How Much Does It Cost to Travel to the Maldives

How Much Does It Cost to Travel to the Maldives?

The Maldives has long been known as a luxurious and exotic travel destination, attracting visitors from all over the world. With its pristine white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and vibrant marine life, it is no wonder why people dream of visiting this tropical paradise. However, many travelers wonder: how much does it cost to travel to the Maldives? In this article, we will explore the various factors that contribute to the overall cost of a trip to the Maldives.


One of the main factors that determine the cost of a trip to the Maldives is accommodation. The Maldives is famous for its overwater villas and luxury resorts, which can be quite expensive. On average, a night in a luxury resort can cost between $500 to $2000, depending on the level of luxury and the time of year.


Another significant expense when traveling to the Maldives is the cost of flights. The Maldives is a remote island nation, and flights can be quite expensive, especially during peak travel seasons. The cost of flights can vary greatly depending on your departure location, the time of year, and the airline you choose. On average, flights to the Maldives can cost between $800 to $2000 per person.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks can also contribute to the overall cost of a trip to the Maldives. Resorts in the Maldives usually offer meal plans, which can be quite expensive. A typical meal plan can cost between $100 to $200 per person, per day. However, if you choose to eat at local restaurants or street vendors, you can save some money.

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Activities and Excursions

The Maldives is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and dolphin watching are popular among tourists. The cost of these activities can vary, but on average, you can expect to spend around $50 to $100 per activity.

Visa Fees

To enter the Maldives, most visitors require a tourist visa. The cost of a tourist visa is $100 per person and is valid for a maximum of 30 days.


Once you arrive in the Maldives, you will need to arrange transportation to your resort or accommodation. This can be done through a seaplane or a speedboat transfer. The cost of transportation can vary depending on the distance and the mode of transportation. On average, a seaplane transfer can cost between $200 to $500, while a speedboat transfer can range from $50 to $200.

Common Questions:

1. Is the Maldives an expensive travel destination?

Yes, the Maldives is known for its luxury resorts and expensive accommodations. However, there are more affordable options available, such as guesthouses on local islands.

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2. Can I visit the Maldives on a budget?

Yes, it is possible to visit the Maldives on a budget by staying in guesthouses on local islands, eating at local restaurants, and participating in free or low-cost activities.

3. When is the best time to visit the Maldives?

The best time to visit the Maldives is during the dry season, which is from November to April. However, this is also the peak tourist season, so prices may be higher.

4. Are there any all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives?

Yes, many resorts in the Maldives offer all-inclusive packages that include meals, drinks, and activities. However, these packages can be quite expensive.

5. Do I need a visa to visit the Maldives?

Most visitors require a tourist visa to enter the Maldives. The visa can be obtained upon arrival and costs $100 per person.

6. Are there any budget airlines that fly to the Maldives?

No, there are no budget airlines that fly directly to the Maldives. However, you can find cheaper flights by booking in advance and being flexible with your travel dates.

7. Is it safe to travel to the Maldives?

The Maldives is generally considered a safe travel destination. However, it is always important to take standard safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

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8. How much money should I budget for a trip to the Maldives?

It is recommended to budget at least $2000 per person for a week-long trip to the Maldives, excluding flights.

9. Can I use US dollars in the Maldives?

Yes, US dollars are widely accepted in the Maldives. However, it is always a good idea to have local currency (Maldivian Rufiyaa) for small purchases.

10. Can I drink tap water in the Maldives?

It is not recommended to drink tap water in the Maldives. It is best to stick to bottled water, which is readily available.

11. Are there any cultural customs I should be aware of in the Maldives?

Yes, the Maldives is a Muslim country, and it is important to respect their customs and traditions. Dress modestly when visiting local islands or religious sites.

12. Can I go snorkeling or scuba diving in the Maldives?

Yes, snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities in the Maldives. The crystal-clear waters provide excellent visibility and the opportunity to explore vibrant coral reefs and marine life.

13. Are there any local islands I can visit in the Maldives?

Yes, there are several local islands in the Maldives that offer a more authentic and budget-friendly experience. You can stay in guesthouses and interact with the local community.