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Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of a world-wide VirtualTourist member event we're calling... The Barney Awards! In the coming weeks we'll announce plans for a record-breaking event spanning 7 continents! Scheduled for January 28-29, 2011, this will be the biggest VT meeting in history! To help organize this event, !


Members are already talking about which categories they'd like to recognize during 1st Annual Barney Awards! Add your opinion (or find out more information) in the forums by replying here. We've already confirmed six viewing party locations! Email us at to throw one of your own!


Welcome to the New VT And Video From VT Headquarters

We're thrilled to share the new VT with you. Now, you'll see this new dashboard, new notices [how to use notices], a new front page, deals section, better layout and new technology. But it's just the beginning! Coming soon, you'll see: a bulk photo uploader, new member pages, new travel guides & more...For the inside scoop, check out the video from VT headquarters!

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