How Much Are Gratuities on Disney Cruise

How Much Are Gratuities on Disney Cruise?

Going on a Disney Cruise is a magical experience that offers exceptional service and unforgettable memories. As with any cruise, it is customary to provide gratuities to the hardworking crew members who make your vacation truly special. In this article, we will explore the details of gratuities on a Disney Cruise, including how much you can expect to pay and common questions related to this topic.

Gratuities are automatically added to your onboard account each day of your cruise. The current recommended gratuity rates for Disney Cruise Line are as follows:

– $13.50 per person, per day for guests in standard staterooms.
– $15.50 per person, per day for guests staying in concierge-level staterooms.

These rates are suggested, but you have the flexibility to adjust the amount at your discretion. If you feel that the service you received was exceptional, you may choose to give more.

Now, let’s address some common questions that guests often have regarding gratuities on Disney Cruise:

1. Are gratuities mandatory on a Disney Cruise?
Gratuities are not mandatory, but they are customary. They are an important way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the crew members who go above and beyond to ensure your vacation is memorable.

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2. How are gratuities paid?
Gratuities are automatically charged to your onboard account, which is settled at the end of your cruise. You can pay this balance with cash or credit card.

3. Can I prepay gratuities?
Yes, you can prepay your gratuities before your cruise. This can be done by contacting Disney Cruise Line or your travel agent. Prepaying ensures that you won’t have to worry about settling your account at the end of the trip.

4. Do children need to pay gratuities?
Children are included in the gratuity amount based on their age and stateroom category. Those under the age of three are not charged gratuities, while children aged three to twelve pay a reduced rate.

5. Can I adjust the gratuity amount?
Yes, you can adjust the gratuity amount if you feel the need to do so. Guest services can assist you with this request.

6. How are gratuities distributed among the crew?
Gratuities are pooled and distributed among various crew members, including your stateroom host/hostess, dining servers, assistant servers, and head servers.

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7. What if I receive exceptional service from a specific crew member?
While gratuities are pooled, it is possible to recognize individual crew members who provided outstanding service by giving them an additional tip directly.

8. Are gratuities included in the cost of onboard activities and services?
Gratuities are not included in the cost of onboard activities and services such as spa treatments, alcoholic beverages, or specialty dining. It is customary to provide an additional gratuity for these services.

9. Can I remove the gratuities from my account?
If you feel that the service provided did not meet your expectations, you can visit guest services to discuss the matter. However, it is always recommended to address any issues directly with the crew members or their supervisors first.

10. Are gratuities charged on Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island?
Gratuities are not charged on Castaway Cay, as it is an extension of the Disney Cruise Line experience. However, you may choose to provide additional tips to the island’s staff if you wish.

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11. Can I tip extra in cash instead of adding it to my onboard account?
While gratuities are automatically charged to your onboard account, you can always give additional cash tips to crew members if you prefer.

12. What if I have a different currency?
If you have a different currency, the gratuity amount will be converted to the currency used onboard. Your financial institution can provide information on any applicable fees or exchange rates.

13. Are gratuities refundable?
Gratuities are non-refundable. However, if you encounter any issues during your cruise, it is best to address them with guest services or the onboard crew.

Gratuities are an essential part of the cruise experience, as they recognize the hard work and dedication of the crew members who make your Disney Cruise unforgettable. By understanding the recommended gratuity rates and addressing any questions or concerns, you can ensure a smooth and gratifying vacation for both you and the crew.