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    A tambang or river ferry
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Kuching Things to Do

  • Sarawak River Cruise, Kuching

    Sarawak River Cruise

    3.5 out of 5 stars

    The Sarawak River Cruise goes for 1.5 hours and cost RM60 each, we could have booked a cheaper tour but we liked the look of this big boat. There is unlimited free drinks of orange juice and plates of delicious layer cake and you can also purchase alcohol from the bar. The cruise was a bit late leaving and we thought it must be tourists who were...

  • Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Kuching

    Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

    4.5 out of 5 stars

    The main reason we deiced to come to Kuching was to see the orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. We booked a week day private tour through our hotel which was MR60 ($20) and left for the centre at 8am. This was so exciting as I have never seen orangutans in the wild before. We walked down a small pathway and were given a short safety briefing...

  • Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching

    Sarawak Cultural Village

    4 out of 5 stars

    Tucked away on the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong, 35 km away from Kuching is Sarawak's fascinating cultural showcase, the award winning "Sarawak Cultural Village". This living museum depicts the heritage of the major racial groups in Sarawak and conveniently portrays the respective lifestyle amidst 14 acres of equatorial vegetation. Here,...


Kuching Hotels

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Kuching Restaurants

  • The Fusion Cafe, Kuching

    The Fusion Cafe

    The Fusion Café on Jalan Thain Cheok was excellent, the food was delicious especially the 3 layer pork for MR10 ($3.06) and Fried Mee for MR5 ($1.53). Everything was very reasonably priced 3 x cans Tiger Beer with bucket of ice MR14 ($4.29) and Mushroom fired rice MR5. There are tables and chair outside and inside is quite cute with pink painted...

  • The Carvery - Abell Hotel, Kuching

    The Carvery - Abell Hotel

    We went to the Carvery at the Abell Hotel a couple of times and you can order from the menu or have the buffet which is themed on the Brazilian style of Carvery. All the soups, vegetables, salads, breads and desserts are buffet style but all the meat is bought to your table on big skewers and carved onto your plate.There are 14 different meats such...

  • Khatulistiwa Restaurant, Kuching

    Khatulistiwa Restaurant

    Khatulistiwa Restaurant is in a prime location on the riverfront and definitely looks better at night, it is a 24 hour place but during the daytime you can really notice how much it needs a good cleanup. The food is very hit and miss if you can get anyone to take your order but the setting is very nice. I think the worst Nasi Goreng I have ever had...


Kuching Nightlife

  • Great place to hang out, Excellent drink..., Kuching

    Great place to hang out, Excellent drink...

    Shore is a great spot to relax and grab a drink. The outside bar and terrace offers a relaxing place to enjoy one of the many draft beers or a freshly mixed cocktail. Inside offers a laid back lounge setting with many flat screen Tv's for watching all of your favorite sporting events. Music is a mix of rock, jazz, blues, even a little hip hop/rnb,...

  • Waterfront at night, Kuching

    Waterfront at night

    Great for people watching, eating & drinking. Casual, weather is very hot, loose cotton clothing is best.

  • Finally good wine, Kuching

    Finally good wine

    Extensive wine selection, excellent food, friendly and efficient staff ...what else do you want? The music and the ambiance really gets off on weekends but if you want a cosy and relaxing place to have a drink... try it!BTW, if you are bored being together, ask for John and expect the best. Simple, elegant... juste like this place.


Kuching Transportation

  • Bus to tourist spot, Kuching

    Bus to tourist spot

    You can go to Bako National Park, Semenggoh Orang Utan Center, Kubah National Park, Cat Museum by city bus. The bus fare is cheap but you need to know the schedule in advance. ( can get the timetable in Tourist Information Center near waterfront) In my 6 days stay in Kuching, we only travel by local bus, van and walking around the city. Take the...

  • Air Asia to Kuching, Kuching

    Air Asia to Kuching

    I paid RM 405 ( 3 person) for a return ticket to Kuching Sarawak from Kuala Lumpur LCCT. Not including baggage fee, insurances etc , only the air fare. At the airport we ( 2 adult 1 kid) share a taxi with a local lady to waterfront. We paid RM16 and she paid RM10. ( otherwise we have to pay RM26 for a taxi to Kuching city) You can also take Tune...

  • Kuching Airport to Kuching City Centre, Kuching

    Kuching Airport to Kuching City Centre

    hi there.. i'm a taxi driver in kuching sarawak so here i will share some info about a taxi fare at kuching airport.. Taxi fare from Kuching International Airport ( K.I.A ) to City Centre :available for ONE DESTINATION ONLYBudget Taxi (red and yellow colour) follow by turn (max 4 passenger) MYR 26 (MYR 39 after midnight at time 2350).for Executive...


Kuching Shopping

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  • More Convenient Than a Grocery Store, Kuching

    More Convenient Than a Grocery Store

    I am thinking that the rent is low for this store. The produce looked fresh though. However, I did not actually try it.

  • Kuching Shopping, Kuching

    Kuching Shopping

    There are plenty of good places in Kuching to go shopping besides markets, bazaars etc. Some of the shopping centers we went to are Sarawak Plaza, Spring Hill Shopping Mall and Hills Shopping Mall. My favorite is Sarawak Plaza especially the shop called the Lea Centre. They have so many handbags and shoes to choose from and a nice surprise is they...

  • Sunday Markets, Kuching

    Sunday Markets

    The Sunday markets actually start on Saturday afternoon as all the sellers come in and set up their stalls then sleep at the markets in preparation for the big day starting at 5am on Sunday. These markets were a lot bigger than I expected. The fruit and vegetable section is fantastic, so many different fruits that can be hard to buy anywhere else....


Kuching Local Customs

  • School children, Kuching

    School children

    On our way to visit Fort Margherita, we passed by a small school with school children practising a song about homework, a song which went on for about 15 minutes!



    The ethnic Chinese in Sarawak account for about one-third of the state population after having migrated from mainland China in the early 1900s under a special immigration programme by the-then Rajah of Sarawak to develop the state's farming industry.The Chinese farmhouse on display, is built on ground level unlike most tribal houses in Sarawak and...



    Our next home to enter, was an upmarket Malay home, which was furnished for somebody who lived there and had plenty of money. Once again, it is built above the ground to stop crawling creatures (snakes, centipedes, etc).On entering (shoes off) we were asked if we would like to play the traditional game of congkak, we had to say no because of...


Kuching Warnings and Dangers

  • Writing on currency, Kuching

    Writing on currency

    If you want to exchange currency especially dollars to ringits if the dollar has any markings you will receive a lower exchange rate than normal and some even refuse to exchange the money so make sure your money has no markings before going to the money changers

  • BEE'S NEST, Kuching


    This is something to see, and it is something to be aware of, so I have put it in warnings and dangers.Located wedged between a tree trunk, our guide pointed out a Bee Hive. Buzzing around were Bee's which he said were "Stingless" so we didn't have to worry about them.What of importance he told us, is that the "Pit Viper Snake" likes to come and...



    My wife and I were walking in Brickfields near two temples. A person came from behind on a motorbike and snatched my wife's hand bag from her shoulder. In the process she was dragged a couple of yards and thrown on the road. The thief made off with the hand bag. My wife ended up in Hospital for 4 days. Fortunately a couple helped us to go to...


Kuching Tourist Traps

  • tourist traps, Kuching

    tourist traps

    you cannot cash travellers cheques on the weekend, money-changers will not touch them, even some banks will not cash travellers cheques.the sarawak art and craft council is a big disappointment, very limited selection at high prices, only carried one pua kumbu cloth(small size)sarawak cultural village also somewhat disappointing, no activities or...

  • Snake Oil Salesman, Kuching

    Snake Oil Salesman

    One of the colorful things to watch is the medicine man who puts up a show to attract an audience at the sidewalk. I saw this person in India Street and he had a live snake that crawled out from a sack. Then, he'll show how he can control the snake with his "magical" medicine. After the show, he'll start promoting his "magical" medicine to everyone...

  • Souvenir shops., Kuching

    Souvenir shops.

    Of course you want to shop for souvenirs! The long road of shops along the river front offer a really good selection of items, lots of them 'cat themed'. Unfortunately, the items are not particularly cheap and you only really need to visit a few shops, as each one offers very similar merchandise at very similar prices. There's not much bargaining...


Kuching What to Pack

  • All you need to protect yourself from..., Kuching

    All you need to protect yourself from...

    Cotton t-shirts, as thin as possible. Your shades, umbrella in case of rain too. A hat or cap Sunblock cream, deodorants, baby powder If you forget to pack these, you can always buy them at the 7/11 stores, Giant supermarket and little shops in Chinatown.

  • A pair of good shoes is a must!!, Kuching

    A pair of good shoes is a must!!

    Backpack will more convenient as you may need to walk a lot. A pair of good shoes is a must!!! Not many buses and taxis for you in Kuching. Wear something casual and light. Bring the basic toiletries if you are going to stay in budgeted hotel/hostel. Mosquito Repellent is a must if you are going to Long House.

  • Items tourists should bring along, Kuching

    Items tourists should bring along

    If a tourist have the interest to visit Kuching, an ideal place for nature and culture, and when visiting the longhouse, they will go for the longboat trip and nearby the longhouse will be surrounded by trees and surely thee are mosquitoes around.Travel light when going for longhouse or junggle trekking, along with you bring along necessary items ,...


Kuching Off The Beaten Path

  • Bako National Park, Kuching

    Bako National Park

    Bako National Park is the oldest national park in Sarawak (established back in 1957) and is located at the tip of the Muara Tebas peninsula, which is at the mouth of the Bako and Kuching Rivers, about 25km NE of Kuching. It is characterised by steep coastal cliffs and rocky headlands punctuated by sandy bays. The result of millions of years of...

  • Semenggok Orang Utan Rehabilitation..., Kuching

    Semenggok Orang Utan Rehabilitation...

    The highlight is the Orang Utan. They live within the forest reserve and was taught to survive by the park warden. Hence, they are considered semi-wild.There are 2 feeding times, i.e. 9 am and 3 pm. The chances of spotting orang utan is most likely as they will be back for free meal.

  • Kampung Boyen, Kuching

    Kampung Boyen

    Three Malayan villages are located on the northern shore of the river, to the east of Fort Margherita and I walked through the first of them known as Kampung Boyen. It was minor celebrity time again as children wanted to speak to the foreigner and adults wanted to know where I was from.


Kuching Sports & Outdoors

  • MaryannPteo's Profile Photo

    Badminton & Jogging

    by MaryannPteo Written Feb 17, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Malaysia Badminton is one of the well known sports throughout the world. There were some group from other States who came over for tournament or friendly match organised by the Sarawak Badminton Association or the Ministry of Sports and Culture.
    Young children trained from small at the age of five , as soon as they grow up they will represent school , division and States for age group every year and with age category. As they grow older they will go for big tournaments elsewhere depend on their skill and ability.

    Jogging is well known here or walking, over here we have few places for jogging over the resevoir park or the Stutong park in which many people will go there for walks in the evening. It is good for young and old to obtain good health.

    Equipment: For badminton , rackets, spare shirts ,shorts and towels, sloan an ointment for those who get injured during game, and not forgetting water for drinking.
    For those going for tournaments they need at least 6 rackets just in case. There are many brand of rackets they used, and most popular are the Yonex brand, some may use Yang Yang brand or Fleet brand and there are many other brands too.
    For all rackets they will surely have its grips so they will always bring spare grips just in case the one they used get wet or slippery they can change immediately.

    For Jogging, just a towel to bring along and a jacket just in case you get wet on your T-shirt, unless you bring a spare T-shirt to changed. Water in the bottle is necessary too.
    For bothe badminton and jogging, they have its own shoes.
    Badminton shoes have many brands like the rackets, and it is different from the jogging shoes. Choose wisely.

    MSS Tournament for Age group Ladies Double Champion for Sarawak State One of the popular Single Player in Malaysia Hard training five times a week SUKMA Players representing State in 2004

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Kuching Favorites

  • Exploring Kuching with a Scooter, Kuching

    Exploring Kuching with a Scooter

    AH HUI Motorcycles Shop in downtown Kuching rents 2 types of bikes, scooter and kapcai, RM40 & RM30 per day. Anybody with motorcycle license can rent, with super easy precedures by showing your passport and license. Local Malaysian only need to show license.Pay RM100 as deposit, they give you 2 helmets, lock, roadtax, and keys.You need to fill the...

  • Another church in Kuching, Kuching

    Another church in Kuching

    This is another church in the outer area of Kuching that I saw on the way to visit the aborigine villages, I saw at least 20 such churches along the way, some are in bigger scale.



    Interested in visiting Bako National Park?I went, had a good time and would like to return and do a lot more of the treks or even stay overnight. To find out what there is to see and do, and what treks there are, check out there website that I have listed.................http://www.sarawakforestry.com/htm/snp-np-bako.html


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