How to Get Disney Cruise Cheap

How to Get Disney Cruise Cheap

Disney cruises are known for their magical experiences and top-notch entertainment. However, they can also come with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to set sail with Disney without breaking the bank, here are some tips on how to get a Disney cruise cheap.

1. Plan ahead: Booking your Disney cruise well in advance can help you secure lower prices. Disney offers early booking discounts and promotions that can save you a significant amount of money.

2. Be flexible with your travel dates: If you have flexible travel dates, you can take advantage of last-minute deals and discounted rates. Disney occasionally offers special discounts for certain sailings, especially during non-peak seasons.

3. Consider off-peak seasons: Cruising during off-peak seasons can offer substantial savings. Prices tend to be lower when school is in session, such as September, early December, and January, excluding holidays.

4. Take advantage of onboard credits and promotions: Disney often offers onboard credits or promotions, such as free dining packages or discounted services. Keep an eye out for these offers and take advantage of them to save money during your cruise.

5. Join a Disney rewards program: Disney offers a rewards program called Disney Visa, which allows you to earn points on everyday purchases. These points can be redeemed for discounts on your Disney cruise or other Disney-related products and services.

6. Look for package deals: Disney Cruise Line frequently offers package deals that include both a cruise and a stay at Walt Disney World Resort. These packages can provide significant savings compared to booking each component separately.

7. Consider a shorter cruise: If budget is a concern, opting for a shorter Disney cruise can help reduce costs. While shorter cruises may not offer as extensive an itinerary as longer ones, you can still enjoy the Disney experience at a more affordable price.

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8. Book a guarantee stateroom: Disney offers “guarantee” staterooms, which means you won’t know your exact room assignment until closer to your sailing date. However, booking a guarantee stateroom can often result in a lower price compared to choosing a specific room category.

9. Look for repositioning cruises: Repositioning cruises occur when a cruise ship is relocated to a different region. These cruises often offer lower prices as they are not part of the ship’s regular itinerary.

10. Consider a Disney cruise during the shoulder season: Shoulder seasons, which are the periods just before or after the peak season, can offer considerable savings. You can still enjoy pleasant weather and fewer crowds while enjoying lower prices.

11. Book with a travel agent specializing in Disney cruises: Travel agents who specialize in Disney cruises have extensive knowledge and connections within the industry. They can often secure better deals and discounts than you would be able to find on your own.

12. Take advantage of onboard activities and entertainment: Disney cruises offer a wide range of complimentary onboard activities and entertainment. By participating in these activities, you can enjoy a memorable experience without spending extra money.

13. Pack wisely: To avoid unnecessary expenses onboard, pack essentials such as sunscreen, toiletries, and other personal items. Purchasing these items onboard can be costly, so it’s best to bring them from home.

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Are Disney cruises worth the price?

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Disney cruises provide exceptional service, entertainment, and experiences. While they may be more expensive than other cruise lines, the value they offer is often well worth the price.

2. How far in advance should I book a Disney cruise to get the best price?

Booking your Disney cruise as early as possible, usually 9-12 months in advance, will give you the best chance of securing the lowest prices and taking advantage of early booking discounts.

3. Can I find last-minute deals on Disney cruises?

Yes, occasionally Disney offers last-minute deals and discounted rates for specific sailings. It’s always worth checking their website or contacting a travel agent to see if any deals are available.

4. Can I use Disney gift cards to pay for my cruise?

Yes, Disney gift cards can be used to pay for your Disney cruise. You can purchase gift cards in advance and use them towards your cruise fare, onboard expenses, or even to book shore excursions.

5. Is there a way to avoid paying full price for a Disney cruise?

By following the tips mentioned above, you can significantly reduce the cost of your Disney cruise. However, keep in mind that discounts and promotions are subject to availability and may not always be available for your desired sailing date.

6. Can I bring my own alcohol onboard a Disney cruise?

Disney Cruise Line allows guests to bring a limited amount of alcohol onboard. Each adult (21 years or older) can bring two bottles of unopened wine or champagne or a six-pack of beer.

7. Are there any hidden fees or charges on a Disney cruise?

Disney cruises include most of the onboard activities, dining, and entertainment in the base fare. However, some additional expenses may include gratuities, alcoholic beverages, specialty dining, spa services, and shore excursions.

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8. Do Disney cruises offer discounts for military personnel?

Yes, Disney Cruise Line offers discounts for active and retired military personnel on select sailings. These discounts can be significant and are subject to availability.

9. Are there any age restrictions for children on Disney cruises?

Disney cruises cater to families with children of all ages. However, infants under six months old are not permitted onboard the ships.

10. Can I use my Disney World annual pass for discounts on a Disney cruise?

Disney World annual passes do not provide direct discounts on Disney cruises. However, certain perks, such as onboard credits or special events, may be available to annual passholders.

11. Are all meals included on a Disney cruise?

Most dining options on Disney cruises are included in the base fare. However, specialty dining experiences, such as adult-exclusive restaurants or character dining, may incur additional charges.

12. Can I book a Disney cruise without a travel agent?

Yes, you can book a Disney cruise directly through Disney Cruise Line’s website or by calling their reservation center. However, working with a travel agent specializing in Disney cruises can often provide additional benefits and savings.

13. Can I make onboard reservations for activities and dining in advance?

Yes, Disney Cruise Line offers a pre-cruise online check-in process, allowing you to make reservations for activities, dining, and spa treatments in advance. It is recommended to make these reservations as soon as possible to secure your preferred options.