company daily payment without failing as they afraid that they have to pay from RM 450.00 TO RM 900.00 if the taxi is repossessed by the concerned company.

    Those days in early 1980's and 1990's the taxi income is good and never people talk about bad and worse image to the country. That time there was no SPAD. That is why it was very good.
    When the SPAD came, all hotels are not flashing lights to the outside taxi's to take passengers.
    How the taxi driver's earn income is such thing is happening? Non of the hotels in the city are using beeping lights to invite the taxi drivers to pick their passenger from the hotel. This hotel concierge will open the light if the guest does not agreed with their fleecing price. SPAD knew this problem and close eyes. Why?

    In what manner some selected taxi's are allowed to capture the hotel entrance and the concierge section, putting a table and taxi services sign board. Why this selected taxi's are waiting for the guest to come out and never give opportunity for the guest to flash their hand for the outside taxis.

    Unique Suggestions: Guest from hotels trust the bell boy / hotel receptions / security guards and tour desk for a good transportation in Kuala Lumpur. If this people give the fleecing price to the guest. That is the problem where the guest end up paying unreasonable price.

    Help the guest to hire the metered taxi by switch on the hotel outside light which will beep until a taxi goes in. Give the opportunity to all taxi to take passengers from the hotel.
    This is a fair chances to all guest and taxi drivers. In such the other taxis are not in good position to fleecing the guest as the guest are in the good hand of the good taxi drivers.

    Many good drivers blaming the government to allow the hotel to use the taxi services desk from inside the hotel and give the passengers to the selected taxi drivers by over charging. Everyone knows this and also SPAD.

    Fun Alternatives: Please improve the country image by chasing out all the taxis ENGAGED by the hotel concierge. in the down city. Implement the method ,use the light to invite the taxi to pick the guest from hotels.
    In this way fleecing the passengers will be reduced by 70%.

    I think all hotels management must co-operate by taking out the taxi counter inside the hotel. Here, all the taxis in the city will have the fare income by using the favorable fare. Give opportunity to all drivers to earn the fair income and not monopoly the income for themselves because of the contacts insiders help from the hotels bellboy and concierge section.

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  • Bird Park KL Taxi Coupon Rate is fleecing Tourist

    by aryaayer Written Oct 13, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you go to the Bird Park Kuala Lumpur by metered taxi from Bukit Bintang will cost you arround RM6.00. Some taxi drivers use the regular fixed price from RM 15.00 to RM 20.00 ONE WAY trip from Bukit Bintang to Bird Park
    Why such rate ? Tourist realised that taking a taxi from Bird Park Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Bintang is much more higher than the metered taxi. The coupon charges will be RM 20.00 approved by the agencies involved. You are forced to buy the coupon because that counter will not allow any outside taxi to take the passengers from Bird Park Kuala Lumpur. All taxi are forced to use their coupon in order to take the tourist out of the place. Who is the chain leader behind the scene and why the top agencies not investigating this? Why Bird Park Company collect RM 48.00 adult and RM 38.00 Child from tourist and give commission as much ad pay RM 4.00 to Taxi Drivers for each tourist? Is this commission approved by Government officially or going to approve in future. Commission is collected at the same counter as the tourist paying for the tickets which the tourist asking what and how much you collected after dropping us at the counter. This is tarnishing our country image . The same tourist do not want to hire the same taxi to other destination later as they felt that taxi drivers are selling them to the counter to collect commission

    Unique Suggestions: Mr Manickam Massappu the President OF Taxi Driver Welfare Association of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor brought out this matter to THE STAR to abolish the Coupon System. However the people unbelievable silent as they could not understand his message.

    Coupon system is fleecing the tourist in Bird Park Kuala Lumpur and the taxi drivers are follow the same method. ( By fixing the price and reluctant to charge according to the meter reading ).

    Fun Alternatives: I do not thing it is wrong for the Taxi drivers to charge the reasonable fixed price as this is an example shown by the coupon counter how to overcharge the tourist.

    Abolish the SPAD as they knew everything and will do work if public bring out the matter to public view. Otherwise, everything is okay with them.

    Bird Park

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  • sheherezad's Profile Photo

    How to beat the scamming taxi driver!

    by sheherezad Written Sep 5, 2012

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    > Taxi in Kl is not cheap at all! all taxi drivers refuse to use the meter and you have to agree on the prise at first...and they always ask for ridiculous price

    Agreed! They are notorious and globally infamous for fleecing customers! But you can refuse to use them i.e. taxis that wait in line for customers at hotels etc!

    Just call a cab from your hotel room or mobile phone! Call Sunlight for the most reliable KL cab company which will use the meter plus RM2-3 for the call i.e. for them to come and pick you up - much better than paying double or triple (or RM480 like that couple was charged recently for a five minute ride)!

    FYI you can report them to the authorities - the cab driver who did that was fined RM1000! Serve him right!

    Unique Suggestions: Call Sunlight Taxi at 03-90575757 - it is the best organised taxi company in KL with a fleet of 3000 taxis and will never overcharge!

    Fun Alternatives: If you feel you have been scammed, call the number on the taxi to lodge a complaint!

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  • Taxi drivers

    by Unisil1980 Updated Jun 9, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be careful in KL with Taxis. They will rip you off at the drop of a hat with trick devices that increase the fare. NEVER take a Hotel cab unless you have money to burn. They put us in a cab that charged us 2x the price that it should have been and the hotel did not want to know about it. Then if not stung once, we took the hotel cab to the airport with a fixed fee but the cab driver put the meter in for some reason and the fare was 25% more than the meter + tolls.
    Don't bargain for a fixed price or they will charge you up to 100% more because you have no idea of what the cab cost should be.
    I needed to take cabs on a long trip so I took the monorail to KL Sentral and went to the Taxi desk and paid for a fixed price cab there which was always an honest price.

    Fun Alternatives: Plan travel by train and monorail.

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  • not all KL cab drivers are scamms....

    by mrthepero Written Feb 8, 2012

    Just wanted to give a credit to a guy (I guess) Mohammed ([email protected]), who also posted on this topic earlier, being at that time a cab driver too... Although he isn't in the business any longer, he was willing to advise when I called his mobile (suggested "how to" deal with cab's drivers at the KL intl airport and provided a contact to his friend for me to get back to the airport the day after) and even offered further assistance, if that's what I need once in KL... All free of charge. Wonderful! Thanks, mate! :-)

    Unique Suggestions: well, hopefully he isn't going to be overloaded by requests of newcomer's to Kuala Lumpur... :-), but e-mail ([email protected]), or call Mohammed at +60146277046.

    Fun Alternatives: n/a

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  • Taxi Drivers in K Hell are mostly scum bags

    by Spencer1233 Written Jan 7, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The vast majority of Taxi driver's in KL will not want to use the meter, you can ask/insist, and often it will be the times when you are isolated i.e there are few taxis around. I play their game back and tell them I will pay them the xyz they ask for and when you arrive, simply throw the standard usual fare at them and get out.

    I have travelled the world and from Bombay to Boston I can tell you the taxi drivers in KL are the biggest pack of thieving lying dirt bags you will ever come across.

    One stole my mobile phone and when you report it to the (also bloody corrupt) Police all the Police will do is nothing or contact the driver and ask him for the phone in lieu of a fine... i.e the Policeman himself ends up stealing your phone!!

    Horrible place to be but what do you expect?? lazy pricks who feel close to god!

    Fun Alternatives: Don't go to KL

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  • Prepaid taxi coupon cheating from TBS-BTS

    by rahulkhan Written Nov 29, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was travelling from singapore to kl by bus and my bus reached TBS terminal around 2am since there were no other public transport available at that time i had to got to prepaid taxi counter to take a taxi. i was half sleepy and tired of long journey. i wanted to go to bukit jalil Arena green apartments which was quite nearby but the counter guy told me it will cost 40 RM wihich was too much but the guy told me it is night charge and other service charges so i didnt have any option and took the coupon. there was another guy of the group waiting me to take the coupon he immediately got the coupon from me and tore the drivers copy and gave it to the driver and wrote the taxi no. in my copy he was reluctant to give my copy also. i smelled some foul play but i couldnt guess what is it.. the driver dropped me at my place and the next day when i checked the coupon the destination was written as a differant place some taman puncak jalil in putra jaya.. i think the taxi guy the supervisor and the counter guy all are involved in this cheating.

    Unique Suggestions: check ur coupon throuhly for destination and fare before leaving the counter. even if someone tries to interrupt you.

    Fun Alternatives: there is no alternate other than owning a vehicle or asking someone with a vehicle to help. getting a radio taxi is also an option because their charge is mentioned from office while calling

    The coupon i got cheated

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  • travel with taxi meter can still cheated in KL

    by alexchong Written Nov 7, 2011

    The black taxi in KL, KUALA LUMPUR MALAYSIA,

    travel with taxi meter can still cheated....
    Taxi plate number; MPV blue color, HWC 9240, Taxi yellow color; HBA 3226, 2nd taxi not clear...

    We travelled in a group of 12 people at KL Malaysia on 5th Nov, we checked in to Sunway Putra Hotel around 7pm, since the time is still early, and the hotel staff told us Pavillion is just only ten minutes distance from hotel to Pavillion Shopping Mall, hence we took taxi from the Sunway Putral hotel to Pavillion, it only costed us each taxi at only RM10.

    Around 10pm, after shopping from Pavilion shopping mall and ready to go back to our hotel, when we walked out from the mall we saw some taxi was waiting in front of Pavillion, we told them we needed 3 taxi and asked them whether they are charging by meter, did they know the way to our destination, & was the blue taxi charging the same rate as the rest of the normal taxi, the driver of the blue taxi told us he knew of the hotel, all the taxi is charging at the same rate. He looked sincere & polite, we have no doubt in him, so we agreed to board the taxi.

    However, once we were sitting inside the blue taxi, we saw the meter start at RM6, but we thought it is just a short distance journey, we did not intend to confront him, we assumed the rate would be just at least just double the most for this taxi.

    However after a short while that we had get out of the shopping area, he drove us all the way from small road to highway for more than 10 minutes, we felt something is not right, we re-confirmed with him of our destination, by showing him our hotel address & read to him the address is 100 Jalan Putra, and mentioned to him it is just around PWTC, he just answered us he knew of the way. He even called up his 2 taxi friend, that they just have to follow his taxi meter for charging.

    In the way, he sent us to Sunway hotel, we told him this is not the right hotel, he told us this is the correct hotel, he did not know of any other hotel named Sunway hotel at Putra, he insisted us to pay for the same price as the meter charged of RM555.20 for each taxi, we knew we are being cheated, since we travelled with kids & elderly parent, we had no choice but to pay as what he requested. We had no confident by insisting him to sent us to the right destination, he may just played another trick again.

    this time we ask few taxi to get the right fare, but i got better advice is ask the people around you not the taxi driver, i think this is a good advice.

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  • Taxis @ Bus Station

    by tourist006 Written Oct 7, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When you're approached for taxi at Bus stations, I'd suggest you'd get the hell away from them! They even have a taxi station at the parking lot. I learned the hard way, by boarding one of the cab. The driver told me he'll be using meter. Fair Enough? NO!
    The meter ticked 50cents every 20seconds or so!!! I joke you not. At the end of the trip we reached KL city the meter was 78RM!!!
    This is ***.

    Unique Suggestions: Ask for the nearest LRT

    Fun Alternatives: LRT cost a mere 2RM or so.

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  • OVERPRICING: 10MYR turns to be 40MYR

    by marleiko Written Sep 22, 2011

    it is my first time to go abroad, so we arrived at the KL Sentral station at 2am. before we go here, my friend told us that from KL to Cheras will only costs around 10MYR. when we're going to ride a 'teksi', the taxi driver did not want to use the taxi meter and instead, will lend him 45MYR for the trip. we we're surprised that the trip will costs about that big, so we ask him to use his meter, or give us a discount. Because of the time and we really want to sleep, we did not argue no more to the driver and gave him what he want. But we asked to discount it for 30MYR. the driver did not want it and he said he will discount us for 40MYR. ok. fine.

    Unique Suggestions: for the next 2 days of stay here in KL, i talked to some of the drivers i had rode in, and told them what happened. they we're surprised and they gave me few tips:
    1. ask to open his taxi meter. if he doesn't want, report him or look for another taxi.
    2. if you found a trusted taxi driver, ask for his number. so that you can call him incase you needed his service.

    Fun Alternatives: There are also alternative ways not to spend a lot on riding taxis all the time: LEARN how to ride a Train and Bus. :P call a taxi and ask him to take you to the nearest bus/train station, and learn how to ride it. it's simple, it's fun, and it's a great adventure. Have a safe trip explorers! :)

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  • You guys are hipocracy joker

    by mdollarmus Written Sep 21, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Hi there,my name is contact number is +0107774208.Read this following comment then you will know why i gave my phone number.I am a taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur.There for i really understand of all your complaints here.Do you guys know that cost of living in K.Lumpur at the moment is higher than Singapore?Those taxi driver have a family to feed like you guys.And the are persuading not forcing you to agree with them.You guys are the people that offering them a scam bussines by mention the magic word 'How much'?You guys already know that Kuala Lumpur is practising meter taxi but still mention the word again and again..Cant you just use your veto consumer power by just get in and mention the 2 right word.Meter please and mention your destinataion.Thats it.All desired passenger are also know K.L have a fully assured meter on if you hail or simply go for the 'blue cab'.I can bet you with my life there will be no question ask beside on the meter and start drives to your desired destination.It is all as easy as 123.So stop being hipocriate.Taxi fare in k.l is already the cheapers unless if you compare with any other city that not as modern as kuala Lumpur.

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  • cher2300's Profile Photo

    taxi coupon station

    by cher2300 Written Aug 8, 2011

    If you think the taxi coupon stands inside KL Snetral is Safe from scams, think again.

    I bought 2 taxi coupon tickets from KL Sentral to Tune hotel. I gave 50MYR and was given only 14MYR. I checked the tickets and it said 13MYR each. This means I am short changed by 10MYR.

    10MYR may not be much but imagine if there are more people like me who do not go back and demand for the exact change. Then he can actually rack up lots of dough for the whole day.

    The guy at the counter insisted he gave me 2 pcs of 10MYR but i showed him the bills he gave me which I have not yet placed inside my wallet. I only managed to step aside and count but did not leave the window.... that was why i was confident that even if they check the cctv camera, it will show that I have been short changed.

    The guy unwillingly handed me another 10MYR and shook his head and a smirk.
    I do not care as long as i get my right change.

    Unique Suggestions: always check your ticket for how much it is. Sometimes they charge extra when you are not looking.

    *I realize when you smile a lot and act nice, you attract more scammers. So I suggest you keep a straight face when paying. I guess this is a case to case basis but I observed when I am more serious... they always give me exact change.

    Fun Alternatives: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR CHANGE...

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