The Cowboys Cast Where Are They Now

The Cowboys Cast: Where Are They Now?

The Dallas Cowboys, one of the most iconic and successful teams in the history of the National Football League (NFL), have had their fair share of legendary players. From the glory days of the 1970s to the Super Bowl victories in the 1990s, the Cowboys have produced numerous stars who have left an indelible mark on the franchise. So, where are these former Cowboys now? Let’s take a trip down memory lane and catch up with some of the most memorable players from America’s Team.

1. Troy Aikman – The Hall of Fame quarterback has transitioned seamlessly from the field to the broadcast booth. Aikman is currently a lead analyst for NFL on FOX.

2. Emmitt Smith – The NFL’s all-time leading rusher has dabbled in various ventures since retiring. Smith has worked as a commentator, motivational speaker, and even participated in reality TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

3. Michael Irvin – Known for his flamboyant personality and incredible skills as a wide receiver, Irvin has become a prominent sports analyst. He currently serves as an analyst for NFL Network.

4. Tony Dorsett – The former running back battles with health issues related to his football career. Despite this, Dorsett remains an active advocate for player safety and the prevention of traumatic brain injuries.

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5. Roger Staubach – The Cowboys’ legendary quarterback has enjoyed a successful career as a real estate developer in Dallas. Staubach founded his own real estate company, which has become highly prosperous.

6. Charles Haley – The five-time Super Bowl champion has kept a low profile since retirement. Haley has dealt with personal struggles but has become a motivational speaker, sharing his experiences with mental health and overcoming obstacles.

7. Deion Sanders – “Prime Time” has thrived in various fields after football. Sanders has worked as a sports analyst, coached in high school, and even pursued a career in music and acting.

8. Jason Witten – After a brief stint as a commentator, the tight end returned to the field for a final season with the Cowboys in 2019. Witten now plays for the Las Vegas Raiders.

9. Randy White – The Hall of Fame defensive tackle has remained involved in the Cowboys organization. White frequently makes appearances at team events and is an ambassador for the franchise.

10. Bob Lilly – Another Hall of Fame defensive tackle, Lilly has enjoyed a quiet retirement in Texas. He spends his time hunting, fishing, and occasionally attending Cowboys games.

11. Jimmy Johnson – The former Cowboys head coach has transitioned to a successful career in television. Johnson has appeared on various sports shows and even won the reality TV competition Survivor.

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12. Ed “Too Tall” Jones – The towering defensive end has ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. Jones owns a successful construction company and is involved in real estate development.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about these former Cowboys:

1. Did any of these players become coaches after retiring?
Yes, both Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders have worked as football analysts and participated in coaching at various levels.

2. Are any of them involved in charity work?
Many former Cowboys, including Tony Dorsett and Charles Haley, actively participate in charity work, supporting causes close to their hearts.

3. Have any of these players faced legal issues?
While some players, like Charles Haley, have faced personal struggles, none of the mentioned players have been involved in significant legal issues.

4. Are any of them still associated with the Cowboys?
Yes, several players, such as Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, and Bob Lilly, maintain a connection with the Cowboys organization.

5. Have any of these players written books about their experiences?
Yes, several former Cowboys, including Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, have written memoirs about their careers and lives.

6. Are any of them in the Pro Football Hall of Fame?
Yes, Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Tony Dorsett, Roger Staubach, Charles Haley, and Bob Lilly are all in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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7. Have any of these players pursued acting careers?
Deion Sanders had a brief acting career, appearing in movies such as “The Longest Yard” and “Deion’s Family Playbook.”

8. Are any of these players still involved in football in any capacity?
Some players, like Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders, work as sports analysts, while Jason Witten continues to play for the Las Vegas Raiders.

9. Have any of these players won any awards after retiring?
Several players, including Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith, have received awards for their contributions to football and philanthropy.

10. Do any of these players still live in Dallas?
Some former Cowboys, like Roger Staubach and Charles Haley, still reside in the Dallas area.

11. Have any of these players experienced health issues after retirement?
Yes, Tony Dorsett has battled with health issues related to his football career, specifically concerning traumatic brain injuries.

12. Have any of these players pursued business ventures?
Roger Staubach and Ed “Too Tall” Jones have ventured into successful business ventures, with Staubach founding a prosperous real estate company.

The legacy of the Dallas Cowboys lives on through these iconic players. While they may have transitioned to different careers and pursuits, their impact on the game and the franchise remains etched in football history.