How to Sneak Liquor on a Cruise Ship

Title: How to Sneak Liquor on a Cruise Ship: A Comprehensive Guide


Many cruise lines have strict policies regarding bringing alcohol on board, often limiting guests to a certain quantity or prohibiting it altogether. However, some travelers may prefer to enjoy their preferred spirits or save money by avoiding high-priced onboard drinks. In this article, we will explore various methods to discreetly sneak liquor on a cruise ship while respecting the regulations and ensuring a smooth sailing experience.

1. Packing Strategies:

To successfully conceal liquor, it’s crucial to choose the right packaging. Clear, plastic containers or resealable bags are excellent choices as they can blend in with other toiletries or snacks. Smaller bottles or flasks are also recommended for easy hiding.

2. Shampoo or Lotion Bottles:

One common method is to transfer your favorite spirits into empty shampoo or lotion bottles. Ensure the bottles are clean and properly labeled to avoid confusion.

3. Wine Bottles:

To bring wine, consider purchasing a bottle with a resealable cap and using a vacuum sealer to reseal it once opened. This method is effective for disguising alcohol as a regular beverage.

4. Mouthwash Bottles:

Thoroughly clean an empty mouthwash bottle and refill it with your liquor of choice. Be sure to remove the original labels and replace them with mouthwash labels for added authenticity.

5. Rum Runners:

Rum Runner flasks are specially designed to be discreetly carried in luggage or clothing. These flexible, leak-proof containers can be easily hidden and are ideal for sneaking larger quantities of alcohol on board.

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6. Tampon Flasks:

For female travelers, tampon flasks offer a unique way to conceal small amounts of liquor. These empty tampon applicators can be filled with spirits and resealed, blending seamlessly with other toiletry items.

7. Collapsible Cups:

Collapsible cups with hidden compartments can be used to store small amounts of alcohol while being easily concealed in luggage or pockets.

8. Sealed Water Bottles:

Another technique is to purchase sealed water bottles and replace the contents with clear spirits. Ensure the seal is intact to avoid arousing suspicion during security checks.

9. Beverage Pouches:

Specialized beverage pouches with a spout are available for purchase. These can be filled with your desired liquor and concealed among other drinks or snacks.

10. Hidden Pockets:

Some travelers may opt for clothing with hidden pockets to carry small amounts of alcohol discreetly. Ensure the pockets are secure and not easily noticeable.

11. Pre-Cruise Purchase:

Another option is to purchase alcohol before boarding the ship during port visits or at duty-free shops. However, be aware that some cruise lines may confiscate alcohol purchased ashore.

12. Sharing with Cabin Mates:

If traveling with friends or family, distributing the liquor among your cabin mates’ luggage is a way to avoid suspicion and ensure everyone can enjoy their favorite beverages.

13. Observe Cruise Line Policies:

It is essential to familiarize yourself with your cruise line’s alcohol policies to avoid any consequences. While sneaking liquor onboard can be tempting, it is crucial to remain respectful and abide by the rules.

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Common Questions and Answers:

1. Will I get caught if I try to sneak alcohol on a cruise ship?
While there is always a risk of being caught, using discreet packaging and following the recommended methods will minimize the chances of detection.

2. What happens if I get caught with alcohol?
Cruise lines have different policies, but typically, the alcohol will be confiscated until the end of the voyage. Repeat offenders may face more severe consequences.

3. Can I bring my own mixers?
Most cruise lines allow guests to bring non-alcoholic beverages, such as sodas or juices, in limited quantities. Check the specific policies of your cruise line.

4. Can I bring alcohol on a cruise ship in my carry-on luggage?
Most cruise lines prohibit bringing alcohol in carry-on luggage. It is recommended to pack alcohol discreetly in checked baggage.

5. Can I purchase alcohol on the ship?
Yes, cruise ships offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages for purchase. However, they can be significantly more expensive than purchasing beforehand.

6. Can I bring alcohol on a cruise ship in my checked luggage?
Most cruise lines allow guests to bring a limited quantity of alcohol in their checked luggage. Familiarize yourself with your cruise line’s guidelines beforehand.

7. Will the x-ray machines at the port detect alcohol in my luggage?
While x-ray machines are primarily used for security purposes, some cruise lines employ personnel specifically trained to identify suspicious items, including alcohol.

8. What is the legal drinking age on a cruise ship?
The legal drinking age on cruise ships is typically 21 years old. However, some cruise lines may permit 18-year-olds or older to consume alcohol with parental consent.

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9. Can I bring alcohol on a cruise ship for a special occasion?
Many cruise lines allow guests to bring celebratory bottles of champagne or wine for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Check your cruise line’s policy.

10. Can I bring homemade alcohol on a cruise ship?
Cruise lines generally do not permit homemade alcohol due to safety concerns and potential liability issues.

11. Can I bring alcohol on a cruise ship from duty-free shops?
Policies vary, but some cruise lines may confiscate alcohol purchased from duty-free shops until the end of the voyage. Check your cruise line’s policy beforehand.

12. Can I bring alcohol on a cruise ship for medical reasons?
Cruise lines often allow guests to bring a limited quantity of alcohol for medical purposes with proper documentation. Contact your cruise line for specific guidelines.

13. Can I consume alcohol purchased ashore on the ship?
Cruise lines typically prohibit consuming alcohol purchased ashore on the ship. Any alcohol brought on board should be enjoyed in your cabin or private areas.


While sneaking liquor on a cruise ship carries some risk, using the right techniques and following the cruise line’s policies can help ensure a successful and enjoyable experience. Remember to prioritize safety, respect the rules, and drink responsibly to make the most of your cruise vacation.