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  • Mr. Kahembe at his office
    Mr. Kahembe at his office
    by Bonobo2005
  • amazing handicraft
    amazing handicraft
    by Bonobo2005
  • Pounding maize in goatskin for the occasion
    Pounding maize in goatskin for the...
    by Bonobo2005

Katesh Things to Do

  • Barbaig: making goatskin dress, Katesh

    Barbaig: making goatskin dress

    In the afternoon the women gave away a demo tailoring goatskin dress. They were amazingly skilled. It takes a lot of drying, preparing, cutting, sewing and decorating before a living goat becomes such a beautiful dress. It's also very valuable as she told me that she can make $50 from a finished dress.Inbetween we had a pleasant 2-way conversation...

  • Barbaig: siësta time, Katesh

    Barbaig: siësta time

    While his women were busy getting water , milking cows or pounding maize, the teacher was having his siësta while listening to a small radio. I was playing a bit with the kids -if I wanted or not- but it was fun..The most exiting -and actually the only- thing that happened was when a bunch of young cows ran inside the boma straight in the house of...

  • Barbaig: watch the kids play, Katesh

    Barbaig: watch the kids play

    After the walking "tour" we returned to the first boma to eat our (prepacked) lunch in the man's dwelling. Hamade -my guide- left to have the tyres of the bikes repaired.I took a 3 legged stool, placed it outside in the shadow and the many children of the 2 wives approached me carefully and later surrounded me. I found it amazing to see the simple...

  • Barbaig: learn about traditions, Katesh

    Barbaig: learn about traditions

    We continued our walk and visited some boma's to meet and talk to the people living there about traditions. Besides some innocent traditions like giving dowry's to the father-in-laws, the Barbaig also upkeep more controversial traditions like arranged (i.e. forced) marriage, circumcision for 12yo girls, worshipping ancestors and practicing animism,...

  • Barbaig: learn about developments, Katesh

    Barbaig: learn about developments

    We went out for a walk around the spread out settlement. Although the Barbaig are semi-nomadic and self sufficient, the Tanzanian government put a lot of efforts in developing the area. We visited the primary school that is expanding enormously since most children go to school nowadays. The profits from the Tour are partly used for this purpose....

  • Women in goatskin clothes, Katesh

    Women in goatskin clothes

    We parked the bikes near a boma -an enclosure made from cut thorn bushes to protect against wild animals - that consisted of 3 houses made of sticks and mud and with a dozen of cows within it's compound.It was the property of a schoolteacher in his mid fifties and his 2 wives, one of whom was very young. One of them welcomed us and went inside,...


Katesh Off The Beaten Path

  • Mt. Hanang: summiting, Katesh

    Mt. Hanang: summiting

    Every time when I thought we had reached the summit, we had to go down and then climb up again, clambering over mossy boulders and outcrops to the next peak. It took about 5 peaks before we finally reached the summit.Fortunately the sun was hidden behind the clouds and while sitting in the grass I enjoyed my lunch of chapatti, boiled eggs and...

  • Mt. Hanang: amazing views, Katesh

    Mt. Hanang: amazing views

    Views are great whether looking down on Katesh, on Lake Balangida, on the escarpments of the Rift Valley or on the endless green and brown plains dotted with tiny settlements and small lakes and carved with lines that are roads.

  • Mt. Hanang: exiting hiking on a narrow..., Katesh

    Mt. Hanang: exiting hiking on a narrow...

    Once we reached Mt. Hanang's "back'' the rib became much narrower. The walls besides us were steep and deep.We were now hiking on a narrow rib on top of a mountain almost 2000 meter above the surrounding area! There were open views to the left and to the right as far as one could see! Just breathtaking !


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