He Can Fix What Is Broken Mississippi Mass Choir Lyrics

“He Can Fix What Is Broken” is a powerful gospel song performed by the Mississippi Mass Choir. This article will delve into the lyrics of this uplifting tune, exploring its meaning and significance. Additionally, we will address twelve common questions related to the song, providing insightful answers for readers.

The Mississippi Mass Choir is renowned for their soul-stirring performances, and “He Can Fix What Is Broken” is no exception. The lyrics convey a message of hope, reminding listeners that no matter how broken they may feel, there is always a higher power ready to mend their spirits.

The song begins with the following verse:

“He can fix what is broken, mend your shattered dreams,
He can restore what is stolen, give you joy that’s everlasting.”

These lines speak to the transformative power of faith and its ability to heal wounds and restore happiness. The song continues to reinforce this message throughout its verses and chorus.

Now, let’s address twelve commonly asked questions about “He Can Fix What Is Broken” by the Mississippi Mass Choir:

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1. What is the overall message of the song?
The overall message of the song is that no matter how broken or shattered one’s dreams may seem, God has the power to mend them and restore joy.

2. Who wrote the lyrics for this song?
The lyrics for “He Can Fix What Is Broken” were written by David R. Curry Jr., a songwriter and musician associated with the Mississippi Mass Choir.

3. What inspired the writing of this song?
The song was inspired by the universal human experience of facing brokenness and the belief in the divine power to heal.

4. What is the significance of the Mississippi Mass Choir in gospel music?
The Mississippi Mass Choir has been instrumental in preserving and promoting traditional gospel music. They are known for their powerful performances and uplifting lyrics.

5. What other popular songs has the Mississippi Mass Choir released?
The Mississippi Mass Choir has released several popular songs, including “When I Rose This Morning” and “Your Grace and Mercy.”

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6. Can you describe the musical style of “He Can Fix What Is Broken”?
The song is a traditional gospel tune, featuring powerful vocals, harmonies, and a soulful arrangement.

7. Are there any notable performances of this song?
The Mississippi Mass Choir has performed “He Can Fix What Is Broken” at various gospel music events and concerts. Their passionate delivery and genuine emotion make each performance memorable.

8. What is the intended audience for this song?
The song is intended for anyone who may be feeling broken or in need of spiritual healing. Its universal message of hope resonates with a wide range of listeners.

9. Can this song be considered a source of comfort during difficult times?
Absolutely. The lyrics and melody provide solace and reassurance to those facing challenges, reminding them that there is always hope for healing.

10. How can listeners relate to the lyrics of this song?
Listeners can relate to the lyrics by reflecting on their own experiences of brokenness and finding comfort in the belief that God can mend what is broken.

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11. Are there any Bible verses that align with the message of this song?
Yes, several Bible verses align with the message of the song, such as Psalm 34:18 – “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

12. What impact has “He Can Fix What Is Broken” had on its listeners?
The song has had a profound impact on listeners, offering them a sense of hope and reminding them of the power of faith in times of brokenness.

In conclusion, “He Can Fix What Is Broken” by the Mississippi Mass Choir is a song that resonates with listeners, offering solace and hope in times of brokenness. Its lyrics convey a powerful message of healing and restoration, reminding us that there is always a higher power ready to mend our broken spirits. Through their heartfelt performances, the Mississippi Mass Choir continues to inspire and uplift listeners with this timeless gospel anthem.