Lyrics for What Does the Fox Say

Lyrics for “What Does the Fox Say”: The Internet Sensation

In 2013, a quirky and catchy song titled “What Does the Fox Say” took the internet by storm. Released by the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, the song became an unexpected viral hit, garnering millions of views on YouTube and inspiring countless parodies and remixes. The song’s nonsensical lyrics and infectious beat made it an instant favorite, leaving many wondering about its meaning and origin. In this article, we will delve into the lyrics of “What Does the Fox Say” and explore the common questions surrounding this internet sensation.

The lyrics of “What Does the Fox Say” revolve around the age-old question of what sound a fox makes. The song humorously suggests that despite our knowledge of various animal sounds, the fox’s vocalization remains a mystery. It presents a series of imaginative and comical sounds that the fox might produce, ranging from “ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!” to “wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!” The song’s chorus, “What does the fox say?,” is repeated throughout, reinforcing the central theme.

Now, let’s address some common questions about “What Does the Fox Say”:

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Q1: Who wrote and performed the song?
A1: The song was written and performed by the Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis, consisting of brothers Bard and Vegard Ylvisaker.

Q2: What inspired the lyrics of the song?
A2: The song was originally created as a sketch for their television show in Norway, but it gained unexpected popularity when it was uploaded on YouTube.

Q3: Are the lyrics based on any factual information about fox vocalizations?
A3: No, the lyrics are entirely fictional and meant to be humorous. Foxes do have a distinct vocalization, but it sounds more like a high-pitched scream or a “barking” sound.

Q4: Why do you think the song became so popular?
A4: The song’s catchy tune, absurd lyrics, and the comedic performance by Ylvis struck a chord with audiences worldwide. It became a viral sensation due to its unique and entertaining nature.

Q5: Did the song have any impact on the popularity of Ylvis?
A5: “What Does the Fox Say” undoubtedly brought Ylvis international recognition. They went on to release more music and continued their successful career in comedy and entertainment.

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Q6: Are there any hidden meanings behind the song?
A6: No, the song is purely meant to be a lighthearted and humorous take on the mystery of fox vocalizations. It does not possess any deeper meaning.

Q7: How did the song’s success affect the duo’s career?
A7: The success of “What Does the Fox Say” opened up opportunities for Ylvis to perform internationally and collaborate with other artists. It provided a platform for them to showcase their comedic talent.

Q8: Were there any controversies surrounding the song?
A8: While the song was generally well-received, some critics dismissed it as silly and lacking substance. However, the overwhelming popularity and positive response overshadowed any controversies.

Q9: Did the song have any impact on pop culture?
A9: “What Does the Fox Say” became a cultural phenomenon, with numerous parodies, dance covers, and memes spawning from its popularity. It left a lasting imprint on pop culture.

Q10: What is Ylvis’s most famous song apart from “What Does the Fox Say”?
A10: While “What Does the Fox Say” remains their most popular song, Ylvis has released other catchy and humorous tracks, such as “Stonehenge” and “The Cabin.”

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Q11: Did the success of “What Does the Fox Say” surprise Ylvis?
A11: Yes, the duo never anticipated the song’s massive success. They initially created it as a joke, but its viral explosion took them by surprise.

Q12: Are there any future plans for Ylvis?
A12: Ylvis continues to create music and perform comedy sketches. They have expressed their desire to explore various creative avenues and entertain their fans.

In conclusion, “What Does the Fox Say” captivated audiences worldwide with its absurd lyrics and infectious melody. The song’s popularity catapulted Ylvis into the international spotlight, leaving a lasting impact on pop culture. Although the lyrics may not hold any factual basis, they will forever be associated with the humorous mystery of what sound a fox actually makes.