TV Members Meet up All Around the World to Share Travel Adventures

We all know that most people initially come to VT for reviews and tips, but VT veterans know that the real heart and soul of VT are the meetings. In fact, joining VT and not attending the meetings is like going to the Louvre and not seeing the Mona Lisa or going to China and not seeing the Great Wall or going to?

...nevermind. The point is, if you haven't been to a VT meet you're truly missing out. Where else can you meet hundreds of like-minded, fun travelers from literally all over the world and shake them down for insider information (or shake them down on the dance floor as is often the case)?

No matter where you are in the world, chances are there's a VT meet going on there so be sure to check our member meetings page for the latest meeting news!

EuroMeet 2010 a Huge Success!

In the name of global friendship, last month over 150 members converged on the streets of Krakow, Poland for VT's 6th Annual Euromeet and the town is probably still recovering. Traveling from Malaysia, the Dominican Republic, Western Europe and all points in between, they ate perogies, sampled borscht cocktails, and even managed to visit a few historic sites in the process (like Poland's 2nd-ever McDonald's which symbolized for locals the country's official emergence from communism)...

The Barney Awards January 28 and 29, 2011

The 1st Annual Barney Awards will be presented to you from VirtualTourist headquarters in Southern California as part of a two-day VT Member Meeting on January 28 and 29, 2011! In addition to the already confirmed six locations and volunteer organizers so far: New York, USA: NYTim , Larnaca, Cyprus: greekcypriot, Dublin, Ireland: IrishFem, Doha, Qatar: Lauren5020 , Brisbane, Australia: Maryimelda, and Manchester, UK: Gillybob, we now have meetings being planned for San Francisco: agraichen, Montrea: meegwetch, Manila: sanggano, Cape Town: mvtouring

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