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  • Goa:Market Shop smart!!
    Goa:Market Shop smart!!
    by fatimah9
  • In the taxi - Goa, India
    In the taxi - Goa, India
    by JessH
  • The Caro Centre Margao, pays no commission
    The Caro Centre Margao, pays no...
    by barkingcreek
  • Taxi Service looted me

    by surajitghosh2012 Written Oct 7, 2012

    I am Mr.Surajit ghosh from Kolkata and a Doctor in profession. I stayed in Colva Residency hotel in colva which was very good. Goa is beautiful and it has charm of beauties and people visit to Goa for peace and relaxation. The places in Goa are very nice.

    Sir i like to raise a complain regarding the tourist taxi service in colva. they do not have one standard rate. For North Goa sight seeing for non AC taxi they say at the counter is Rs.2600 other person says Rs.2000 or other says Rs.1600 when i ask the taxi counter receptionist i had a answer have you come to Goa to spend money or save money? they only loot people and they looted me also. They also do not know to respect the customers at the taxi counter. They just abuse with the filthy language they also teased my wife and my kid just because i bargain for the price. Sir you tourism dept. in Kolkata are been promoting Goa is very safe and helpful i am sorry to say that it is not. I will put the reviews on the net and i will put the bad remark in tourism dept stalls in Kolkata. i will also write a complain to collector office Margao.

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  • JessH's Profile Photo

    Taxis drivers are the same all around the world...

    by JessH Updated Feb 10, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You can't really blame taxi drivers for trying to take the "stupid tourists the long way around"... this happens all over the world, so Goa is no different.

    One our first 2-3 days in Goa we only took metered taxis. Once we knew the approximate fares to certain destinations we were more brave and often opted for the unmetered variety. Agree the price BEFORE you start the journey and be firm about it.

    We happened to have the same driver on a couple of occasions, so we "booked" him for a full day to go and see the sights. Again, we agreed on the price beforehand and everyone was happy: we saved a lot of money on seperate taxi rides (who also charge a "waiting fee"), and the driver had guaranteed business for 6 hours of that day.

    Unique Suggestions: Naturally, and hardly avoidable, we were also once driven to a small but expensive furniture store near Panjim, and pushingly asked to step inside and "have a look"... the drivers receive commissions according to how many tourists they bring to these shops. We walked in, had a look, and were outside again within 90 seconds. This wasn't meant to be nasty or rude, but we fulfilled our obligation to guarantee his commission (he explained later that they get a few Rupees even if we don't buy anything) and simply weren't interested in buying anything. In countries like Asia, the prejudice of "all Western tourists are rich" is still widely spread and will probably always stay that way.

    A few useful words (even though most drivers in Goa spoke excellent English):
    Sida - Straight.
    Jaldie - Fast.
    Ruko - Stop.
    Kitna? - How much?
    Bilkul Nahi - Absolutely not.
    Nahi Mangtha - I don't want.

    Fun Alternatives: If you are unhappy with a driver's prices or attitide, or are not convinced that he really knows where he is going, simply get out and look for another taxi.

    In the taxi - Goa, India
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  • ramya4178's Profile Photo

    cabs ...they empty ur wallets !

    by ramya4178 Written Aug 30, 2006

    we wanted to go to panaji and roam around, on our anniversary. asked a cab driver to take us there, he charged us around 300 bucks, did not tell us that shops around GOA normally close on sundays (most of them r open in bangalore) ..we go there to find out that there is abs no shopping to be done but he charged us as much for this tour as he had told us he will. did not budge even a bit. we were bitterly disappointed and cursed the cabbie but that's all we cud do. take local buses wherever u want to go ..take cabs only when its just not possible / u r lazy to check around. Local buses r worth the travel and u will enjoy the scenery on the way ...ofcourse the fare too !

    Unique Suggestions: make sure you see the charge sheet that he has, describing the place, wait time and what the typical charge is ..dont get fooled by him saying that its a beautiful place / is the best time to visit / he is going by the place anyway so is giving u a steal of a deal! ..those r all empty words to lure u into it

    Fun Alternatives: local buses ...

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  • jalapeeno's Profile Photo

    Take me to the place I SAID!!

    by jalapeeno Updated Nov 20, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Dont get me wrong, taxis/tuk tuks are a great mode of transport, cheap, reliable, effective, and the drivers are really friendly.

    However, some taxi drivers will try and take you to a ' better ' beach, or a ' cheaper' restuarant...

    We asked to go to Little Italy one night in Calangute and instead we stopped outside the ' Midas touch' !

    Please dont take this the wrong way as im sure most of the places in the world most taxi drivers get a piece of the pie for bringing in new business, its just sometimes annoying when you have spefically asked to go somewhere.

    On the other hand they can be really helpful when asking for local knowledge.

    Unique Suggestions: If you do get taken somewhere you dont want to be, simply ask to be taken to your original destinaition !

    Fun Alternatives: The only other alternative is to walk!

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  • barkingcreek's Profile Photo

    Makka Nakka

    by barkingcreek Updated Jan 17, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The taxi drivers are friendly and willing to help.
    they all seem to have a friend or relative that can supply what you want from tailors to cheap jewellery. Most of these pay a commission to the drivers and as a consequence are more expensive.

    Unique Suggestions: Ask in the hotel for the best taylors/jewellers or whatever and then dont be swayed by the taxi driver to just have a look. Makka nakka means I dont want it. Use it whenever you feel the need.

    The Caro Centre Margao, pays no commission

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