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  • boarding the ferry to Java from Bali
    boarding the ferry to Java from Bali
    by DennyP
    by DennyP
  • neccesary daily toilet items
    neccesary daily toilet items
    by DennyP

Java Things to Do

  • Borobudur, Java


    As soon as I discovered this place, it went on the places to visit list right away. So when I was in Singapore, I had to take a trip to Indonesia just so I could visit this place. Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world with a base of 123m by 123m. It has 2,670 reliefs (stone carvings on the walls), hundreds of Buddha statues and a...

  • Dieng Plateau, Java

    Dieng Plateau

    Dieng Plateau is an area located a few hours northwest of Yogyakarta that offers a variety of sites. There are temples here, not the most ornate, but home to the oldest Hindu temples in Java. Like alot of other temples on this island, they were forgotten about until some European discovered them. A lot of this area had to be drained so it can be...

  • Prambanan, Java


    Prambanan is a Hindu temple complex that is over a 1,000 years old located about 17-18 km north east of Yogyakarta. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is a marvel to see even after the 2006 earthquake that damaged much of the area. A lot of the smaller temples were destroyed but the large ones remain largely intact. Of the main temples, the...

  • Candi Mendut, Java

    Candi Mendut

    Well, Mendut is not worth a trip on it's own, it's an excellent side trip from Borobudur and a most likely stop if you arrange your trip from Yogyakarta. From what I was told the person who built this was the father of the person who built Borobudur. What really makes this temple worthwhile is the 3m high Buddha which is said to be the best statue...

  • Yogyakarta, Java


    The city of Yogyakarta (pronounced as Jogjakarta and is also a Special Region) is the premier tourist destination in Java and also it's cultural heart. It was also the capital of Indonesia for 3 years until Indonesia won it's independence. One of main reasons it is a popular destination is because of it's location. To the west is Borobudur which is...

  • Jakarta, Java


    Located on the north west coast of Java, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia, and by far the biggest in the country with an official population of around 8.8 million, a greater metropolitan population of 23 million and an area of around 661 km2. It is also an old city with the first reference to Jakarta coming around the 4th century but being a...


Java Hotels

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  • Hawaii a Club Bali Resort

    Hawaii a Club Bali Resort

    Jalan Raya Labuan km 146, Pondok Waru, Bulakan, 12430, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

  • Horison Bandung

    Horison Bandung

    Jl. Pelajar Pejuang 45 No.121, Bandung,, Java Jakarta, 40264, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Sol Marbella

    Sol Marbella

    JL. Raya Karang-Bolong, Anyer - Desa Bandulu, 42166, Indonesia

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

Java Restaurants

  • hidden but veeeery good!!!!, Java

    hidden but veeeery good!!!!

    see my travelouge for details - just this: it is hidden and somwhere on a hill and probobly not easy to find. the locals will know though. the ambiente is so beautiful: little huts spread out in a green, hilly, good arranged area. some rocks on the side, water is running next to it - lots of love in the detail! i've had some grilled shrimps with a...

  • a traditional solo eateries, Java

    a traditional solo eateries

    location >> a very simple humble, pedestrian in a corner of solo [surakarta]. but the customers a.k.a client [hahhahaa] are coming from anywhere, big cities in java. also happened with me and the companions. we drive from jogja about 1.5 hours just for this sega liwet wongso lemu. welldone!!!! sega liwet wongso lemu is made from steamed rice...

  • di tengah dangau ... center of padi..., Java

    di tengah dangau ... center of padi...

    the place is so laid back. "di tengah dangau" or located in the heart of padi fields and ponds. so you can hear the water 'running', humming birds and natural voices. forget about traffic jam whatsoever -- that identifically as part of big cities. boiled fresh prawn, grilled red snapper and garupa, mixed vege and shrimp-paste chili sauce "sambel...


Java Nightlife

  • kyoub's Profile Photo

    Sheraton Hotel: Listen to the music

    by kyoub Written Jul 4, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Gamelan music is played in the evening in the hotel lobby. Gamelan is a term for various types of orchestra music played in Indonesia.

    Musical Instruments
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Java Transportation

  • Garuda Indonesia, Java

    Garuda Indonesia

    This is the airline that I used to take my two flights on Java. I found them to be decently priced, have lots of flights, good food, lots of destinations and all the amenities you would want on short flights. Although it doesn't compare to some other airlines such a Emirates and Singapore but from what I hear, it's much better compared to the other...

  • Jakarat to Bandung by minivan, Java

    Jakarat to Bandung by minivan

    There are regular minvans from hot humid busy Jakarta to the cool highlands of Bandung. The road climbs up the hills to pass by Bogor and the majestic Puncak Pass and views to the highland plateau of Bandung town.Bandung is university town with a manufacturing hub of clothes, etc. An excellent stopover to get to Yogyakarta and Central Java.

  • Java Hotels

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Java Shopping

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  • Batik, Java


    Although you can buy batik in many parts of the world, in Indonesia it's a national art form and a good place to pick up some is in Central Java. Batik can come in patterns or some very impressive pictures. It is made by placing wax either beeswax or paraffin or a combination on a cloth then dying it. You repeat the process by placing wax in...

  • Kris, Java


    The kris is one of the more important accesories of traditional dress in central Java. It's more than just a weapon for protecting oneself. There's the social meaning where it's passed on from father to son when he is ready or gifts from the sultan to loyal workers. Ceremonially it is apart of every ceremony and festival. And a cosmic meaning or...

  • Wayang Kulit, Java

    Wayang Kulit

    This was one of the souvenirs I was looking forward to buying the most. Wayang Kulit are a flat puppet carved out of buffalo hide that are used to perform the Ramayana (an ancient Sanskirt epic quite common to the Hindu faith). They are chiseled and painted and some can become quite ornate. Quite often they are performed behind a sheet to give it...


Java Local Customs

  • Storytelling with puppets, Java

    Storytelling with puppets

    Wayang Kulit in Central Java is probably one of the oldest continuous traditions of storytelling in the world, and certainly among the most highly developed. Wayang is well integrated in Javanese society, and it is considered to be a highlight of Javanese culture.

  • Indonesian stonework, Java

    Indonesian stonework

    There is some beautiful pieces of stonework around the pool and in the small park area at the hotel.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Java Warnings and Dangers



    When travelling anywhere in the tropics or South East Asia..Due to the oppressive heat,.Always make sure that you have always sufficient freshh drinking water for your trip out and about.. When purchasing water make sure that the seal has not been broken on your purchase and the bottle "refilled" with unclean drinking water .This can cause you much...

  • Notorious traffic jam in Jakarta, Java

    Notorious traffic jam in Jakarta

    Beware that Jakarta traffic can be horrendous. Took an hour to get to a place which usually was 10 mnutes at the peak of the jam. So if you have an important appointment or going to airport, check with the hotel staff or local friend how much time to allocate.Every disadvantage is an opportunity as street children will try to sell something even a...

  • Very hot at Borobudur, Java

    Very hot at Borobudur

    As there are no shade at all, it is essential to have adequate sun protection with sunscreen, cap and/or umbrella to protect yourself especially if susceptible to heat stroke or sun burn.Similarly, if it rain, have an umbrella or raincoat and watch out for the slippery steps. Probably not safe if there is a lightning storm as you will be at highest...


Java Tourist Traps

  • kyoub's Profile Photo

    Persistent touts

    by kyoub Written Jul 5, 2005

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Irritatingly persistent touts hassle tourists on the walk to and from the temple. They are kept away from the temple itsself. There was also several tents set up by the car park with vendors there to sell you something.

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Java What to Pack

  • carry a reliable Insect and Mosquito..., Java

    carry a reliable Insect and Mosquito...

    When traveling in the tropics or S.E. Asia I always carry the following items that I find necessary in my day backpack Always have sufficient fresh bottled water. Carry and use a reliable Insect and Mosquito repellant. as malaria and dengue fever are prevelant and and dangerous infections g A comfortable pair of walking/hiking , shoes/bootsA wide...

  • Books on Javanese diverse culture, Java

    Books on Javanese diverse culture

    Was really glad that I bought several travel books on Java before embarking on my trip. Java is not a monolithic cultural group but there many ethnic groups near Jakarta, Eastern Java, Bandung Area, Yogyakarta Area, Surabaya and East Java and Madura Island.Bringing along some of these books was worth the weight as it is not easy to find a good...

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Java Off The Beaten Path

  • Go around to the back, Java

    Go around to the back

    If you want to avoid the throngs of people and hawkers, follow your guides and they will show you the back way. You will also avoid climbing all those steps at the front.

  • Baluran, the miniafrica of Asia, Java

    Baluran, the miniafrica of Asia

    Java is Indonesias densest populated area with around 130 million inhabitants, despite this, for the timebeing at least, there are countryside and even wildernessareas of witch i sadly had the time to visit only one, the most acsessible of them, Baluran nationalpark. It is called the Africa of Indonesia, a well chosen name. It looks very mutch like...

  • The sulphurpeople of Kawa Ljen, Java

    The sulphurpeople of Kawa Ljen

    Kawa ljen produce 10 tonnes of liquid sulphur (pluss a variety of other materials) every day. This crop are collected by locals via some tubes almost in the bottom of the crater The liquid stuff are tapped on the ground where it get solid. Then it is harvested and ccarried in baskets down to the waiting trucks at Pos Paltuding, they take it to a...


Java Favorites

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  • Adaptor plugs in Indonesia, Java

    Adaptor plugs in Indonesia

    Indonesia is currently running on 230V. Frequency is 50Hz.Most common will be the European 2-pin, with and without side ground contacts locations will also have the British 3-pin rectangular blade plug:

  • Travel Java, Java

    Travel Java

    Not much to see in Jakarta actually.The nearesr airport to Bromo is SurabayaSuggest that do the followingLCCT -> Bandung->Yogyakarta->Solo -> Mt.Bromo ->Surabaya ->LCCT : 9 Days Back-PackingBandung (1-2 days)Yogyakarta (3-4 days)Solo (1-2 days)Mt Bromo (1-2 days)Surabaya (There is nothing to see here)I hope this helps

  • Staying at a wealthy Javanese home, Java

    Staying at a wealthy Javanese home

    There are many beautiful homes in the Ancul area of Jakarta. I stayed in one of them.Nice collection of Indonesian arts and crafts as well as outdoor garden courtyards that open into the many living rooms. Unfortunately I locked my bedroom each time I go out and so my room was sprayed daily with insecticides and was badly bitten by mosquitoes.


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