How to Sneak Alcohol on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Title: How to Sneak Alcohol on a Royal Caribbean Cruise – A Guide to Navigating the Rules

Cruising with Royal Caribbean is an exhilarating experience, offering a plethora of activities, gourmet dining, and top-notch entertainment. However, the strict alcohol policies enforced onboard can put a damper on your plans if you’re looking to save a few bucks. In this article, we will explore some creative and discreet ways to sneak alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise without breaking the rules.

1. Packing Strategies:
To successfully smuggle alcohol onboard, it’s important to understand the cruise line’s restrictions. Royal Caribbean allows each guest to bring two bottles of wine or champagne per stateroom on embarkation day. Utilize this allowance wisely by packing your preferred selection in your checked luggage.

2. Concealable Containers:
Invest in concealable containers that resemble everyday items like sunscreen bottles or shampoo flasks. These specially designed containers can be easily filled with your favorite spirits and discreetly packed in your luggage.

3. Re-sealing Techniques:
To avoid suspicion, make sure your concealed bottles are properly sealed. Use a vacuum sealer or heat-sealable bags to reseal bottles after filling them with alcohol. This will prevent any leakage or odors from being detected.

4. Liquor in Listerine Bottles:
If you prefer hard liquor, consider pouring them into empty Listerine bottles. The amber color of Listerine can effectively disguise the contents, making it less likely to raise any red flags during security checks.

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5. Wine Bag Method:
Another approach is to purchase a wine bag with a concealed spout. Simply fill the bag with your favorite wine or spirits, and pack it deep within your checked luggage. This method is particularly effective if you’re planning to consume your alcohol in your stateroom.

6. Disguising Alcohol as a Gift:
If you’re sailing for a special occasion, consider bringing a gift-wrapped box or basket containing alcoholic beverages. Security may assume it’s a present and overlook it during routine checks.

7. Wine Corking:
For wine lovers, re-corking a previously opened bottle can help you save money and enjoy your favorite vintage onboard. Use a wine corker to seal the bottle securely and avoid any spillage in your luggage.

8. Utilize Duty-Free Allowances:
Take advantage of the duty-free shopping offered onboard. Purchase alcohol from the ship’s duty-free store and enjoy your favorite drinks at a fraction of the cost charged at the bars and lounges.

9. Mixing Your Own Drinks:
Bring small, concentrated mixers such as powdered drink packets. These can be easily mixed with water or soda purchased onboard, allowing you to create your own cocktails without the need for additional alcohol.

10. Stay Discreet:
When consuming your smuggled alcohol, ensure you do so discreetly in your stateroom, balcony, or other private areas. Public consumption may lead to confiscation or penalties.

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Common Questions and Answers:

1. Is it legal to sneak alcohol onboard a cruise?
While it is against the rules of most cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, smuggling alcohol is not illegal. However, if caught, the cruise line reserves the right to confiscate your alcohol or impose penalties.

2. Can I bring my own alcohol to the ship’s restaurants and bars?
No, Royal Caribbean strictly prohibits guests from bringing personal alcohol to restaurants, bars, or other public areas onboard.

3. Will my luggage be checked for alcohol?
Yes, Royal Caribbean conducts security checks on all luggage to ensure compliance with their alcohol policy.

4. What happens if my alcohol is confiscated?
If your alcohol is discovered during security checks, it will be confiscated and returned to you at the end of your cruise.

5. Can I purchase alcohol packages on Royal Caribbean cruises?
Yes, Royal Caribbean offers various beverage packages that allow unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a fixed price.

6. Can I bring back duty-free alcohol purchased onshore?
Yes, guests are allowed to bring back duty-free alcohol purchased during shore excursions, which will be safely stored until the end of the cruise.

7. Are there any consequences if I am caught smuggling alcohol?
While consequences vary, Royal Caribbean may confiscate your alcohol, impose fines, or even disembark you at the next port without refund.

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8. Can I bring alcohol for my entire group in one suitcase?
Royal Caribbean’s alcohol policy restricts each stateroom to two bottles of wine or champagne, regardless of the number of people in the room.

9. Can I buy alcohol onboard and consume it later in my stateroom?
Yes, you can purchase alcohol from the ship’s duty-free shop and consume it in your stateroom without any additional charges.

10. Can I bring alcoholic beverages in my carry-on bag?
No, Royal Caribbean does not allow guests to carry alcoholic beverages in their carry-on luggage during embarkation.

11. Will the ship’s scanners detect alcohol in my checked luggage?
While scanners may detect suspicious items, security personnel typically focus on hazardous materials rather than alcohol.

12. Are there any consequences for underage passengers caught with alcohol?
Royal Caribbean has a zero-tolerance policy for underage drinking. Passengers found violating this policy may face severe consequences.

13. Can I bring my own mixers or sodas onboard?
Yes, guests are allowed to bring non-alcoholic beverages such as mixers or sodas onboard.

While it’s important to respect cruise line policies, sneaking alcohol onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise can be an art form for some. By utilizing clever tactics and discreet methods, you can enjoy your favorite drinks while saving money. Remember to stay within the boundaries of what is allowed and enjoy responsibly.