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  • Ameya Yokocho - Ameyoko
    by Ewingjr98
  • Anime, Character Goods, Toys
    by CruisingGoddess
  • Anime, Character Goods, Toys
    by CruisingGoddess

Most Viewed Shopping in Tokyo

  • Discount Shops - Groceries, Tokyo

    1. Discount Shops - Groceries

    While many restaurants in Japan can be expensive, grocery stores offer a cheaper alternative for those in a hurry or on a budget. Grocery stores have a variety of prepared foods like ready to eat...

  • Akihabara, Tokyo

    2. Akihabara

    Kotobukiya is the leader in Japanese character figures and their huge store in Akihabara is a collector's dream! They have floor after floor of gorgeous figures and character items from Japanese anime...

  • Nakamise - Asakusa, Tokyo

    3. Nakamise - Asakusa

    You might expect a street leading to a temple to be pretty dull if you weren't the type to stock up on items of a spiritually uplifting nature. But these small stalls sell all manner of merchandise,...

  • Department Stores, Tokyo

    4. Department Stores

    Seiyu Supermarket is the Walmart of Japan. No really, it's not like Walmart, it is Walmart. Owned by Sam Walton's family in Bentonville, Arkansas. Seiyu has a huge grocery store, certainly the...

  • Electric - Electronics, Tokyo

    5. Electric - Electronics

    The LAOX is the biggest electronic shop in town. The main shop across the street at subwaystation Akihabara offers 7 floors of electronics. Unfortunately not every article is that cheap as you would...

  • Ameya Yokocho - Ameyoko, Tokyo

    6. Ameya Yokocho - Ameyoko

    The Ameyoko Market in Tokyo, located along and under the Yamanote Line tracks, is one of the city's busiest and more traditional markets. Its original name was "Ameya Yokocho," meaning candy store...

  • Ginza, Tokyo

    7. Ginza

    Ginza is well known around the world as the Luxury Shopping Capital of Japan and as many as 1/4 of the famous brands of europe like hermes, louis vuitton, gucci, christian dior, balenciaga, etc...

  • Shinjuku, Tokyo

    8. Shinjuku

    Shinjuku is a shopping and nightlife district in central Tokyo. It's also one of those ultramodern neighborhoods in Tokyo with a huge LCD screen on every building. Definitely a must see at night when...

  • Anime, Character Goods, Toys, Tokyo

    9. Anime, Character Goods, Toys

    Going to the Pokemon Center was a pilgrimage of sorts for me. I was a big fan of the original Pokemon animated series when it was just the original 151 and haven't been keeping up with the series or...

  • Postcards - Souvenirs, Tokyo

    10. Postcards - Souvenirs

    While seeming somewhat out of place in trendy, youth oriented Harajuka, the Oriental is a great one stop shopping place. There are several floors that sell typical tourist items, textiles, dolls and...

  • Fashion, Tokyo

    11. Fashion

    Everybody knows that the Hermes' Brand is one of the most expensive Luxe brands in the world and is way more expensive than Louis Vuitton. In fact, about 18% of the company is owned by the LVMH group....

  • Shibuya, Tokyo

    12. Shibuya

    Tokyu Hands is a wonderful place to shop! It has many floors, each with different sorts of items. It has reasonable prices and has a wide variety of products. It also has elevators, so it is handicap...

  • Harajuku - Omotesando, Tokyo

    13. Harajuku - Omotesando

    Tokyo is a great big city. And to my surprise it is not full with souvenir shops all over the place. But we found this great store located among the high end shopping in the on Ometesando St. The...

  • Pet Stores, Tokyo

    14. Pet Stores

    Pet stores in Tokyo sell an amazing variety of animals, usually at exorbitant prices. We occasionally go to the big pet stores a Seiyu ad Joyful Honda, and their animals are pretty standard, mostly...

  • Odaiba, Tokyo

    15. Odaiba

    It is at the basement of huge ODAKYO Department Store inside the SHINJUKU STATION complex! You don't have to get out of Shinjuku Station building as the department store is right there- just follow...

  • Japanese Style, Tokyo

    16. Japanese Style

    Oriental Bazaar is as the name suggests a place to buy oriental souvenirs. If you're looking for a kimono or some Japanese trinkets then its worth looking here. The shop is a red and green Japanese...

  • Don Quijote, Tokyo

    17. Don Quijote

    Don Quixote (ドン・キホーテ) is a discount department store with hundreds of locations in Japan and Hawaii, with new stores opening at a rate of about two per...

  • Arcade & Game Centers, Tokyo

    18. Arcade & Game Centers

    This you have to try your luck. First, insert the 100 yen coin then you can must clip the toys or cartoon you like. You clip the toy with the special tool successfuly, it all yours. Toy, games 100 yen...

  • Shopping Complex, Tokyo

    19. Shopping Complex

    Sunshine City (サンシャインシティ) is a major shopping complex in Ikebukuro. Centered on the Sunshine 60 skyscraper, this area has four buildings...

  • Convenient Stores, Tokyo

    20. Convenient Stores

    Japanese love to eat and drink, so restaurants, vending machines and convenience stores are everywhere in Tokyo. In Japanese, the convenience store is called a "konbini," a play on the English word...

  • Vending Machines, Tokyo

    21. Vending Machines

    Think the best place in Tokyo to shop is the famous Ginza district or perhaps trendy Harajuku? Want to stop into a local convenience store for a drink or a pack of cigarettes? Why not just stop at...

  • Sunshine City, Tokyo

    22. Sunshine City

    Sunshine City is located next to Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro (down Sunshine 60 St.) It is a HUGE shopping centre. If you want to shop, go here although be warned, you may never find your way out....

  • Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

    23. Roppongi Hills

    Roppongoi Hills is an impressive shopping and housing area with a number of expensive Western stores like Banana Republic, Tiffany's, Armani and Kate Spade, along with Western restaurants such as...

  • Jewel, Tokyo

    24. Jewel

    I stumbled across this small shop on my way back to Ginza from the fish market. I was drawn in and I couldn't help it - it's so beautiful. It's only like 5 mins walk from all the Ginza glitz and it's...

  • Music, Tokyo

    25. Music

    There is a whole stretch of shops in Ochanomizu that is definitely musicians' heaven! These shops sell all sorts of musical intruments and related items, scores etc etc. If you are crazy about music,...

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