How Far Is Davenport Florida From Disney

How Far Is Davenport, Florida from Disney?

Davenport, Florida is a popular destination for tourists visiting the Orlando area, thanks to its close proximity to numerous attractions, including the world-renowned Walt Disney World Resort. If you’re planning a trip to Davenport and are wondering how far it is from Disney, we’ve got you covered.

Davenport is located in Polk County, Florida, and is situated southwest of downtown Orlando. The distance between Davenport and Disney can vary depending on which part of the resort you’re aiming to reach, as Disney World is vast and encompasses multiple theme parks, water parks, and resorts. However, the average distance from Davenport to the entrance of the Walt Disney World Resort is approximately 15 miles.

To give you a better idea of the distance and travel time, it typically takes around 20-25 minutes to drive from Davenport to the main entrance of Disney World, assuming normal traffic conditions. The exact time can be influenced by factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and any ongoing events or construction in the area.

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Now, let’s address some common questions you may have about the distance between Davenport, Florida and Disney:

1. How long does it take to drive from Davenport to Disney?
It usually takes around 20-25 minutes to drive from Davenport to the main entrance of Disney World.

2. What is the fastest route to Disney from Davenport?
The fastest route to Disney from Davenport is typically via Interstate 4 (I-4) East.

3. Are there alternative routes to Disney from Davenport?
Yes, there are alternative routes, such as using US-192 East, but I-4 is generally the most direct and quickest option.

4. How far is Davenport from Magic Kingdom?
The distance between Davenport and Magic Kingdom, one of Disney World’s four theme parks, is approximately 17 miles.

5. How far is Davenport from Epcot?
Davenport is approximately 15 miles away from Epcot, another popular theme park within Disney World.

6. How far is Davenport from Disney’s Animal Kingdom?
Disney’s Animal Kingdom is roughly 12 miles away from Davenport.

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7. How far is Davenport from Disney’s Hollywood Studios?
The distance between Davenport and Disney’s Hollywood Studios is approximately 14 miles.

8. Are there any tolls between Davenport and Disney?
Yes, there are tolls on certain routes between Davenport and Disney, particularly on the Florida Turnpike and State Road 417.

9. Can I use public transportation to travel from Davenport to Disney?
While public transportation options are available, such as buses, they are less convenient and often time-consuming compared to driving.

10. Is it better to stay in Davenport or at a Disney resort?
It depends on your preferences and budget. Staying at a Disney resort offers proximity and certain perks, but staying in Davenport can provide a more relaxed and often more affordable experience.

11. How far is Davenport from other Orlando attractions besides Disney?
Davenport is conveniently located near other popular Orlando attractions. For instance, it is roughly 17 miles from Universal Orlando Resort and about 20 miles from SeaWorld Orlando.

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12. Are there any traffic concerns between Davenport and Disney?
Traffic congestion can occur during peak travel times, such as morning and evening rush hours or major events. It’s advisable to check live traffic updates before heading out.

In conclusion, Davenport, Florida is just a short drive away from the magical world of Disney. Whether you’re planning a day trip or an extended stay, the close proximity of Davenport to Disney World makes it an ideal base for exploring all the wonders that the Orlando area has to offer.