How Much Are the Drinks on Carnival Cruise

How Much Are the Drinks on Carnival Cruise?

Cruises are an excellent way to relax and enjoy a vacation, but it’s essential to consider the additional costs that come with it. One common concern is the price of drinks on board. Carnival Cruise Line, known for its fun and lively atmosphere, offers a wide selection of beverages to suit every taste and budget. Let’s explore the drink options available and their associated costs.

Carnival Cruise Line offers several options for purchasing drinks on board. The most popular choice is the Cheers! Beverage Program, which provides unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for a fixed daily rate. The cost of this program varies depending on the length of the cruise, but it is typically around $51.95 per person, per day, plus an 18% gratuity. This program includes a wide variety of drinks, such as cocktails, spirits, beer, wine, and even specialty coffees.

For those who prefer not to purchase the Cheers! Beverage Program, Carnival offers individual drink prices. Alcoholic beverages range from $6 to $15 per drink, depending on the brand and type of drink. Cocktails, such as margaritas or daiquiris, typically cost between $8 and $12. Beer prices start at around $6 for domestic options and go up to $8 for imported or craft beers. Wine lovers can enjoy a glass for $9 to $12, depending on the selection.

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Non-alcoholic beverages are also available at various prices. Soft drinks, such as Coca-Cola or Sprite, cost around $2.50 per can. Specialty coffees, like lattes or cappuccinos, are priced at approximately $4.50 per cup. Bottled water is also available for purchase, with prices ranging from $2.25 to $4.50, depending on the size and brand.

To make planning your beverage budget easier, Carnival offers prepaid drink packages that can be purchased before your cruise. These packages include a certain number of drinks and can be a cost-effective option for those who enjoy a few beverages throughout the day. Prices for these packages vary based on the number of drinks included and the duration of the cruise.

Now, let’s address some common questions about drinks on Carnival Cruise:

1. Can I bring my own beverages on board?
Carnival Cruise Line prohibits passengers from bringing their own alcoholic beverages. However, a small quantity of non-alcoholic beverages, such as water or soda, is allowed.

2. Are there any complimentary drinks on board?
Yes, Carnival offers complimentary beverages such as water, iced tea, lemonade, and coffee during meals and at the buffet.

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3. Can I get tap water for free?
Yes, tap water is available onboard at no additional cost.

4. Is there a limit to the number of drinks I can order with the Cheers! Beverage Program?
No, there is no limit to the number of drinks you can order with the Cheers! Beverage Program. However, only one drink can be ordered at a time.

5. Can I share the Cheers! Beverage Program with someone else?
No, the Cheers! Beverage Program is non-transferable and can only be used by the person who purchased it.

6. Can I use the Cheers! Beverage Program at all bars and restaurants on board?
Yes, the Cheers! Beverage Program can be used at all bars, lounges, and restaurants on the ship.

7. Are there any age restrictions for purchasing alcoholic beverages?
Yes, passengers must be at least 21 years old to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages on Carnival Cruise Line ships.

8. Can I pay for drinks with cash on board?
Carnival Cruise Line operates on a cashless system, and all purchases are made using your cruise card. You can link your credit card to your cruise card or deposit cash at the Guest Services desk to use as onboard credit.

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9. Can I bring my own reusable water bottle?
Yes, bringing a reusable water bottle is encouraged, as it helps reduce waste. You can refill it with tap water or purchase bottled water.

10. Are there any drink specials or happy hours on board?
Yes, Carnival Cruise Line often offers drink specials and happy hours at various bars and lounges throughout the cruise.

11. Can I use my onboard credit to pay for drinks?
Yes, any onboard credit you have can be used towards the purchase of drinks.

12. Can I order drinks from room service?
Yes, you can order a selection of beverages, including alcoholic drinks, through room service. Additional charges may apply.

13. Can I bring my own coffee mug for specialty coffees?
Yes, you can bring your own coffee mug for specialty coffees, and baristas will happily fill it.

Now that you have a better understanding of the drink options available on a Carnival Cruise, you can plan your beverage budget accordingly. Whether you choose the Cheers! Beverage Program or prefer to purchase drinks individually, there is a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy your cruise experience to the fullest!