Manga Where MC Gets Cheated On and Gets Revenge

Title: Manga Where MC Gets Cheated On and Gets Revenge: Exploring Betrayal, Redemption, and Vengeance


Manga has always been a popular medium for storytelling, catering to a wide range of genres and themes. One common theme that captivates readers is betrayal, especially when the main character (MC) gets cheated on and seeks revenge. This article delves into the world of manga where infidelity takes center stage, unraveling tales of heartbreak, resilience, and retribution.

Plot Overview:

In these manga, the protagonist is often portrayed as a victim of infidelity, discovering their partner’s betrayal and enduring emotional turmoil. However, what sets these stories apart is the MC’s determination to seek justice and exact revenge. From carefully crafted plans to unexpected twists, these narratives take readers on a rollercoaster ride, exploring themes of love, trust, and personal growth.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. What are some popular manga titles where the MC gets cheated on?
– “Domestic Girlfriend” by Kei Sasuga
– “Scums Wish” by Mengo Yokoyari
– “Bitter Virgin” by Kei Kusunoki

2. How does the MC discover the infidelity?
– The MC often stumbles upon evidence, such as catching their partner in a compromising situation, finding incriminating messages, or being informed by a third party.

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3. What motivates the MC to seek revenge?
– The MC’s desire for justice and closure drives them to expose their partner’s betrayal, regain their self-worth, and move forward in life.

4. Are there any manga where the MC seeks revenge in an unconventional way?
– Yes, “Scums Wish” presents a unique approach where multiple characters find solace in each other’s misery, using each other as a means to fill the void left by their unfaithful partners.

5. How do these manga explore the emotional turmoil experienced by the MC?
– These manga delve deep into the MC’s emotional journey, showcasing their heartbreak, anger, and subsequent growth. The characters often struggle with trust issues and self-doubt, making their path to revenge all the more compelling.

6. Do these stories focus solely on revenge or also on personal growth?
– While revenge is a significant aspect, these manga also emphasize personal growth and the MC’s journey to heal from the betrayal. The focus shifts from revenge to self-discovery, allowing the MC to find closure and often new love.

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7. Are there any unexpected plot twists in these manga?
– Yes, many of these manga incorporate unexpected plot twists, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. These twists often challenge the MC’s resolve, relationships, and perceptions, making the stories more engaging.

8. Do these manga explore the consequences of seeking revenge?
– Yes, consequences are often highlighted, showcasing the potential fallout from the MC’s revenge. These consequences act as a catalyst for personal growth and reflection.

9. Are there any manga where the MC forgives instead of seeking revenge?
– While the focus is primarily on revenge, there are instances where forgiveness plays a significant role. “Bitter Virgin” explores forgiveness as a means of healing and moving forward.

10. How does the art style enhance the storytelling in these manga?
– The art style often complements the emotional depth of these stories, capturing the characters’ anguish, determination, and eventual triumph. Vivid expressions and detailed illustrations convey the intense emotions experienced by the MC.

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11. Do these manga provide closure to the readers?
– Yes, these manga typically offer closure, tying up loose ends and providing a sense of resolution for the MC. This closure varies from character to character, leaving readers satisfied with the outcome.

12. Are there any lessons to be learned from these manga?
– These manga explore the complexities of relationships, the importance of communication, and the resilience of the human spirit. Lessons about forgiveness, self-growth, and the power of moving on can be gleaned from these stories.


“Manga Where MC Gets Cheated On and Gets Revenge” provides a captivating and emotional journey for readers. These stories delve into the depths of betrayal, revenge, and personal growth, ultimately offering closure and valuable life lessons. Whether seeking closure or simply indulging in a tale of resilience and redemption, these manga offer a compelling narrative that will surely leave an impact.