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    It is well known that cows are sacred to Hindus, but knowing this didn’t really prepare me for some of the (to Western eyes) unusual sights we came across. Not only do cows wander freely on town and...



    Raksha bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) or Rakhi is a Hindu festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters. Sisters tie a rakhi (a holy thread) around their brothers'...

  • BEACHES, Goa

    3. BEACHES

    Fascinating watching the local fishermen at Coco Beach. The effort that is put into fishing appears tremendous. Starting with wading out with the long fishing net to create a loop, then with as many...

  • Recipe for fabulous home-made Onion Bhajis, Goa

    4. Recipe for fabulous home-made Onion Bhajis

    Onion Bhajis are probably one of the most popular Indian appetizers or snacks, and a firm favourite when ordering "a curry" for takeaway or delivery... but have...

  • Recipe for my spicy Mango Chutney, Goa

    5. Recipe for my spicy Mango Chutney

    Chutney is one of India's great culinary exports: eaten with peppery Poppadums, cheese and crackers, to spice up your main course with rice, or in Britain it...

  • Local costume, Goa

    6. Local costume

    Women's dress in this part of India is a little different, as lots of particularly older women don't wear the sari. Their clothes are similar to costumes seen...

  • Cultural diversity and peaceful co-existence, Goa

    7. Cultural diversity and peaceful co-existence

    Goa is a perfect example of Cultural diversity and peaceful co-existence. For many centuries Hindus and Christians (and a pretty big population of Muslims) have...

  • Goa Carnival, Goa

    8. Goa Carnival

    The Goa Carnival organised in mid February every year is part of Goa custom for sure. For three days and nights the streets become alive with vibrant colours,...

  • Cashew nut factory, Goa

    9. Cashew nut factory

    While visiting the western, inland area of Goa we were taken on a tour of this cashew nut factory and shown various stages in the process of roasting the nuts...

  • Farming, Goa

    10. Farming

    As we travelled around Goa I was interested to see and photograph many aspects of daily life. Much of the countryside is given over to agriculture, especially...

  • Fishing village, Goa

    11. Fishing village

    Perhaps the most interesting of the several villages we went to was this one, a busy fishing village (in fact almost a small town) on the banks of a wide river....

  • Coir ropes, Goa

    12. Coir ropes

    These women are making ropes from coir, the hairy husk of the coconut. The process is as follows:Firstly the coconut shells must be immersed in the river for...

  • Washing clothes, Goa

    13. Washing clothes

    We stopped for a while in one village to watch the local women at work washing clothes in the river, from which they had carved out a deep bay. The technique is...

  • Village homes, Goa

    14. Village homes

    While visiting one of the villages in western Goa, near the border with Karnataka, we were invited into a home to see how the family lived and cooked. The woman...

  • Local school, Goa

    15. Local school

    While on a tour of local villages we stopped in one where we saw this little school by the side of the main road. The children were having their lunch and we...

  • Kit Kat shops, Goa

    16. Kit Kat shops

    The Goan countryside is dotted with these shops, which are sponsored by the makers of chocolate biscuits, soft drinks etc. Some are little local shops, others...

  • Movies/Books about Goa %c, Goa

    17. Movies/Books about Goa %c

    If you would like to get nostalgic from watching a film, here's a list, Hollywood Movies * Bourne Supremacy* Do Your Thing* Last Hippie Standing Bollywood...

  • Tips!, Goa

    18. Tips!

    Everyone wants a tip!!!!!!!!Its always good to tip and in such a cheap place why not! However... its seems that its somewhat ruining the ecomnomy and giving...

  • Tipping, Goa

    19. Tipping

    If you are happy with the service you have received from your hotel staff or restaurant staff then tip them. the staff are often on very low wages and the tips...

  • Firewater, Goa

    20. Firewater

    The local moonshine or firewater, Feni is distilled from cashew nuts and is readily available all over Goa.I am usually quite game to try local alcoholic...

  • Dance, Goa

    21. Dance

    The legacy of dance in India is tremendous. On temple walls, on an urban stage, in impromptu outbursts by a mellow evening fire, men and women twinkle their...

  • Women at work, Goa

    22. Women at work

    Women have a major part to play in the workforce in Goa - you will see them selling from fruit and market stalls, working on construction sites and digging...

  • The best time to visit Goa..., Goa

    23. The best time to visit Goa...

    The best time to visit Goa would be November-February-beautiful weather and an air of festivity!The season ends in May.Don't forget to thank anyone and...

  • Water buffalo, Goa

    24. Water buffalo

    As well as the more usual cows wandering around the streets, you're sure to also run into a water buffalo or two (or a herd!). They can make the roads tricky to...

  • Holy cows, Goa

    25. Holy cows

    You will find cows wandering all over the place in Goa and I believe that this is tru of the rest of India where cows are considered sacred. You may even have...

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