How Many Mqms Will I Earn on a Flight

How Many MQMs Will I Earn on a Flight?

If you are a frequent flyer with Delta Air Lines, you may be familiar with the term “MQMs.” MQMs, or Medallion Qualification Miles, are the miles that determine your elite status within Delta’s SkyMiles program. These miles are different from redeemable miles, which can be used to book flights or other rewards. In this article, we will explore how many MQMs you can earn on a flight and answer some common questions related to this topic.

1. How are MQMs calculated?
MQMs are calculated based on the distance flown and the fare class of your ticket. The higher the fare class, the more MQMs you will earn. Delta also offers bonus MQMs to elite members and those who book premium cabin tickets.

2. How many MQMs do I earn per mile flown?
The number of MQMs you earn per mile flown depends on your fare class. Generally, you will earn 100% of the distance flown in MQMs for first class and business class tickets, 75% for premium economy, and 50% for economy class tickets.

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3. Do I earn MQMs on all flights?
No, you will not earn MQMs on award tickets, free tickets, or tickets issued by any other party than Delta. Additionally, flights operated by partner airlines may have different earning rates for MQMs.

4. Can I earn MQMs on codeshare flights?
Yes, you can earn MQMs on codeshare flights as long as the ticket is issued by Delta and the operating carrier is a SkyTeam alliance member or a partner airline with an MQM earning agreement.

5. Do MQMs expire?
MQMs do not expire as long as you maintain an active Delta SkyMiles account. However, if your account becomes inactive for a period of two years, your MQMs may be forfeited.

6. Can I earn MQMs on flights booked with miles?
No, MQMs are not earned on flights booked with miles. Only flights booked with cash or a combination of cash and miles are eligible for earning MQMs.

7. Can I earn MQMs on canceled or refunded flights?
No, MQMs are only earned on flights that are completed. If you cancel or refund your ticket, you will not earn any MQMs for that flight.

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8. How long does it take for MQMs to post to my account?
Generally, MQMs are credited to your account within 24-48 hours after you have completed your flight. However, in some cases, it may take up to a week for the miles to appear.

9. Can I earn MQMs retroactively for a flight I forgot to add to my account?
Yes, you can request retroactive credit for eligible flights within 12 months of the travel date. However, it is recommended to add your SkyMiles number to your reservation at the time of booking to ensure automatic mileage credit.

10. How do I track my MQM balance?
You can track your MQM balance by logging into your Delta SkyMiles account on the Delta website or through the mobile app. Your MQM balance will be displayed along with your other mileage balances.

11. Can I gift or transfer my MQMs to someone else?
No, MQMs are non-transferable and cannot be gifted or shared with other SkyMiles members.

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12. Do MQMs count towards my lifetime status?
Yes, MQMs count towards your lifetime status with Delta. Lifetime status is achieved by earning a certain number of MQMs over the course of your membership.

13. Can I earn MQMs on Delta Vacation packages?
Yes, Delta Vacations packages that include a flight operated by Delta are eligible for earning MQMs based on the fare class and distance flown.

In conclusion, the number of MQMs you earn on a flight depends on the fare class and distance flown. It is important to note that MQMs are different from redeemable miles and are used to determine your elite status within Delta’s SkyMiles program. By understanding how MQMs are calculated and the various factors that affect their earning, you can maximize your mileage accrual and work towards achieving higher status levels with Delta Air Lines.