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  • Mapusa market
    Mapusa market
    by kat-m
  • Stall holder in Anjuna Market
    Stall holder in Anjuna Market
    by toonsarah
  • On of the food Stalls
    On of the food Stalls
    by harjeev
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    ANJUNA FLEA MARKET (Wednesdays): ANJUNA: It's huge, it's bustling, it's a bargain!

    by JessH Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anjuna Market takes place every Wednesday from October onwards throughout the high-season, from around 09:00am to 06:00pm.

    It was the hippies who brought about the trend of the flea market at Anjuna beach during the late 1960s, and it's just been getting bigger and better ever since.

    Even if you're not interested in buying anything, or don't have the confidence to haggle, this is still a nice place to spend 1 or 2 hours and to see some real Goan characters at work :-)

    What to buy: In this place, anything goes!
    This is the best place to get all your holiday souvenirs, gifts and beach-clothes at once!

    Most stalls offer more or less the same products, but you can bargain like crazy due to the stiff competition between the stalls and stands.
    The flea market is a heaven for hardcore shoppers and good bargainers, to bid on wonderful blends of Tibetan, Kashmiri and Gujarati trinkets and handicrafts, jewellery (silver), European snacks, wooden crafts & carvings, beautiful wall hangings, musical instruments, bed covers, CDs with Goa Trance, artificial ornaments and t-shirts... the list is endless and so is the hustle, bustle, noise and shuffle.

    NOTE: Some of the female stall-owners can get a bit pushy, and may even grab you around the wrist (these little women are surprisingly strong!) and keep asking in a loud, shrill voice; "You buy madam! Why not! You buy, you buy!" A stern & determined "No!" may be necessary once in a while, but in general they're relatively harmless and are just trying to make a sale.

    What to pay: Whatever price they give you: slash minimum 30% off right away. Then the serious bargaining can begin.

    Checking out silver jewellery; Anjuna Market, Goa View of Anjuna Market from the beach (Goa) Me during stressful Rikshaws, people, aromas & colour (Goa) Beautiful wall hangings & bed covers (Goa)
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  • joolssss's Profile Photo

    Anjuna Market: Great Goan Market

    by joolssss Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Its a great place to shop, you can buy anything here as long as you are prepared to haggle , sometimes long and hard! There is great food made by a lillt old Indian lady right in the middle, samosas, bhajis and such, so you can sit in the shade and have some lunch, This is a whole day out to enjoy, even our kids liked it!

    What to buy: OK this Market has some great rugs/blankets, lots and lots of joss sticks, (2 yrs on and we still havent used ours all yet!)
    you vcan buy spices and the best clothes! lots of tie dye stuff There are leather goods and a lot of jewellry too, just be prepared to haggle!.

    What to pay: Absolutely anything, basically the rule is , get a price in your head what you think its worth/what you are prepared to pay, start much higher then work your way down.

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    Hippie market: Anjuna flea market

    by georeiser Updated Jun 9, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On Wednesdays there is the famous Anjuna Flea Market, also known as the hippie market. It all started by the hippies in the early 80s, when they used to gather at the same place in Anjuna while many needy foreigners used to sell their electronic items or barter other stuffs to the locals.
    Thousands of people come from all over Goa to buy and sell at this market. Prepare for a very hot place on the daytime.

    What to buy: Forget about the word "flea". This is the biggest market in Goa and you can buy almost everything here. A very good market and a very cheap place.

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  • Rupanworld's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Dona Paula beach

    by Rupanworld Written May 27, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All across Goa, especially by the side of the beaches there are lots of flea-street markets where you can shop for just anything starting from T-shirts to earrings. Definitely worth buying and prices are pretty cheap.
    The photo is from the street market near the Dona Paula beach

    What to buy: Anything

    What to pay: reasonable

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  • kat-m's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Go-an barter

    by kat-m Written Feb 19, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    All the markets and bazzars are the same, you cannot walk down the street without being spoken to. Come look, come buy, come see, please. It is really quite tiring because if you were to stop at them all. A. you would have no money left. B. you would have no time left. You have to be abrupt sometimes which is against the british way, but as I say there is no other way. When you do see something, they will tell you a ridiculous high price. All you have to do is come up with a ridiculous low one and argue till you are in agreement. If you want to bring childrens clothes with you for the many orphanages etc. Then buy your holiday gear from the stalls, everything is cheap enough not to make a hole in your budget.

    What to buy: If you are looking for a special outfit, try a tailors. ie. mans suit around £50

    Mapusa market
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  • toonsarah's Profile Photo


    by toonsarah Written Feb 6, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you’re looking for a more authentic market experience than that found at Anjuna you could do worse than check out the market in the town of Ponda, which is aimed mainly at local customers. We didn’t buy a lot here apart from bananas and bottled water but enjoyed weaving our way past the stalls, smelling the fragrant spices (on some – not everything was so sweet-smelling!) and of course taking lots of photos. Shoppers and stall-holders were equally tolerant of our shutter-clicking although the narrow pathways between the stalls meant that we were sometimes rather in the way of serious shoppers.

    You will find all sorts of fruit and vegetables here, the afore-mentioned spices, and also various handicrafts, although the latter tend towards the practical, such as coir ropes and mats, baskets and cooking vessels.

    We stopped in Ponda en route to the Backwoods Camp (see accommodation tip) in order to buy bananas for the elephants. An alternative would be Mapusa’s Friday market, also relatively untouristy I believe. Marpusa is situated a little way inland, almost due east from Anjuna and can be reached by taxi from the beach resorts.

    Ponda Market Spices in Ponda Market

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  • toonsarah's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Anjuna Market

    by toonsarah Updated Feb 6, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anjuna Market is held every Wednesday and is one of the main draws for tourists in northern Goa. It has its origins in the early days of Goa’s discovery by hippy back-packers in the 1960s, but these days is heavily commercialised and marketed by tour companies. Don’t let that put you off however, as it’s still a good place to pick up souvenirs and presents and is really colourful.

    Stall-holders sell all kinds of crafts, including jewellery, carvings, fabrics and musical instruments (but if such things matter to you, be aware that most of these will not be local to Goa, as the sellers come from all over India). There are traditional sari fabrics and cheap Western-style clothing, some of the items designer rip-offs, others basic t-shirts etc. There are also plenty of places to eat or grab a cold drink, and when you’ve finished shopping you can wander down to the beach to examine your purchases and watch the sun set over a cold beer.

    What to buy: We bought some pretty note-books of hand-made paper as gifts for family, a bangle for me and a t-shirt for Chris. I don’t remember any prices but I know everything was very reasonable and haggling expected.

    Stall holder in Anjuna Market Bedspreads for sale in Anjuna Market Anjuna Market

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  • abi_maha's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Junk Jewelry in Goa

    by abi_maha Written Dec 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are just so many street vendors outside every beach selling waht we indians call 'junk jewelry' -largely jewelry crafted in white metal and plastic beads. You can pick a handful for even as less as Rs 100. Bargain away to glory and take home some of these.

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  • harjeev's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Ingo's Saturday Night Market

    by harjeev Updated Mar 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This market is a must visit for anyone visiting Goa. A visit would not be complete without a stop at this market. Infact it should not be called a market. I should be called a fair or a mela.
    It has everything. Drinks, dance, Food, fortune tellers, tattoo artists and did i mention its a bazzar with shops too. Truly speaking Its difficult to explain it in words. You have to visit it, experience it to know how it is, What it is!!

    The vendors are a mix of indian and foreigners. Selling everything from food to junk jewelery to handicrafts, antique stuff, leather stuff to clothes etc etc etc.
    The market starts at 6 PM but the hustle and bustle begins around 7-8 Pm and goes on well into the night till 1-2AM.
    Remember to get a good rest, a nice long sleep, have a early lunch or I would suggest to skip lunch cause if you are not hungry you would regret why you came to the market after eating. Theres loads and loads of cuisine to choose from.

    After visiting this and the Anjuna Wednesday Flee Market I felt that the night bazzar is better as it dosent really stress you out as much as the sun does when you visit the day market at Anjuna. Plus the Ingo Night Market is much more lively, lots to eat, drink, shop etc. The stuff on sale is exactly the same at both the markets. So the Anjuna Wednesday Flee Market is a NO NO for me next time and can certainly be given a slip.

    WIKIMAPIA LINK (cut and paste in address bar)


    What to buy: anything and everything.


    Ingo Night Market Entry View from the top On of the food Stalls The Stalls

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  • s.e.a.n's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Shop till you drop

    by s.e.a.n Written Mar 4, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are plenty of places to shop in Goa.
    Ingos Saturday night market Apora or the Wednesday Market at Anjuna both are massive markets with everything to barter and haggle over. Or if you prefer just chill out have a drink and soak up the madness & atomsphere.Plenty of shops and Jewellers to browse in Calangute,Candolim & Baga. Also the Tibetan markets on road side .

    What to buy: Goa is a good place to visit the tailors shops, you can have anything copied or made.Take in your favourite suit or shirt or take a look in the pile of catalogues in the tailors shop and pick your matieral and colour,it will be made to fit.

    What to pay: Haggling is the name of the game.

    In the shade at Anjuna Market

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  • nightcowboy's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Wednesday Anjuna

    by nightcowboy Updated Aug 21, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Anjuna flea market, where to be on a Wednesday morning vendors from all over India come for the season. Well the encounter i had took my breath away, now i am used to being Hassled by stall holders taxi drivers but I was floored when a man came up to me as i walked along in the market attempt to stick some thing in my ear? After the intimidate shock he told me he was a certified ear cleaner and showed me a card for it, well I'm up for most things and experience what life has got to offer and why not, ask him the price my wife was thinking i am nuts to consider it 200 rupees he said.
    He started digging in me ear he shouted stones and it felt like and made the noise of stone unbeliverble, he was bringing the stones out with the wax and placing them on his wrist took about ten minutes, He got up as we were kneeling down he said seven stones and demanded 1400 rupees a months wages for most people in india I gave him 200 rupees he was still protesting then some young Ladies stall holders came and abused him. My wife then went to thier stall and brought a bag. It's one off my favourite stories to tell now.

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  • JessH's Profile Photo

    MAPUSA Weekly (Friday) Market: Authentic Village Market: mingle with the locals

    by JessH Updated Jan 23, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you want to inhale the true aroma of Goa this market is a must-see in your itinerary. Although it used to be more of an *off the beaten path* destination, more & more tourists are bravely finding their way to this Friday experience. For tourists visiting the town of Mapusa there is not much in the form of sightseeing, but spending 2-3 hours in the weekly village market & then settling down for some lunch at one of the small restaurants dotted all along the main road is what travelling is all about, isn't it?

    The town's name, pronounced "Map'sa" after the Konkani words for "measure" and "fill" is an obvious indication of its commercial & trading nature. This is the capital of Bardez Taluka, Northern Goa, 13 km north of the capital Panaji (Panjim). MAPUSA market is known for its fresh farm products with farmers & traders from all over Goa and beyond.
    This isn't a market for the typical tourist - this is a simple yet thriving village market for the locals to provide them with their day-to-day groceries & other items.

    Basically, this market provides an altogether different experience, far from the naive glee of beaches & other touristy places!

    NOTE: If you have a heightened sense of smell, prepare yourself for a smell-and-stench overload. Dried & fresh fish mixed with the smell of onions in the sun and that unmistakable aroma of a nearby open sewer proved to be too much for my travel companions, who were forced to smear peppermint lipbalm into their nostrils ;-)

    What to buy: > Fruits and vegetables, fresh & dried fish, spices, etc.
    > Flip-Flops ("chapels" in Hindi) for 70 Rupees (US$ 1,50)
    > Colourful powders for applying various symbols on your skin
    > Candles, textiles, plastic toys, fake branded items (t-shirts, sports shoes, etc) ethnic handicrafts, plants & saplings, oil lamps, clay pots, wooden furniture, etc.

    The prices of the products are pretty reasonable. Still just do not give what is demanded at first. Haggling & bargain-hunting are part of the whole Asian shopping experience.

    NOTE: It can be rather hot, humid & tiring in the market. Bring your own water along, but there are also plenty of shops selling chilled softdrinks. To be on the safe side, try buying drinks in sealed plastic bottles, as glass bottles are usually "recycled" and there's no telling whether they were cleaned properly or not.

    Busy, authentic, vibrant village market (Goa) Haggle to your wallet's content (Goa) with my friend at Mapusa Friday Market (Goa)
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  • wrldtravler's Profile Photo

    Wednesday Flea Markets: India in one ground.

    by wrldtravler Written Dec 15, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The flea market in anjuna is full of lovely treats and gifts for you and your loved ones. There are traders from all over india. So if your trip is only restricted to goa you can still buy some rajasthani or tibetan artifacts to take home and surprise them with.

    What to buy: Coconut earrings.
    Mirror work skirts.
    Beaded jewellery.

    What to pay: Bargain. The best man wins.

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  • lewy1711's Profile Photo

    FLEA-STREET MARKETS: Anjuna Flea Market Wednesdays

    by lewy1711 Written Oct 7, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have 2 weeks in Goa, save Anjuna Wednesdays Flea market for your 2nd week. This market is more of an experience than a shopping trip. It is a hot, busy, tugging at your sleeve, boxing you in kind of place.
    It really is a one trip deal, you will have no need to ever visit it twice.

    What to buy: come here mainly to look and get the feel of a busy market. You may find some good deals on pashmina (type) scarves, but dont purchase until you get closer to the beach..as here the price will be a 1/4 of what you first told and will probably be for 4 not 1 scarve.

    make sure you inspect the scarves..as the quality varies hugely..you may be disappointed when u get home.

    What to pay: my sister spent Rs3000, I had only turned my back for a second and she came away with bed sheets etc. be careful..visit many stalls before buying, always divide the price by 4 and work up if you think its worth it.

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  • Anjuna Market: A colourful extravanganza

    by mimi2006 Written Aug 8, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes, Anjuna flea market is very touristy. But its also a great deal of fun!!! Apart from the fact that you can find something for just about anybody, its vibrant atmosphere is just a joy to emerse yourself in. A great place to haggle for sarongs, bags and sandals and its all much cheaper and better quality that those that you will be offered on the beach. Whilst haggling remember to keep it light hearted and fun, the stall owners enjoy the communication and will always drop their prices if you come up with a witty remark. If this fails, walk away and they will reduce their prices to suit your request!! We bought a silver bracelet here from on of the Tibetan ladies, and I have to say its amoung the best quality and design that my boyfriend has ever owned, so dont leave without some silver. Only one thing to watch out for.....crazy wandering "ear cleaners"!! I kid you not, these men swoop on unsuspecting tourists (usually men) and try to tell you that you have something (soap) in your ear, before attempting to stick their grubby fingers into your ear!!! This is nothing serious to worry about....just keep your wits about you and dont let it keep you from enjoying the market. After a hectic few hours of shopping, why not head to one of the near by beaches and collapse on a lounger.....Vagator is so ideal (see my Vagator comments). The best thing to do is to get your taxi driver to take you here in the morning (before it gets tooo hot and busy) and then collect you in a few hours.

    What to buy: Silver
    Leather goods
    Cotton Kaftans

    Vibrant Anjuna

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