How Much Are Mixed Drinks on Carnival Cruise

How Much Are Mixed Drinks on Carnival Cruise?

Cruising on a Carnival Cruise ship is an exciting and enjoyable experience for many travelers. One aspect that often raises questions is the cost of mixed drinks on board. Whether you are a cocktail connoisseur or simply want to enjoy a refreshing beverage, it is essential to be aware of the prices to plan your budget accordingly. In this article, we will discuss the cost of mixed drinks on a Carnival Cruise and answer some commonly asked questions related to this topic.

Carnival Cruise offers a wide variety of mixed drinks to cater to different tastes and preferences. The prices of these beverages can vary depending on the type of drink, location, and any ongoing promotions or discounts. On average, you can expect to pay between $8 and $12 for a mixed drink on a Carnival Cruise ship. However, keep in mind that this range is just an estimate, and specific prices may differ.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, here are some examples of popular mixed drinks and their prices on a Carnival Cruise:

1. Margarita: $9 – $11
2. Piña Colada: $10 – $12
3. Mojito: $8 – $10
4. Mai Tai: $9 – $11
5. Martini: $10 – $12
6. Long Island Iced Tea: $11 – $13
7. Cosmopolitan: $9 – $11
8. Old Fashioned: $10 – $12
9. Rum and Coke: $8 – $10
10. Bloody Mary: $9 – $11

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Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary depending on the ship, bar, or any ongoing promotions. Additionally, gratuities are not included in the prices mentioned above, so it’s important to consider that as well.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1. Are there any drink packages available?
Yes, Carnival Cruise offers several drink packages that can be purchased before or during your cruise. These packages can provide significant savings if you plan to enjoy multiple mixed drinks throughout your trip.

2. Can I bring my own alcohol on board?
Carnival Cruise has a policy that prohibits passengers from bringing their own alcohol on board, except for a limited amount of wine or champagne.

3. Are non-alcoholic beverages included in the cruise fare?
Yes, non-alcoholic beverages such as water, tea, coffee, and select juices are typically included in the cruise fare.

4. Can I use my onboard account to pay for mixed drinks?
Yes, you can use your onboard account to pay for mixed drinks. Charges will be added to your account, and you can settle the bill at the end of your cruise.

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5. Are there any happy hour promotions?
Yes, Carnival Cruise occasionally offers happy hour promotions, where you can enjoy discounted prices on selected mixed drinks during specific times.

6. Are gratuities included in the drink prices?
No, gratuities are not included in the drink prices. It is customary to tip the bartenders and waitstaff, so make sure to consider this when budgeting for your mixed drink expenses.

7. Can I get a refund for unused drink tickets or packages?
Refunds for unused drink tickets or packages are generally not available. However, it is advisable to consult Carnival Cruise’s specific refund policy for accurate information.

8. Can I pay for mixed drinks with cash?
While cash is accepted on Carnival Cruise ships, it is more convenient to link a credit or debit card to your onboard account for easy payment of mixed drinks and other expenses.

9. Are there any age restrictions for purchasing mixed drinks?
Yes, passengers must be at least 21 years old to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. Carnival Cruise may require age verification, so make sure to carry a valid identification document.

10. Can I order mixed drinks for delivery to my cabin?
Yes, you can order mixed drinks for delivery to your cabin through room service. However, additional charges may apply.

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11. Are there any specialty bars with unique drink offerings?
Yes, Carnival Cruise features specialty bars that offer unique and innovative drink options. These bars often have their own menu and prices.

12. Can I bring my own refillable cup for mixed drinks?
Carnival Cruise does not allow passengers to bring their own refillable cups for mixed drinks. However, they provide their own souvenir cups for purchase.

13. Can I bring my own mixers or garnishes for mixed drinks?
Carnival Cruise prohibits passengers from bringing their own mixers or garnishes for mixed drinks. However, you can request specific mixers and garnishes from the bartenders.

In conclusion, the cost of mixed drinks on a Carnival Cruise can range from $8 to $12 on average, depending on various factors. It is important to keep in mind that prices may vary, and gratuities are not included. To make the most of your cruise experience, consider purchasing a drink package, exploring happy hour promotions, and familiarizing yourself with Carnival Cruise’s policies regarding alcohol and onboard expenses. Cheers to a fantastic cruise filled with delightful mixed drinks!