How Much Do Travel PT Make

How Much Do Travel PT Make?

As the demand for physical therapists continues to grow, travel physical therapy has become an attractive career option for many professionals in the field. Not only does it offer a chance to explore new places and gain diverse experiences, but it also provides the opportunity to earn a competitive salary. In this article, we will delve into the average pay rates for travel physical therapists and answer some common questions related to their compensation.

Travel physical therapists, or travel PTs, work on short-term assignments at various healthcare facilities across the country. These assignments typically last for 13 weeks, although they can vary in duration. In addition to their base salary, travel PTs often receive additional compensation in the form of housing allowances, travel reimbursements, and medical benefits.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for physical therapists was $89,440 in May 2020. However, travel PTs tend to earn a higher income due to the added benefits and bonuses offered by travel therapy companies. On average, travel PTs can expect to make between $1,600 and $2,200 per week, depending on factors such as location, experience, and specialty.

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Now, let’s address some common questions related to travel PT salaries:

1. How does travel PT pay compare to permanent positions?
Travel PTs generally earn a higher income than their counterparts in permanent positions due to the added benefits and bonuses.

2. Do travel PTs receive housing allowances?
Yes, travel PTs often receive housing allowances, which can either be provided directly or included in their weekly pay.

3. Are travel expenses reimbursed?
Yes, travel therapy companies usually reimburse travel expenses such as airfare or mileage.

4. What about medical benefits?
Most travel therapy companies offer medical benefits to their travel PTs, which can include health insurance, dental insurance, and retirement plans.

5. Are there any tax advantages for travel PTs?
Yes, travel PTs can take advantage of tax-free stipends for housing and meals, as well as tax deductions for travel-related expenses.

6. Do travel PTs get paid time off?
Most travel PT contracts do not include paid time off, as the assignments are usually short-term. However, some companies may offer a certain number of days off during an assignment.

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7. Can travel PTs negotiate their pay rates?
Yes, travel PTs have the opportunity to negotiate their pay rates based on their experience, specialty, and the demand for therapists in a particular location.

8. Are there any bonuses for travel PTs?
Many travel therapy companies offer sign-on bonuses, referral bonuses, and completion bonuses to attract and retain travel PTs.

9. Do travel PTs have to pay for their own licenses and certifications?
Travel therapy companies often cover the costs of licenses and certifications required for an assignment.

10. Are there any differences in pay rates for different specialties?
Certain specialties, such as orthopedics or neurology, may command higher pay rates due to their specialized knowledge and skills.

11. Can travel PTs choose their assignments based on pay rates?
Yes, travel PTs can select assignments based on factors including pay rates, location preferences, and clinical settings.

12. How often do travel PTs change assignments?
The typical duration of a travel PT assignment is 13 weeks, but some therapists may choose to extend their assignments or move on to new locations more frequently.

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13. Is travel PT a financially rewarding career choice?
Yes, travel PT can be a financially rewarding career choice, especially for those who are willing to take on new challenges and explore different parts of the country.

In conclusion, travel PTs have the opportunity to earn a competitive salary while enjoying the benefits of exploring new places and gaining diverse experiences. The average pay rates for travel PTs range between $1,600 and $2,200 per week, depending on various factors. With additional compensation in the form of housing allowances, travel reimbursements, and medical benefits, travel PTs can embark on a financially rewarding and fulfilling career in physical therapy.