Dierks Bentley What the Hell Tour 2017

Dierks Bentley, the renowned American country music singer and songwriter, embarked on his highly anticipated “What the Hell Tour” in 2017. This tour, characterized by its energetic performances and captivating stage presence, showcased Bentley’s immense talent and cemented his status as one of the leading figures in the country music scene. Let’s delve into the highlights of this remarkable tour and answer some common questions fans may have.

The “What the Hell Tour” kicked off on January 19, 2017, in Dayton, Ohio, and concluded on September 2, 2017, in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Throughout this extensive tour, Bentley performed in various cities across North America, captivating audiences with his dynamic stage presence and heartfelt performances.

The tour was in support of Bentley’s critically acclaimed album, “Black,” which was released in 2016. This album, characterized by its introspective and emotionally charged lyrics, delves into the complexities of relationships, love, and heartbreak. Bentley’s ability to connect with his audience through his lyrics and soulful voice made this tour all the more memorable.

One of the standout aspects of the “What the Hell Tour” was Bentley’s commitment to creating an immersive experience for his fans. The stage setup featured a massive video screen backdrop and elaborate lighting, which added a visual spectacle to his performances. Additionally, Bentley made a point of interacting with the audience, ensuring that everyone felt a personal connection to the show.

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Now, let’s address some common questions that arose during the tour:

1. How long did the “What the Hell Tour” last?
The tour lasted for approximately eight months, from January to September 2017.

2. Which cities did Dierks Bentley perform in during the tour?
Bentley performed in numerous cities across North America, including Dayton, Nashville, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and many more.

3. How many songs did Bentley perform during his concerts?
The setlist varied from show to show, but on average, Bentley performed around 20 songs per concert.

4. Did Bentley perform any cover songs during the tour?
Yes, Bentley incorporated a few cover songs into his setlist, including “Drunk on a Plane” by his fellow country artist, Luke Bryan.

5. Did Bentley have any opening acts during the tour?
Yes, the “What the Hell Tour” featured opening acts including Cole Swindell and Jon Pardi.

6. How did Bentley engage with the audience during his performances?
Bentley made an effort to interact with the audience throughout the shows, often taking the time to speak to fans, sign autographs, and even invite a lucky few on stage.

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7. Did Bentley perform any acoustic or stripped-down versions of his songs?
Yes, Bentley occasionally performed acoustic versions of his songs, providing a more intimate and raw experience for the audience.

8. Were there any surprises or special guests during the tour?
Bentley surprised his fans on several occasions by bringing out special guests like Elle King and Maren Morris to perform their collaborative songs live.

9. How did Bentley’s album “Black” influence the tour?
The songs from “Black” formed the backbone of the tour’s setlist, allowing Bentley to showcase the emotions and stories behind the album’s tracks.

10. Did Bentley perform any new songs during the tour?
While the focus was primarily on the “Black” album, Bentley did occasionally introduce new songs to the setlist, giving fans a taste of what was to come in his future work.

11. How did Bentley’s live performances compare to his studio recordings?
Bentley’s live performances were praised for their energy and authenticity, with many fans expressing that his stage presence elevated the songs to new heights.

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12. Did Bentley receive any awards or accolades during the “What the Hell Tour”?
While the tour itself did not yield any awards, Bentley’s album “Black” received critical acclaim and earned him multiple nominations at various award ceremonies.

13. Will Bentley be embarking on another tour in the near future?
While specific details are yet to be announced, it is safe to say that Bentley’s passion for performing and connecting with his fans will likely lead to future tours and exciting musical endeavors.

In conclusion, Dierks Bentley’s “What the Hell Tour” in 2017 was a resounding success, showcasing his talent as a performer and solidifying his place in the country music industry. With its heartfelt performances, impressive stage setup, and personal interactions with fans, this tour left a lasting impression on attendees and further established Bentley as a force to be reckoned with.