Breaking Amish Season 4 Cast Where Are They Now

Breaking Amish was a reality TV series that captured the attention of viewers all over the world. The show followed a group of young Amish and Mennonite individuals as they left their communities to explore the outside world. With four seasons and several spin-offs, the show introduced us to a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique stories and struggles. So, where are they now? Let’s take a look at the cast of Breaking Amish Season 4 and see what they have been up to.

1. Sabrina High:
Sabrina has had a tumultuous journey since leaving the Amish community. She has battled addiction and faced several legal issues. However, she has managed to turn her life around and is now happily married with two children. Sabrina is an active advocate for addiction recovery and frequently shares her story to inspire others.

2. Jeremiah Raber:
Jeremiah has faced his fair share of controversies both on and off the show. Since Breaking Amish, he has appeared in several spin-offs and even started his own YouTube channel. Jeremiah currently resides in Florida and runs a construction business.

3. Kate Stoltzfus:
Kate, who goes by the name Kate Stoltz professionally, has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry. She has modeled for numerous high-profile brands and has even launched her own clothing line. Kate is also involved in various charitable endeavors, supporting causes like education and women’s rights.

4. Abe Schmucker:
Abe and his now-wife, Rebecca, faced criticism for their relationship on the show, as they were both already in committed relationships when they met. Despite the controversy, Abe and Rebecca got married and now have two children together. Abe works as a contractor in his hometown in Pennsylvania.

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5. Rebecca Byler:
Rebecca faced numerous challenges after leaving the Amish community, including homelessness and custody battles. She has since remarried and now has a child with her new husband. Rebecca works as a caregiver and is focused on building a stable life for herself and her family.

6. Andrew Schmucker:
Andrew left the show after the first season but made a brief appearance in the reunion special. Since then, he has kept a relatively low profile, and little is known about his current endeavors.

7. Chapel Peace:
Chapel left the show after the first season and has remained out of the public eye since then. It is unclear what she is currently doing or where she is living.

8. Matt Bristol:
Matt’s journey on Breaking Amish ended after the first season. He has since stayed away from the spotlight and has not made any public appearances or shared details about his current life.

9. Lizzie Owens:
Lizzie left the show after the first season as well. She has since married and is a proud mother. Lizzie has chosen to keep her personal life private and has not shared much about her current situation.

10. Devon Byler:
Devon left the show after the first season and has since remained out of the public eye. There is limited information available about his current whereabouts or activities.

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11. Shelly Weaver:
Shelly appeared in the first season of Breaking Amish but did not continue with the show. Since then, she has chosen to live a private life, and not much is known about her current endeavors.

12. Iva Byler:
Iva, like several other cast members, left the show after the first season. She has also opted to keep her personal life private, and little is known about her current situation.

Common Questions:

1. Will there be another season of Breaking Amish?
At the time of writing, there has been no official announcement regarding another season of Breaking Amish.

2. Are any of the cast members still Amish?
No, all the cast members have left their Amish or Mennonite communities to explore the outside world.

3. What happened to Sabrina’s legal issues?
Sabrina has faced legal issues in the past, including drug-related charges. However, she has worked on her recovery and has not been involved in any recent legal troubles.

4. Are Jeremiah and Sabrina still friends?
While they had a close bond during the show, it is unclear if Jeremiah and Sabrina are still friends as they have not been seen together publicly in recent years.

5. Did Kate Stoltz continue her modeling career?
Yes, Kate has continued her modeling career and has worked with various well-known brands.

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6. Have any of the cast members returned to their Amish communities?
No, once the cast members left their communities, they did not return.

7. How many children do Abe and Rebecca have?
Abe and Rebecca have two children together.

8. What is Andrew Schmucker doing now?
Little is known about Andrew’s current activities as he has kept a low profile.

9. Is Chapel Peace still in contact with the cast?
There is no public information available regarding Chapel’s contact with the cast.

10. Did Matt Bristol pursue a career after the show?
There is limited information available about Matt’s post-show endeavors.

11. Is Lizzie Owens still active on social media?
Lizzie has chosen to keep her personal life private, and it is unclear if she is still active on social media.

12. Are there any other spin-offs of Breaking Amish?
Yes, there have been several spin-offs, including Return to Amish and Breaking Amish: LA.

Breaking Amish Season 4 introduced us to a group of individuals who took a leap of faith and left their Amish communities behind. While some have found success and stability, others have faced personal challenges. The cast members have chosen different paths, with some remaining in the public eye and others opting for a more private life. Regardless of their current situations, their journeys on Breaking Amish have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on both the viewers and themselves.