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Recent Mentions

YahooNews India; September 16, 2011
"Top Ten Toilets of the World"
They're touting our best toilets list in India!

Huffington Post; August 26, 2011
"Top Ten Places With Bad Public Art"
And you thought we only noticed ugly buildings!!!

Wall Street Journal; November 30, 2010
"What's Happening: Things to do in 2010/2011"
Hard to believe but our "Ugly Buildings" list is still getting press! Check it out here!; September 27, 2010
"Local Taboos That Trip Up Travelers"

VT members are quoted all through this article about making sure you don't offend anyone when you travel!; August 3, 2010
"America's Best Little-Known Museums"

Looking for an under-the-radar museum? Check out this list from FOXNews!

Daily Mail UK; June 18, 2010
"Website of the Week"

Looks like Fred Mawer of the Daily Mail loves VT! What a great honor to be name Website of the Week!

Minneapolis Star Tribune; June 16, 2010
"25 ways to save on travel"

Many thanks so writer Kerri Westenberg for including us in her article about ways to save!

New York Daily News; April 16, 2010
"Virtual tourist: With the new travel apps, you're on your way before you even leave home"

Check out this great mention we received from the New York Daily News!

Smart Money magazine; April 8, 2010
"4 Web Sites That Help Travelers Connect"
Out of all the travel websites in the world writer Kristen Bellstrom picked four to highlight for her article and VT was one of them!

New York Post; February 9, 2010
"Unusual Places for Romance"

Well, we didn't make the Post's famous "Page Six," but we did make their "Weird But True" column (in both print and online).

CNNGo; January 5, 2010
"Harbin Ice and Snow Festival"

VT contributes to CNN's new travel feature, CNNGo with a piece about the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival.

New York Times; December 31, 2009
"In the Shadows of a Commuter Hub"

Revisiting the press release that won't die, the New York Times includes us in a piece about sites of interest around the Port Authority building.

msnbc; December 10, 2009
"Airlines want your money, but not your cash"

VT spokesperson Giampiero Ambrosi helps msnbc's "The Well-Mannered Traveler" Harriet Baskas sort out the pros and cons of cashless cabins.; November 4, 2009
"World's Most Unique Places to Visit"

Looking for someplace really off the wall for your next vacation? Take a look at some of these really bizarre travel choices!; October 19, 2009
"World's Top 10 Chocolate Museums"

Take a look at the way ABC jazzed up our release with a report about the chocolate show in Paris! Yum!; August 7, 2009
"World's Top 10 Overlooked Stunning Buildings"
While favorites like the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower get frequent praise for their beauty, these overlooked stunners deserve recognition as well.; July 29, 2009
"Deadly Travel Dangers You Didn't Think Of"

We all know about pickpockets and hotel bedbugs, but what about those unforeseen dangers that only experienced travelers know about? VT helps uncover some hidden dangers.

L.A. Times Blog; May 29, 2009
"World's Top 10 Best Ceilings"
L.A. was buzzing with the news that its observatory was named as one of the world's best ceilings. Take a look and see what other ceilings made the list.

The Independent; April 17, 2009
"Top 10 Most Interesting Place Names"
For a really funny and intriguing look at some very out-of-the-ordinary places, take a look at our list of Top 10 Most Interesting Place Names on The

Winston Salem Journal; January 25, 2009
"Cyber Trips - Arty Atlanta: Major exhibitions are good starting places"
Who knew Atlanta was such a hot spot for art lovers? From King Tut to the Terra Cotta Army, there's an endless number of great exhibits.

Wall Street Journal; December 16, 2008
"Recession, It Seems, Can Fight City Hall; Relocation Is on Hold"
See how VT was included in the controversy over Boston's City Hall building.

Boston Globe; November 21, 2008
"The not-so-ugly truth about City Hall"
Not everyone agrees with our top pick for the world's ugliest building. For a dissenting opinion and some interesting history, read this story!

New York Times; May 25, 2008
"Where the Bargains Keep Rolling Along."
For anyone who's ever thought that a bargain just couldn't be found in big European cities, this article proves otherwise.

Seattle Times; March 30, 2008
"The best Travel stories carry no ethical baggage"
See why Carol Pucci cites VirtualTourist as an "excellent source of travelers' reviews and blogs"

Chicago Time Out; February 14-20, 2008
"Find a last-minute travel deal"
Columnist John Dugan looks to VirtualTourist to help figure out how to get great travel deals.

The Washington Post;; February 3, 2008
"54 Online Travel Sites to Bookmark Now"
In a sea of user-generated travel and opinion sites, The Washington Post puts VT on its list of "54 Online Travel Sites to Bookmark Now"

PC Magazine; September 19, 2007
"Connected Traveler: Advice from Fellow Travelers"
VirtualTourist is featured as a recommended site for travelers ready to go beyond the guidebook to find relevant and more current travel information.

New York Times; September 3, 2007
"First Order a Plane Ticket. Then Grumble About Delays."
New travel networking tools on other sites "have far to go before they challenge the category leaders, Yahoo Travel and," says E-commerce columnist Bob Tedeschi.

Transitions Abroad; July/August 2007
"Best of the Web 2007"
This publication for those studying, working and living abroad selects VirtualTourist as one of the best travel resources out there for its wealth of useful information and reviews.

Florida Times-Union; July 11, 2007
"Best Bets on the Net"
VirtualTourist is named a "best bet" for being a "top resource for those wanting to review and/or share real-life travel advice and experiences."

Kansas City Star; June 20, 2007
"Making it big on the Internet"
General Manager and Kansas City native Giampiero Ambrosi has helped advance from humble beginnings to its position as a travel-information leader.

Associated Press; May 30, 2007
"On the Net: Web Sites to Travel By" is one of the social-networking sites recommended in this article about utilizing the Internet for summer-vacation planning.

ABC7 Television; May 9, 2007
"Secrets to Finding a Picture-Perfect Hotel Room"
Want a "picture-perfect" getaway? ABC7's consumer specialist Ric Romero recommends sites, including VirtualTourist, that feature reviews by real travelers with first-hand knowledge.

The Seattle Times; April 27, 2007
"Euro-free Europe: Heading east for bargains, old-world charm"
VirtualTourist offers "lots of lodging suggestions that I didn't see in guidebooks," according to columnist Carol Pucci.

New York Times; April 16, 2007
"Information, please: The kindness of travel-minded strangers"
Business travelers rely on social-networking sites like VirtualTourist for trustworthy trip advice and valuable information.

The Ratings Guy; April 10, 2007
"Great Travel Websites Awards" ranks among the top travel and leisure websites, for its "network of people sharing their knowledge and experience, based on their love of travel."

Times of London; March 22, 2007
"People Power"
The "fresh and informal" reviews by VirtualTourist's international members help make the site one of the best for peer-to-peer information.

The Guardian (UK); February 18, 2007
"50 Essential Travel Websites"
The wealth of travel tips on secured it a place on this list of "essential" sites.

Times of London; January 18, 2007
"The 130 Best Travel Websites" makes the "130 Best" list for its unique forums and deals pages, its international community and member meetings.

PC Today; December 6, 2006
"Travel Tip of the Day"
Its abundance of hard-to-find travel information and its handy do-it-yourself travel guides are just a couple of the features that make VirtualTourist an important resource for travelers.

The Guardian (UK); November 5, 2006
"Want to go it alone but not sure how"
In a Q&A column, members help a first-time solo traveler plan a journey to South America.

New York Times; September 27, 2006
"More Travelers, Still at Home, Meeting Online"
Socializing isn't limited to the online world on Members regularly meet in person, forming face-to-face friendships during travels and meetings around the world.

The Guardian (UK); August 26, 2006
"The Sites That Changed Our World", with hundreds of thousands of tips by international travelers, is one of the sites that has "made travel agents of us all" in this past decade of internet travel.

BBC; December 8, 2005
"This Week, Beat the January Blues"
The author offers the "people's website,", as one way to beat the winter blahs.

The Seattle Times; April 22, 2005
"Looking for a hotel? See what others have to say"
Honest opinions by real travelers ? tips on can help you prevent an accommodations disaster.

Travel and Leisure; March 2005
"Notes from Underground: Which travel blogs are actually worth reading?" ranks among Travel and Leisure's best picks for practical travel information.

The Wall Street Journal; March 21, 2005
"Notes from Nowhere: Travelers are going online to get the real skinny from those who have gone before them"
On, travelers appreciate the range of information, and constant updates from real people on the ground.; February 22, 2005
"Five DIY Travel Blog Websites"
VirtualTourist is one of the "five best DIY sites," for its customization options aplenty, space for content from photo albums to maps, and sheer variety of tips.

The Washington Post; December 4, 2004
"In Blog We Trust?"
Says the author about, "It was only a few clicks from the interactive world map on the home page to a list of more than 1,000 ?off the beaten track' restaurants in greater London."

Travel and Leisure, October 2004
"The 35 Best Travel Sites"
Bookmark for its "astounding number of posts?on subjects ranging from diving in Oman to bird-watching in Mauritania."

Boston Globe; August 1, 2004
"No Solos if You Use the Net"
Through, an American solo traveler finds a local to show her around Edinburgh. Finding friends online has never been easier.

Newsweek, April 2004
"Living Like Locals" travelers connect with online buddies around the world for everything "from restaurant recommendations to a bed for the night."

USA Today; October 10, 2003
"Online haunts lead travelers to cross paths"
Online travelers find offline community, companionship and even romance.

The Globe and Mail; May 2, 2003
"Travel Links:"
The author tours, exploring the unique features that make up this site consisting of "a large community of people who have caught the travel bug."

San Francisco Chronicle; December 1, 2002
"Superior Sites on the Web for Deals, Dos and Dont's" is among the online travel resource sites for which the author is most grateful.

Time; April 2, 2002
"Web Crawling"
Time Magazine recommends in trip planning.

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Latest Press Release

Top 10 Toilets Around the World
Gotta go? Check out this list of great "facilities" around the world!
- September 16, 2011

VirtualTourist on Reuters

Top 10 Toilets Around the World
Gotta go? Check out this list of great "facilities" around the world!
- September 16, 2011

Top 10 Places With Bad Public Art
Want to start an argument? Ask locals what they think of our list of the Top 10 Places With Bad Public Art!
- August 26, 2011

Travel Picks: Top 10 Good Luck Monuments
Yes, we've done this list before but there are so many great good luck monuments we decided to do another!
- January 21, 2011

Travel Picks: Top 10 Islands Within Cities
Like little cities in and of themselves these islands are a calmer, pared-down version of the metropolises in which they're situated.
- December 3, 2010

Travel Picks: Top 10 Sexiest Buildings
Just like people some buildings just ooze sex appeal?here are some of our faves.
- October 1, 2010

Travel Picks: Top 10 Garlic Festivals
Got a penchant for the pungent? Perhaps a trip to a garlic festival is in order!
- July 30, 2010

Travel Picks: Top 10 Tourist Scams
Nothing is worse than being scammed while on vacation. Make sure it doesn't happen to you by reading our list of Top 10 Tourist Scams
- May 28, 2010

Travel Picks: Cowboys, croquet, insurance in U.S. halls of fame
Think halls of fame are just for athletes and musicians? Think again! We've uncovered halls that honor everyone from fisherman to insurance agents!
- April 16, 2010

Top 10 Big Cities that are not Capitals
Seems obvious that New York City would be the capital of New York, right? Only problem isn't.
- February 19, 2010

World's Top 10 Ugliest Buildings
From the merely unpleasant to the borderline criminal, ugly buildings somehow manage to pop up in even the prettiest cities. With this in mind, has announced its 2nd Annual List of the "World's Top 10 Ugly Buildings," as decided by its members and editors.
- November 20, 2009

World's Top 10 Chocolate Museums
For those with a sweet tooth, there is nothing more divine than a great piece of chocolate. Check out our list for the best places to see that glorious candy on display.
- October 20, 2009

The World's Top 10 Most Unusual Foods
Proving that one man's winged rat is another man's pricey appetizer, VT has put together a list of the world's most unusual foods.
- September 11, 2009

Top 10 Overlooked Stunning Buildings
Lists of beautiful buildings laud the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, and at least one token Frank Gehry building, but there are dozens of other equally beautiful choices that somehow always seem to remain unnoticed.
- August 7, 2009

The World's Top 10 Most Legendary Bars
From Jack London's favorite haunt to the scene of a famous mob murder, we've made our picks for the world's most legendary watering holes.
- June 26, 2009

Top 10 Most Mispronounced Places
Nothing can make a traveler feel more like a clueless tourist than mispronouncing the name of a local destination. Check out our picks for the 10 most mispronounced destinations around the world.
- March 6, 2009

Top 10 Unusual Stores for Holiday Gifts
Online shopping is great but sometimes there's just no substitute for the brick and mortar experience. Check out our picks for the 10 most unusual stores for holiday gifts.
- December 19, 2008

Top 10 Ugliest Buildings and Monuments Around the World
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these buildings really put that to the test. Check out our picks for the 10 ugliest buildings and monuments around the world.
- November 14, 2008

Top 10 Ugliest Buildings and Monuments Around the World
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these buildings really put that to the test. Check out our picks for the 10 ugliest buildings and monuments around the world.
- November 14, 2008

Top 10 Money-Saving Ideas for Travelers
Times are tough, but that doesn't mean travel is out of the question. Take a look for great ideas about how to save as you see the world.
- November 12, 2008

Top 10 Good Luck Monuments Around the World

In these trying times, who couldn't use a little luck? We'll tell you the best places to rub, kiss, and pat for a little good fortune.
- October 17, 2008

Top 10 Quirky Places to Dance

Thanks to reality television, people are putting on their Capezios like never before. For some great suggestions about where to cut a rug, check out our list.
- September 5, 2008 Announces the Top Ten Biggest Mistakes Made by Travelers
We've all done it?forgotten to renew our passports, mixed up time zones, or packed as if we were moving. To learn how to avoid other possible flubs, check out this list!
- September 4, 2008

Top 10 Wild Rides for Travelers

We're not quite sure how you get insurance on some of these modes of travel, but when a car or even a plane just won't do, try these alternatives.
- August 1, 2008

8 Top Burial Sites and Traditions

For those looking to make the afterlife as interesting as real life, we suggest these burial sites and traditions.
- July 11, 2008 Announces the Top 10 Great American Spas

It's not easy spending hour after hour posting great tips and forum replies, so we decided to come up with a list of the Top 10 Great American Spas. We show you ten great places to get those knots and kinks worked out so you can come back and keep posting!
- June 19, 2008 Announces the Top 10 Most Unusual Places to Stay

No, that's not housekeeping at the door, that's a giraffe. To find out what we're talking about, check out our list of the Top 10 Most Unusual Places to Stay.
- May 29, 2008 Announces Top 10 Ways to Avoid the Euro

If the exchange rate is putting a crimp in your travel plans this year, check out our list of places that will help you avoid breaking the bank. We've got some great ideas to help keep you traveling in spite of the economy.
- May 8, 2008 Reaches Millionth Member Mark

Did you stay up to watch the counter change? If you did, you know that VirtualTourist has reached its millionth member! To hear more about it, and how you took us there, check out this press release.
- April 9, 2008

USC Student Wins's 1,000,000 Mile Giveaway Using Facebook Application

Imagine if you had enough frequent flyer miles to go around the world five times! As the winner of our 1,000,000 Mile Giveaway, Michele Skaletzky can wonder no more. Read here to see where she's planning to go!
- January 31, 2008

VT Team Wins ''Race for the Clinically Insane'' in Land of Traffic Fatalities

And you think you have a long commute: if you haven't heard the news, our general manager, Giampiero Ambrosi, and his team recently took top honors in the third annual ''CEAT Classic Autorickshaw Rally''; an event described by organizers as a ''race for the clinically insane.'' Check out the details of G's death-defying road trip.
- January 23, 2008 Announces The Top 10 Quirkiest Places to Spend Christmas
Tired of carols? Can't take one more mall? If you're craving a non-traditional holiday, check out our list of the 10 Quirkiest Places to Spend Christmas. We promise you won't be asked to sing a single note!".
- December 20, 2007 Announces 10 Best Ways and Places to Spend Thanksgiving
Seen It's a Wonderful Life one too many times? Feel faint at the thought of floats? From a boat festival in Thailand to an avant-garde church in Dallas, brings you "The 10 Best Ways and Places to Spend Thanksgiving".
- November 14, 2007 to Support New OpenSocial APIs
We recently announced that we will be supporting the new OpenSocial APIs launched this month by Google as a fundamental step toward making the web more social more quickly and easily. Check out our press release to see how it will benefit members.
- November 8, 2007 Announces 10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween
Can't wait to get your spook on? From Goblin Valley State Park to Salem, Massachusetts, presents the 10 Best Places to Celebrate Halloween. Read it?if you dare!
- October 18, 2007

VirtualTourist Gives Away 1,000,000 Miles Using Facebook Application Mapster
How would YOU blow 1,000,000 miles? VirtualTourist has just launched the "1,000,000 Mile Giveaway," the first sweepstakes that uses a Facebook app as a means of entry. The sweepstakes, in which one lucky winner will win one million frequent-flier miles, celebrates the recently released travel map Mapster.
- September 27, 2007

Top 10 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations Announced by VirtualTourist
Check out VirtualTourist's latest list of up-and-coming hotspots, from Valley of Fire State Park near Las Vegas to Guatemala's Lake Atitl?n, to research best picks for your fall vacation planning.
- September 12, 2007

VirtualTourist Launches Next Generation Travel Map as a Facebook Application
VirtualTourist's interactive travel map has been launched as a Facebook application. Unique and user-friendly, it is the first internet travel map with the synchronization functionality to automatically update across numerous websites when edits are made by the user.
- August 23, 2007

Ruffing It: VirtualTourist Reveals Top 10 Pet Friendly Hotels in Urban U.S.
VirtualTourist's list of best pet-friendly U.S. hotels features top-dog accommodations for you and your four-legged sidekick. From designer doggie beds to pet spa treatments, amenities in these hotels promise a doggone good time.
- July 25, 2007

Top 10 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations Announced by VirtualTourist
From Washington's Olympic National Park to Mozambique's Tofo Beach, the spots announced by VirtualTourist to be this summer's top emerging travel destinations truly span the globe.
- June 14, 2007's Next Social Extravaganza in Santorini, Greece; Member Meetings Reflect Change in Way People Travel
An increasing number of today's travelers seek memorable social experiences on the road rather than just sightseeing opportunities. So it's no surprise that the largest turnout yet is expected for an upcoming weekend-long VirtualTourist member meeting in Santorini, Greece.
- May 10, 2007

Top 10 Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations Announced by VirtualTourist
VirtualTourist announces this spring's top emerging destinations for travelers around the globe, from Capitol Reef National Park, UT, to Mt. Shasta, CA, and Salamanca, Spain, to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.
- April 18, 2007

VirtualTourist Announces 10 Wackiest Spring and Summer Festivals
Covering the gamut from UFOs to cow-chip throws, VirtualTourist's list of top 10 wacky spring and summer festivals provides travelers fun and unusual options for trip planning this year.
- March 15, 2007

To Croatia, for Love? Releases List of Top 10 Unique Romantic Destinations
VirtualTourist, a leader in social-networking travel websites, offers up a list of the season's most unique romantic getaways, from the paradisical Dubrovnik, Croatia, to Ushuaia, Argentina.
- February 1, 2007

VirtualTourist CEO to Speak at EyeForTravel's Travel Distribution Summit North America
The CEO and co-founder of will speak at EyeforTravel's Travel Distribution Summit in Chicago, IL, on the subject of user-generated content and social networking in the online travel space.
- September 28, 2006

Fall 2006 Travel Hot Spots and Up-and-Coming Destinations Revealed by the Travel Experts at
From New York to Bangkok, Kihei to Reykjavik, VirtualTourist announces this fall's 20 most popular travel destinations, plus the top 20 up-and-coming locales, based on travelers' research patterns on
- September 7, 2006

Finding Love on the Web: Online Travel Community Announces Wedding between Two Members Who Met On Its Website
VirtualTourist connects travelers in its online community; and through natural progression, these online connections sometimes evolve into real life romance and even marriage. This month, when two individuals who met on walk down the aisle, they will join an ever-growing number of couples that credit VirtualTourist's social networking with introducing them to their spouse.
- September 5, 2006

VirtualTourist Reaches 2.5 Million Photos in Its Database of Travel Reviews and Tips
VirtualTourist, an unbiased source of original, user-generated travel content, now features 2.5 million photographs in its database of worldwide travel information.
- August 2, 2006

VirtualTourist Releases List of Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Travelers
Helping travelers maximize their vacation budgets, the travel experts behind have published a list of 10 tried and true money saving tips for travelers.
- July 25, 2006 Unveils Tool that Lets Travelers Build Custom Travel Guides
Online travel planning just got easier with the launch of VirtualTourist's Trip Planner, a tool that allows travelers to create custom travel guides to worldwide destinations.
- June 21, 2006 Reveals Summer Travel Hot Spots and Up-and-Coming Destinations
From San Francisco to Barcelona, New Orleans to Tamarindo, VirtualTourist anticipates this summer's 20 most popular travel destinations, plus the 20 most up-and-coming locales, based on travelers' research patterns on
- June 6, 2006

Online Travel Community Jet Sets to Melbourne, Australia for Big In-Person Meet
A delegation of members from the popular Web-based travel community move their online network offline this weekend when they meet in Melbourne for three days of sightseeing and festivities.
- May 17, 2006

United Press International Releases

Unusual Places for Romance
In the mood for love? Check out these unusual places to spend the special day this year.
- February 9, 2010

Great Places to See Sharks
It's probably not a great idea to go in the water here, but that doesn't mean you can't stay on the lookout for some fins!
- January 29, 2010

Great Mines for Tourists
For those who want a truly different vacation adventure these suggestions are as good as gold.
- January 22, 2010

Five Great Places to See Penguins
If you can't get enough of those sweet little tuxedoed birds, here are five great places to see (at least) five different varieties of them.
- January 8, 2010

Five Great Ice Festivals
If you thought great sculpture meant only marble or stone, guess again. These ice festivals will give you new respect for the art of ice sculpture.
- December 18, 2009

Five Great Places for Hot Cocoa
Nothing says "winter" like a hot cup of cocoa. Here are five great places to indulge.
- December 11, 2009

Five Great Miniature Cities
They say that good things come in small packages and we loved these exhibits that brought big cities down to size.
- December 4, 2009

Five Great Airport Museums
Who says layovers have to be torturous. These five great museums will make those in-between hours much more endurable.
- November 20, 2009

Five Great Jazz Cities
New York, Paris, and New Orleans may get all the attention when it comes to jazz, but they're certainly not the only places travelers can go to hear great riffs and rhythms.
- November 13, 2009

Five Great Sights for Edgar Allan Poe Fans
Poe fans will not need reminding that 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the Master of the Macabre's birth. Here are our suggestions for great places to mark the milestone.
- November 6, 2009

World's Top Crypts
If the holiday has you feeling the need to get your creep on, a crypt is a great place to do it.
- October 30, 2009

World's Best Cider Locations
Nothing signals fall like turning leaves and warm cider. Here we name some surprising places to find the ultimate comfort drink.
- October 16, 2009

Best Cities for Cycling
Lance may love France, but we love these cities for great cycling.
- October 9, 2009

Five Great Hot Springs
For those who love a good soak, nothing beats these five great hot springs locations.
- October 2, 2009

Five Great Factory Tours
If you've ever wondered how things are made, these factory tours make great vacation stops.
- September 25, 2009

Top Stargazing Locations
Star light, star bright, see the stars on this website!
- September 18, 2009

Five Great Breweries
If the words "malt," "hops," or "foam" mean anything to you, you'll want to be sure to check out this list.
- DATE, 2009

Top Mountains for Non-Climbers
The song may say to climb every mountain, but for some travelers, this just isn't doable. Here are some options for those who would be happy to just climb one or two.
- September 4, 2009

World's Most Interesting Markets
To market, to market to buy a?well, pretty much anything.
- August 28, 2009

Top Five Mirrored Rooms
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, tell us the best five rooms of all!
- August 21, 2009

Top Five Non-Egyptian Pyramids
They may have the most famous pyramids in the world, but they certainly don't have the market cornered on them.
- August 14, 2009

World's Top Mazes
We went left, right, back, forth, and around and around to find this list of great mazes.
- July 31, 2009

Five Bad Places to go if You're Vegan
Unless you don't mind being limited to rice and bread for your whole vacation, these places are probably not for most vegans.
- July 18, 2009

Five Great People-Watching Places
In times of economic hardship, make the streets your museum by just watching the locals go by. Here are some great places to do just that.
- July 10, 2009

Five Quirky Parades
If you think the Tournament of Roses parade and Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades are something, take a look these nutty promenades.
- DATE, 2009

World's Top Five Eating Competitions
Not for the faint of heart or the weak of stomach, these eating competitions are as fascinating as they are revolting.
- June 29, 2009

Five Leaning Towers Not in Pisa
Pisa may boast the world's most famous angled building, but they've got more competition than most people realize.
- June 26, 2009

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